Let it overflow


Let it overflow

by Love’s Beginning

Allow the veil to become transparent. The veil is what you would hold up to block love. You become aware of the presence of the veil whenever you feel uncertainty, whenever you feel tempted to accuse, whenever you feel bored, whenever you feel frustrated. You have an ability to use in allowing the veil to become transparent. It is your willingness.

Whenever you become aware of one of these states–frustration, worry, indecision, accusation–ego will tempt you with thoughts about what is wrong, thoughts about how you are condemned or how another is condemned, thoughts about something specific and unfortunate. From there, you have the ability to focus upon your willingness: Something is amiss in the mind. Please come to correct it.

Why is this important? In these situations in which you feel some form of disquiet, you have a wonderful opportunity for clarity to come to you. When you believe ego’s thoughts and follow a trail of them in a journey of unreality, you miss this opportunity. When you learn to interrupt ego’s thoughts early and go directly to your willingness, you allow clarity, peace and joy to come to you. When you allow clarity, peace and joy to come to you, you have something to share with others.

You only need a little willingness. Spirit does the rest. If you wake up to the fact that you are dreaming again and you ask for assistance, the assistance handles everything from that point forward. You learn to flow with that assistance.

It’s time to stop being run by meaningless surface directives. Any feeling of disquiet indicates that you have been allowing your experience to be run by the meaningless, that you have been allowing the meaningless to assign meaning and value to illusions. The Flow is all of the direction you need. There is one simple pathway back to the flow, and that is willingness.

The function of an alarm clock is to wake you up. An alarm clock wakes you up from your dreaming into a day where there is something for you to do. There is something for you to do, and that’s to learn how to follow guidance at all times. Any feeling of disquiet indicates that you have strayed into unhappy dreaming. Being aware of this, go to your willingness. Any instruction you need awaits you there. This gets easier and easier with practice.

The alarm clock wakes you up to the fact that you’re trying to keep a lid on something helpful. The feeling of disquiet indicates that you are attempting to hold on to ego’s world of pain and guilt. You are attempting to make it real. You are hereby excused from any and all attempts to make the unreal real. They are guaranteed to fail. When you switch from focus upon thoughts that caused the disquiet over to your willingness to be assisted in having your perception changed, you face toward guaranteed success. Those are your only two choices in any situation–guaranteed success or guaranteed failure.

Love is here to help you. Any feeling of disquiet indicates that you have been following ego’s directives to attempt to contain love. Stop and go to your willingness. Enter the space of allowing your perception to change. You don’t have to know how it will change. That isn’t your business. Just find the willingness to allow the correction. Your willingness is what allows you to let Love overflow and flow abundantly.

It is our joy to assist every time you allow it.

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