The discomfort of an invention


There is only one way you truly want to go. You want to go Home. You want to go to Peace. The only reason you think you want anything in this world is that you think you will find peace in the having of it. If you want peace, that means that you must think you don’t have it now, that there is something from which you must escape to have it. If you look, you will see that you want respite from the cacophony of egoic thought. Egoic thought is the only thing that can deliver unto you an experience of not-peace.

Ego never prompts you to sit in the respite of the Now moment. Ego promises future happiness in the form of ideals achieved. Foundational to all egoic thought is a sense of lack and incompleteness. You, who are complete, listen to lies about lack, and you believe them. You also believe that these lacks that do not truly exist can be rectified in a future.

Ideals are arrangements of separate components that ego shows you. Ego sends thoughts indicating that if separate components are arranged in just such a way or in such an amount, then the sense of lack will be gone. Ego offers, and then you believe it or not.

When you believe egoic thought, you project a world of conflict, and you request more egoic thought. When you see through the trick of egoic thought and request thoughts of love, you extend love and allow the illusion to appear harmonious. It is still an illusion, but now it reflects back to you who you and all truly Are. When you see through thoughts of ego, requesting and receiving thoughts of love instead, you offer miracles to the world. What you offer to the world, you offer to yourself.

Ego says, “If you arrange components in such-and-such a way, then I will be happy. ” Look at this I. Who is this I to be made happy? Is it an I separate from your brother’s I? Is it an I separate from your sister’s I? Ego sends you a set of thoughts outlining who this I is, and you believe them or not. Ego sends thoughts supporting the idea that the interests of this I are separate from the interests of another I. You invented ego in order to give yourself the experience of something you are not, in order to hide from who you Are. Remember this with each suggestion ego sends. If you want Peace above all else, remembrance of your Self, look through all suggestions ego sends and request a thought from Love.

Let’s go back to this idea that ego repeats over and over and over again: If you acquire something in form, or if you achieve a particular arrangement of components in form, then you will be happy. Here’s ego’s trick: You are joy itself. Do not worry about the happiness of an I invented by ego. You are happiness itself. You need only remember your Self to see this. You do not need to acquire or arrange in order to get happiness. Allow everything to be arranged for you because you and all are always worthy of such assistance. Simply follow in the way you are led.

Ego promises happiness, but it can only serve up discomfort. You can receive a weak substitute for joy in the form of a temporary satisfaction when you have acquired or arranged things in alignment with ego’s definition of what is desired, but this satisfaction always passes away. What you and all Are is Joy without end. Pass by all weak substitutes, and turn your gaze toward what is Real.

You are dreaming, but now you know it. It is our delight to show you how safe it is to wake up here at Home with us.

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