ECEMBER FORECAST 2020 Written by Lena Stevens


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Written by Lena Stevens
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The main theme for December is “Weaving a New Reality”.

It is definitely time to stop whining and complaining and to start taking responsibility for the future and the reality we wish to create. There is great pressure on the collective to do whatever it takes to prepare for where we are going. This pressure is magnified by the 2 eclipses (Nov 30 and Dec 14) and may be experienced individually as a great need for change and a desire to connect more deeply or to reconnect to your spiritual life.

It is an exciting and terrifying time as we face a truly unknown future, a blank canvas prepared and ready for us all to paint the first stroke, to weave the first thread. We are being pulled into a higher octave whether we like it or not and whether it is comfortable or not. Similar to how the matrix of a butterfly destroys the caterpillar in order to transform itself to the butterfly form, we are going through a transformation that demands the deconstruction of the old. This transformation can be excruciating as we process the loss of familiar forms, structures, relationships, attachments, habits and practices.

This is the rubble stage of any remodel or improvement. You must tear down the old before you can build something new in its place. Anyone who has ever been through a house remodel can relate. So, we are in the thick of it and there are several things that can help as well as numerous things that can hinder the process.

Any fear, doubt, mistrust, anger, irritation, judgment or blame will hinder this important process of evolution. Creativity, optimism, inspiration, cooperation, enthusiasm, strong spiritual practice and personal responsibility will greatly enhance and support you through these times. We cannot stress enough the power of good intention especially in the time between the 2 eclipses as well as over the solstice on December 21.

It is also important to pay attention to delusion and projection. Reality needs to be fluid and untethered to some degree for change to happen. However, if you get stuck in delusion and at the negative effect of projection, you will quickly go into a fog of uncertainly, fear and confusion. So, strike a good balance between dreaming creatively and without boundaries, and good disciplined practices to keep you grounded, stable and practical.

Because the future is not set, if you wait for clarity to come from the outside, you may find yourself feeling lost with no direction in sight. This could trigger fear and leave you in a state of despair which is not proactive or productive. Your future is dependent on how you create it. It will take discipline this month to stay focused on the positive and to be proactive with the practices that will weave your new reality just the way you want it to be.

This is not a passive month. We end our eclipse window with an active energy that will be taking all of us on a roller coaster ride. It is up to you to decide which roller coaster you get on. If you are not clear about how you want your life to be, someone else will decide for you and you may not be happy with the results. Forget “how it was in the past”. Do not let old failures and disappointments deter you from going after what you want. Tell the truth about what has not worked for you and what you wish to change. Then set some new intentions with confidence and inner conviction and give those intentions over to spirit and your higher self to figure out how, when, and with whom, as this process is beyond the limitations of the mind and your personality to do.

We have been given a great opportunity to reinvent and reweave how we live on this planet; what we do for our livelihood, where we need to change, how we manage our energy, and what is important to us. Let us not waste this time being in fear or worry, or being attached to “things going back to the way they were” (pre -COVID). Weaving a new future will be done from within, from your inner desires, inner truth and knowing.
We are also being invited to raise our awareness, consciousness, and elevate ourselves though spiritual practice and connection to essence. It is powerful to see everyone and everything as spirit as much as you can. This is the place of neutrality and ultimate freedom from judgment.

How the month shows up:

The motto for this month is GROWTH. We are certainly learning our lessons from loss, change and new directions. You might feel like you are in limbo and in no man’s land for much of the first part of this month as you navigate a new landscape of looser boundaries around physical reality. It is a month to stretch your imagination and build your inner confidence in the ability to weave a new reality in the way you want it to feel.

It is very important to do regular reality checks around projections and delusional thoughts or emotions. Don’t take anything personally and stay in your own lane. This is a great time to embark on something creative to get that energy moving. It will serve you well as you move into that new reality.

The gifts personally this month are areas of self-discovery around hidden talents, truth around your deep inner desires, and the potential for great healing and release around ancestral patterns and childhood imprinting especially as they relate to limitations, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. You may find yourself with more courage and bravery around risks, creative projects and personal expression.

The discipline is to spend dedicated time being proactive with the energy and to focus on weaving this new reality for yourself.

Good help with keeping on track this month is on our monthly support Mp3

Relationships are a fascinating study this month as they can greatly support or greatly hinder your process. Beware of those in your life that put up resistance toward what is changing in yourself or your life. They are mostly coming from fear and their own instinctive concern about being left behind. On the other hand, there will be those that suddenly show up in your field and offer you tremendous support, wisdom and encouragement. Those are the voices you listen to and the connections you nurture.

We are still in the release and realign phase of many aspects of physical life and relationships are one of those aspects. You may be facing the release of attachment either from your end or coming from another. Remember that this the time when we are moving into a higher octave and there will be those that are left behind. Tell the truth about the integrity of how you are served and how you are serving others. This will indicate where change needs to be initiated and a relationship re-aligned.

As usual, we always remind you to pay attention to your relationship with yourself, especially your habits and practices. This dreamy time of delusion, fantasy and imagination can be challenging for anyone with addictions. Be disciplined, and ask for help when you need it.

Our physical bodies are struggling to keep up with change. We have aches and pains and weird symptoms. One day we feel great and the next, not so much. Our moods shift like the sands and fluctuate from being emotionally and physically motivated to feeling lethargic, unmotivated and even depressed. A certain amount of this should be accepted without resistance. It is important however to monitor these phases and not allow yourself to wallow in them. Strive for balance and have practices and tools you can pull out to help you through the most challenging times.

Being out in nature is helpful and healing. Moving your body in a non-stressful way, such as walking at a stroll, can be useful in moving the energy. Laughter, a good cry, and being around beauty can feed the emotional body. Having an insightful conversation or reading a great fantasy novel can keep your mental body off obsessing about all the negative things that can happen.

This is a great time to practice working with the quantum field around possibilities you never imagined. We are very limited in our thinking about what is possible based on our past experiences. If you are suffering from a physical condition that you cannot seem to get under control, “what if” suddenly that changed for you and your body simply managed to cure itself? All of this becomes possible once we allow our belief systems to shift along with the changing frequency and vibration weaving in a new reality and a new landscape.

It may not seem like it when you look at the practical side of economy, numbers and the effects of the pandemic, but this is actually a great time to launch something new as long as it has a good root and is not prone to delusions of grandeur.

Take a risk especially when guided by your heart and supported by unexpected allies. Whatever you dream up in the first 2 weeks of this month will have teeth. The universe will take it and feed it with very potent energy and you will see it manifest in the future. Be careful what you ask for and make sure it is grounded, practical to a point and aligned with your own desires and not those of someone else.

When considering joining others in collaboration for a project make sure that project is aligned with you and that you are not saying yes out of a need for acceptance or other motivation that is out of your own personal integrity. It is OK to say no. Even if others are inspired by their new projects and intentions, they may not be properly aligned with you.

At the same time watch your own judgment round what others are inspired to take on and allow them to go forward with their own intentions. You do not need to agree, just stay out of their way.

We are likely to see some pretty dramatic disturbance in the environment especially as we approach the Solstice on December 21. This is an important date with powerful energies of change that may require some additional support through some kind of huge natural event that gets everyone’s attention.

The more we can embrace change and proactively produce our own inner dramatic events, the less the environment has to fill in for us. If you experience a shakeup in your life, much like an inner earthquake, pay attention to how you are being prompted to change and how your new reality is being woven for you by spirit and your greater intentions. We always say that once you set your intention, you may not always have a say in how spirit delivers it or what has to happen first before you receive it.

As always, we encourage you to make changes to your personal environment as a way to acknowledge change in the greater environment. Move things around, improve something, replace something old with something new and better.


December 1-7: This is a window of potential confusion, irritation, fog and uncertainty. It is also a good time to be focused on intentions, future dreams and how your imagination can support you in creative problem solving and collaboration. Make sure you do not wallow in the fog. If you are having trouble with clarity around the bigger picture, focus on the smaller tasks and intentions where you do have clarity.

There is great benefit to taking care of the details such as watering plants or cleaning the fridge at the same time as allowing your imagination to have the freedom of dreaming something big. This time we are in is potent, exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Can you do it? Will we survive? Do we dare dream something magnificent? Can we have it?

Self-esteem is challenged during this time as past disappointments and failures come up for reflection and release. You have to start with a clean slate and a blank canvas. The attachments to judgment and suffering have to be cut off before you can be free to really play with what might be possible for the future.

There are helpful visualizations on the monthly support audio.

To launch your month, join Anna for a remote healing on Tuesday, December 1, at 7PM MST

December 8-15: We are still in the window between the 2 eclipses and are feeling the pressure of looming change and transformation. We will evolve whether kicking and screaming or riding the exhilarating wave of our bids for power. Now more than ever requires discipline. Discipline of thought will help you stay positive. Discipline of feeling will help you not to take things personally or fall into regret, shame or blame. Discipline of movement and action will keep your energy moving. Discipline of spiritual practice will keep you on the right track no matter what it may look like.

This can also be a good time to launch a new project, collaboration or creative endeavor. Creativity should be expressed even if it just to exercise that muscle without an end result. Try just putting color down on paper without a design or picture in mind as way to practice this concept.

Mark your calendars and join us for our yearly TRENDS talk via live webinar. TRENDS 2021: Tuesday, December 15, 7-9 PM MST. Find out about next year; the influences, challenges and opportunities. Trends 2021 will be available as a video or MP3 audio product after December 21 for those that miss the live presentation.

December 14: New Moon in Sagittarius with a total solar eclipse (seen in parts of South America and SW Africa) is Monday, November 14, at 9:16 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is a tricky new moon magnified by the solar eclipse. The positive aspects are the potential for an uplifting of energy into an experience of great unity, spiritual connection and personal clarity of action. The negative aspects include delusion, addictions, despair and a very confused and foggy mind.

Work with your spiritual practices even though they may not be focused on anything in particular. The practice itself will give you a sense of purpose and grounding. Work with the sun as the powerful masculine energy that works with the feminine aspect of the moon. Do what you can during this powerful time to become clear on your action and inspired by your intentions. Put boundaries against other’s delusions and projections and watch your own. You may want to spend some quality time by yourself, out in nature if you can, or at least in a place where you feel supported and nurtured with little interference from others.

Join Jose for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with the energies of the new moon and the eclipse. Monday, December 14, at 7PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

December 17-23: This post eclipse time has us feeling pressured and in preparation mode even though we may yet be clear about what we are preparing for. In some ways, just the anticipation of something new coming in is good enough for now. As we move towards the important marker and turning point of the Solstice let’s keep in mind our gratitude for where we have been and what we have learned, and honor our lessons, teachers and experiences.

Be patient with delays, miscommunications and glitches during this time as we are adjusting and readjusting, realigning and shifting realities.

As a shaman once said, it is way more important how you end things than how you begin them. We are approaching the ending of a cycle. How we end it will lay the fertile ground for how we begin the new one. If you end in anger, resentment, disappointment and great negativity, you will carry those energies into the new cycle. If you end with great gratitude for your life and all that has been included in your grand adventure, you will take that enthusiasm and inspiration into the new cycle. This is a transition and a good time to honor any transition in your life.

December 21: A powerful solstice is Monday, December 21, at 3:02 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). There is an astrological conjunction as well as other influences that mark this as an important transition and initiation into a new cycle. This is where weaving a new reality gets anchored so we can all begin to point our compass in a new direction. The next months and years will begin to manifest what we dream up at this time. Discipline is crucial and honoring this solstice in some way is extremely important.

Mark your calendars to join us for a free ceremony to honor and work with this important marker via zoom at 11AM, Mountain Standard Time. We will send out a zoom link a few days ahead along with a reminder. The zoom call will be recorded but the link only available for 24 hours for those of you who missed it, as this is a time sensitive offering.

December 24-31: This should be an internal quiet time of reflection, assimilation, trust and flexibility. Try not to overextend yourself during this holiday season and make sure to take plenty of time for yourself and for what is important to you. We are learning a new way and growth in all directions should be honored. We are also learning to trust that leap of faith that we are being invited to take. Even if you cannot see ahead, you need to trust that the support, wisdom, and clear path will be there for you.

This is also a good time to look around you and to acknowledge what you have, what gives you comfort and what has been supporting you. When you act from fear or survival it is challenging to acknowledge the support. Be grateful for your blessings and continue to walk in beauty and trust.

Happy Holidays! May you all be blessed with love, beauty, abundance and good health!

December 29: Full Moon in Cancer is Tuesday, December 29 at 8:28 PM Mountain Standard Time. (MST). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)

Have a great month!



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