Your Oracle for Today ~ The Truth will set you Free!


Your Oracle for Today ~ The Truth will set you Free!

A Tall Tale



Key concepts: denial, concealing the truth so you can manipulate and control a situation, fear-based communication, creating a narrative to hide behind, not allowing the fear of what others will think to influence your words, learning to communicate from a place of authenticity

You or someone else is telling a tall tale right now. You always know if a falsehood is spoken because it doesn’t feel grounded. When you lie, you get high on an illusory sense of power that is doomed to fail at some point. You feel driven by the fear of exposure, but something makes you stick to your story even though you know it has no substance.

Whatever lie we are caught up in isn’t as important as the motive for it. Why does anyone lie? Perhaps we don’t believe the truth is good enough, or we want to keep doing what we know we shouldn’t be doing. Then there is the lie put forth while in denial, such as hiding an active addiction. In this scenario, we may believe our own lies. The tall tale, the white lie, the stretching of the truth, and the blatant fabrication are all about control: the desire for it, the lack of it, the need to maintain it so we can manipulate the outer world and hide our inner one.

Today ask for the truth. Be willing to pay the price and be okay with the vulnerability your lie is exposing in yourself and others. Transparency is required to get to where you need to go, to be truly empowered, to reveal the strength of what is true and authentic. Any other path leads to a dead end.

Remember the saying “The truth will set you free”—and get ready to fly unfettered.

Source: The Seven Energies Oracle available from

Beloved Readers,

It gives me great pleasure today to bring this Oracle to you. It is of great importance at this time/space where there is so much change happening. Now more than ever (and I know I keep repeating this…….) the time is NOW for humanity to decide – Truth or Lie? In other words, do we continue to live in the maya or illusion which is the LIE which ultimately leads to death/destruction, or do we choose LIFE which leads to everlasting peace, love and joy? Life is Truth – it is the foundation of all happiness.

I will be posting another blog soon in which Archangel Michael shares an exercise in visualization which will assist us in moving through our present challenges as a Planet in its transition to Wholeness.

In the meantime, know that I love you unconditionally,

~ Deborah Faith


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