A Message to Lightworkers – December 4, 2020by Caroline Oceana Ryan – Excerpt from Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon.


A Message to Lightworkers – December 4, 2020

Today’s Message is an excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon.

The Collective add their beautiful energies to this and all chapters in the book.

Now available for preorder Lennon Speaks releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


Excerpt from Lennon Speaks
From Chapter 12 – “Souls and Spirits”

COR: Over time I’ve come to realize what you mentioned earlier: that the soul is not always fully intact. That it suffers from our Earth lives.

A soul can be fragmented due to trauma from many lifetimes. It can hold an energy imprint from dark or dense experiences. Other situations are even worse than that. 

I used to believe the soul was utterly indestructible. Yet it would stand to reason that it would suffer from its connection to our third dimensional lives, and its exposure to denser presences in this Universe.

Could you explain more? 

LENNON: You’ve already hit upon a great deal, just by describing the things that can happen to a soul as humans (and other races of beings) journey through a physical life, as well as the dimensions.

This is because it is possible to be affected by what other groups or individuals do, even if your own intentions are very high, and your choices are very clear and high.

There are beings in the Universe I would consider indestructible, but they are in the minority.

So there is a vulnerability for most on the soul level, as there is for the spirit, psyche, body. You could say that your spirit is the part of your consciousness that inhabits your Earth body, while your soul functions as the overseer of all your aspects.

That is one interpretation—there are others.

Your higher self doesn’t disappear when your spirit or your soul is fractured or fragmented in some way. But it is harder for your higher wisdom to guide a fractured being. This is why meditation and energy healing are so crucial.

So much of what you have experienced on the Earth is bigger than you. I don’t recommend trying to fix it all on your own. You’re too close to the issues to get a real, full view of them.

And others—energy workers and healers with real skills—will not be so emotionally invested in your Earth life traumas as you are.

They will be able to tell you what you experienced in this and other lives that you have not been fully aware of. That lets you know what’s going on, on a level not really accessible by the conscious mind.

All you know is, you’re suffering—you’re depressed, or you’ve got insomnia, or none of your relationships seem to work, or you always expect to fail, or money disappears as fast it comes to you.

Or you’ve got some anger that’s always just below the surface, and you can’t seem to work out what’s caused it. I can guarantee you—you have no idea what you’ve been through, because Earth is such a dense place of utter forgetting.

A place for forgetting your true self, your Earth mission, your life experiences, over thousands or even millions of years. These are all a mystery, with clues popping up here and there, but no full picture revealed.

You and others have recommended to people that when they are squashed by some challenge, they get a pen and paper and write at the top, “Who are you, and why are you giving me such a hard time with _________ [name the issue]?”

They then switch the pen to their nondominant hand, and let their subconscious write the answer.

What comes through might be a past life self, their child self, an ancestor, someone they knew in a past life.

Or it might be a spirit or group of spirits who moved in long ago and decided to take over and steer that person’s thoughts, personality, interests, words, and actions in the direction that they prefer.

There are a number of possibilities. And without wanting to frighten or upset anyone, I would just say, unless you enjoy carrying these heavy inner (and outer) weights, invest some time and a bit of money in energy clearings, and stop dithering!

Yes, you have been affected by interferences. You’re not immune. Almost no one is, while experiencing the extreme vulnerability of being in a human body.

COR: It is astounding, the number of interferences that can jump in and use our bodies, our life energies, our intentions, many of them not too friendly.

And they can include beings as seemingly harmless as our ancestors.

We like to assume they’re always looking out for our higher good, but their outlook is often limited to what they believed at an earlier time on the Earth.

It’s a huge issue, and one that people in the modern world in particular seem to be blind to.

Lennon: This is nothing new. It’s more the modern world and pseudo-science that has considered that something doesn’t exist until someone “discovers” it in a lab.

And Western world religions decided it would take over and explain what happens to people spiritually, on Earth and in the “afterlife.”

For the most part, they’ve only succeeded at separating groups of people from one another and siphoning out their life energies, while failing humanity on so many levels.

You’ve heard that the reason the English call drink “spirits” is because centuries ago, those with clear inner sight could see or feel wandering spirits coming into pubs and gatherings, and these spirits (entities) loved nothing better than to move into the body of someone who was drunk or otherwise vacant from their body.

These entities, who come from various places and dimensions, still hover in groups, in or above pubs, clubs, bars, parties—anywhere people gather to move into an altered state of lowered awareness, such as being drunk or high, or to support violence.

These entities feed off of the fractured mental noise and emotional desperation that drive so many to be in these places.

The entities descend when the energies of a place or person open to the right (low) frequency for them to enter in and remain.

Or when they spot a tear or opening in someone’s aura, which might be from some trauma suffered at some point, or purely from being in an altered state—out of mind and body.

This isn’t to say that all public drinking houses are automatically evil and low in frequency. We would just say, ask yourself how you feel about a place inwardly, before you enter.

Try on its energy for a moment—imagine being inside those doors. Or just notice how you feel as you draw closer to the place or event.

Do you feel your energies going down? Staying the same? Rising a bit in a positive way, not an ego-high kind of way?

Pay attention, because the physical body reflects what the energetic body is picking up on, and clues you in with subtle or blatant shifts in breathing, or a tightened feeling in your gut, a tightening or releasing of muscles or of the throat, rapid blinking, or backing up a bit.

There are technological interferences as well. For one, be careful what films you watch, what music you listen to! Entertainment has its own matrix.

Your body, your mind and energies, are sacred space. You have to claim your sovereignty on your own. No one can do that for you.

You can call in all kinds of energetic protection, but if you haven’t made the strong determination that no one is allowed inside your body, mind, emotions, and energy bodies except you and your higher self—well, no one can make that decision for you. It awaits your command.

Since it’s unlikely that anyone ever becomes completely free of interferences while they’re on the Earth, I’m wondering if there’s something about being a human being that opens itself unknowingly to being used that way.

Not an overt possession, but being used as a vessel for someone else’s intentions.

Unfortunately, humans are trained from birth to be a vessel for someone else’s intentions.

And I won’t go into a lot of that, because I don’t want anyone constantly glancing over their shoulder and wondering who is trying to run them.

You still have a ton of self-determining free will that most people don’t use or even know is there.

Let’s just say you weren’t created in your current form to serve your own dreams and visions.

You were modified to serve what appears to be a corporate government structure, except it’s more etheric and intergalactic than how you might image that.

What’s interesting now is that humanity and the Earth have collectively decided, right at the start of this new 25,800-year astrological cycle (the age of Aquarius), to begin again. And this time they won’t allow the downgrade. You’ll oversee your own self-sufficiency.

Run your own nations, institute your own higher principles and objectives, instead of being enslaved to someone else’s destructive ones . . . “


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