Light Streaming / December 2020: Jump the Timelines

Here we go! moving head first into December as we we prepare to say goodbye to 2020.
This message came through November 29th and sharing it with you now:
We have told you many times in many ways, the reality of oneness is the reality of your divine nature. Yet you [humanity as a collective] perceive the world in which you perpetuate through manifested thought waves as separate, as divided.
Like a molecule split into fragmented parts, your ability to discern truth is what creates unity. Unity is not sameness; nor is it clonement or emergement with others. It is the very nature of the universal flow of life.
Everything in balance might be another way to discern oneness in all living things. Unity is harmony. In today’s world, your perceptions seek Unity yet your mind knows only division.
We have asked you, as an embodiment of light, to remain above the fray as humanity chooses. And we see that you are doing just that. Staying above any chaotic node says nothing about your purpose and everything about your calling.
Your purpose is to amplify the qualities of life that open your heart and bring you such joy. Your calling is to share those expressions with others in the ways that set your heart free from the constrictions of the mind. know that the new era has begun. Therefore it is time to jump the timelines and land squarely in the expression of Oneness. And as you do, now that all is truly well.
Sending well wishes for a beautiful time of family immersion your way.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach
Carol Fitzpatrick is a Seer who serves as an empathic guide and soul coach. Her calling is to share God’s love and grace, and for living from the heart.
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CAROL FITZPATRICK is an internationally known seer, channel and guide. She serves as a catalyst for transforming fear-based patterns into higher vibrational expressions of joyousness.
Her calling is to grow an alliance of innovators, world servers and visionaries, all working as one, to build a new harmonic of Oneness. The inter-dimensional aspect of her calling is to anchor the vibrations of Light expressing through our shared humanity, and to model a new harmonic of oneness as Communities of Light. She is the author of two books: Fear Not My Child, A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World, and a guidebook called Living the Miracle of Oneness: Nine steps for flowing in grace.
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Life in Seer mode: In the private session work and the upliftment circles, I’ve witnessed profound and lasting breakthroughs, but not without authentic transparency. Globally, and especially as we witness power postering, it’s been a clear time to disconnect, to step away from illusions of grandeur, and to see beyond personality projections.
This is the way forward into the new earth matrix where discernment is more about the experience of synchronicity, and much less on deflecting shadow shaping and gaslighting. It’s clear that we have come to the end of an era of giving our power away. We have suffered delusions of dis-empowerment, and have been delivered solely at the feet of righteousness. As stated above, it’s that time to jump the timelines and land squarely onto the higher collective path as we are guided into an entirely new earth matrix of higher consciousness.
Needless to say, 2021 feels like it may turn out to be a rough ride for many through early Spring, then off we go into total revel and play mode.
~ Carol


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