In This Moment, The Universe Wants You To Know…


Dear Beautiful,

Your most impenetrable insights often come at the brink of despair. During moments of raw pain when your coping skills have vanished and all inner direction spins as the world you once knew seems to have left you heartbroken, lonely and disappointed– a time when you might not even be the most welcome guest in your own heart– there is a depth of guidance ready to help you.

To activate this greater heartfelt wisdom, simply say: “Thank you despair for liberating me from the intensity of my defenses. Please show me the clarity I am now ready to see and receive. Thank you.”

Whether this declaration brings immediate relief or plants important seeds for greater healing to blossom, the Universe is always by your side and guiding you forward through the vibration of love.

All For Love,


To all you sweet, giving, awakening souls: Throughout this holiday season and always, please reflect on
this teaching from the Healing Mantra Deck:



Mantra: I allow myself to receive all the fulfillment
I’m willing to give.

When love is liberated, your heart remains open to all the gifts that life has to offer. As love is liberated from the emotional wounds of the human condition, it becomes easy to accept, forgive and receive. When such actions seem exhausting, it is simply a sign that your heart doesn’t feel safe enough to remain open. When this occurs, your freedom to embrace each tender corner of your consciousness will allow opening to resume. When the heart has permission to open, your love is liberated, and you can shine a light into all levels of reality to awaken the truth of all.



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