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November 23 to 29, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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WEBINAR NOTES: My thanks to everyone who took part in our “Paradigm Shift” webinar last Thursday! I hope you found my insights into December’s Grand Conjunction and the overview of 2021 both inspiring and reassuring.
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TO SIMPLY SAY that we are in “changing times” doesn’t adequately capture the profound nature of the current timeline, nor the rapid pace at which our lives are being altered. We seem to be hurtling toward a new destiny, casting off much of what has previously defined us, individually and collectively. Our storyline is rapidly changing, and our vision of the future as well.
Astrologically, we have plenty of evidence for why these times are so transformational: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction last January, the three Jupiter-Pluto alignments that have just completed, the Pluto-Eris square that carries into 2021, and the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction in December. All of these combine to increase the pace and depth of the changes we are experiencing.
This week, two more planetary events add their energy to this mix, as Neptune’s influence is at a peak and we also work with the impact of the Lunar Eclipse that occurs on November 30.
WHENEVER a planet slows its pace and prepares to change direction, we feel its vibrational effects more fully for several days on either side of its station (the day that it comes to a standstill). After five months of being retrograde, Neptune will station direct on November 28. This means we are working with heightened Neptune energies both this week and next.
When Neptune’s influence is strong, it can be exceptionally positive for those who are drawn to meditation, dreamwork, or creatively inspired activities. Neptune is the planet of transcendence, and its purpose is to help us rise above the limitations of time, space, and physical reality. When we lose track of time and are living in our creative imagination or in our inner realms, we are expressing the essence of Neptune.
We are also tapping into high-vibrational Neptune when we feel deep compassion and understanding, and when we experience oneness with each other and with the Cosmos. Neptune helps us no longer identify as a personality or ego, but as a Soul in a body, with deep connections to our Divine Self and our Source.
HOWEVER, we can also experience the lower-vibrational side of Neptune, often when we take its innate positive qualities to an unhealthy extreme. So our desire to transcend can become escapism, where we live in a fantasy world and no longer function well in our physical lives. We might avoid reality by pretending that our actions don’t have any impact on the well-being of those around us. Instead of using meditation to lift our minds and dispel unwanted emotions, we might rely on substances to dull the sharp edges of reality. Compassion can become self-sacrifice or martyrdom if we try to rescue another who really needs to save themselves. 
All of these paths ultimately lead us not into transcendence, but into disillusionment and spiritual crisis. These are the end results of living in Neptune’s shadow instead of embracing its light.
WITH NEPTUNE’S INFLUENCE heightened now, we have some choices to make. Given current reality, it’s no surprise that many of us would love to just turn on the movie channel and forget about the world. And escaping for a while is not a bad thing, unless it replaces the true spiritual work we are called to do right now. That work includes living in our compassionate hearts, staying conscious while we rise above the drama, and understanding that in spite of apparent differences, we really are all in this together.
Be gentle with yourself this week. This is important for everyone, but perhaps especially for those who anticipated a holiday that will now look very different from what they had planned. It is around these times that we can feel more nostalgic and homesick, so plan some healthy self-care activities. Have compassion for your broken heart and understanding for your disillusionment – and know that you are not alone in having those feelings.
IT IS NATURAL to feel grief right now, whether or not you have experienced what might be called a personal loss this year. We are at the ending of a timeline. We all sense that a profound transition is occurring, no matter what definitions we choose to give it.
This week, literally hug yourself if you cannot hug another person. Cry if you need to, and send love to the part of you that feels afraid or angry. Lavish your animal companions with attention. Get out in nature and feel deep gratitude for the earth, the trees, the sky. Quiet your mind, rise above the galloping turmoil that is mass consciousness, and tap into a higher plane where you can sense that All Is Well.
When your heart is filled and ready to spill over, express your caring for another person in ways that feel healthy and supportive. And allow yourself to be supported by loved ones, too, whether or not they are able to wrap their caring in exactly the packaging you might prefer. Remember that one of Neptune’s gifts is the ability to perceive the essence instead of the form.
ALTHOUGH the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon is technically not until next Monday, we are already feeling its influence, and that will increase as we get closer to the day of the event. With the lunation in Gemini, we can expect emotions to be especially changeable, so do your best to use the positive influence of Neptune to lift you above the upheaval.
Those of you who attended the webinar heard a bit about the Chandra/Omega symbols that were developed (channeled) by John Sandbach. There are many symbolic systems in existence, which attach a specific image to each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Many people are familiar with Sabian symbols, but perhaps fewer are aware of the Chandra/Omega symbols.
I’m finding these symbols to be especially powerful now, so I want to share the ones that are associated with next week’s Lunar Eclipse. I hope you find these helpful (bold emphasis mine):
Chandra: “A claw foot holding a ball.”
Here is the attempt to grasp wholes, and to overcome the potentially fragmented quality of Gemini … to get an overview of the surrounding territory. The struggle is not in trying to put things together – they already have a divine structure and purpose – but to resist the distractions of lesser, trivial things.
Omega: “In the far north, an ancient tower carved of ice.” 
You have so many thoughts, and perceive so many ideas that it can become very difficult for you to decide where to focus or how to put them all together. You need to not let this overwhelm you. Keep focused on the flow of things, and know that all will get to where it needs to go. There is a spiritual rightness at work beneath all things. The simple intent to stay attuned to it is your magic.
MORE on the eclipse in next Sunday’s issue of the Journal. For now, here are my brief thoughts on the day-to-day aspects for this week:
Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun square Ceres, Mercury trine Neptune: Some confusion in relationships, not knowing how to handle differing opinions and expectations. Heightened intuition can help us read between the lines and gauge our responses accordingly.
Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Venus quincunx Chiron, Sun trine Chiron: Some may try to hide their uncertainty and insecurity behind a veil of anger. The wounds that are exposed can be healed, if we can love and accept others and ourselves while maintaining healthy boundaries.
Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus: Opinions are strong, which can lead to rifts in relationships. Be aware of the power of words to either support or undermine, and allow each person to be authentically themselves.
Neptune stations direct, Mercury sextile Jupiter: An other-worldly feeling is in the air. Time to go with the flow instead of following a script. A good day for writing, journaling, and being open to a cosmic download.
Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun semisquare Pluto: Clashes of beliefs. Watch self-righteous tendencies, and a need to make others wrong in order to feel right.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: While differences of opinion may be especially divisive this year, you also have a great opportunity to heal a lack of belief in yourself. You are learning not to base your self-worth on whether you are living up to an unattainable ideal in which you are all things to all people. Be aware of ways in which you may have sacrificed your own needs and well-being in order to meet others’ expectations. The main challenge may be to not to become judgmental yourself as you make the effort to establish clearer boundaries. (Solar Return Sun square Ceres, trine Chiron, quincunx Uranus, semisquare Pluto)

In Gratitude and Light,
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 8 hours. 
MON: Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun square Ceres, Mercury trine Neptune
WED: Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Venus quincunx Chiron
THU: Sun trine Chiron 
FRI: Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus, 
SAT: Neptune stations direct, Mercury sextile Jupiter
SUN: Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun semisquare Pluto
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