Timothy Glenn ~ 2020: The Turning of the Tables


Timothy Glenn ~ 2020: The Turning of the Tables

At long last, Timothy Glenn’s 2020 article: well worth the wait!

2020: The Turning of the Tables

by Timothy Glenn

The Turning of the Tides would also have been an appropriate title, but the tides turned in 2017. Now the effects of that turning of the tides in 2017 are beginning to become visible to the population at large. Some of the more obvious effects that we will be able to see (with 20/20 vision) this year will be made evident in The Turning of the Tables: that is, the gaming tables in the human world.

As far back as our conscious memory reaches, those gaming tables have been dominated by the power brokers of the Old Guard. Traditionally, the dice have been loaded, the decks have been stacked, the tables have been tilted, and the scales have been weighted; and not in our favor. May the odds be ever in our favor? Oh, please.

Here in 2020, the G.E.A.R.S. are shifting: as in Government, Economics, Academia, Religion and Science. There have been games played out upon humanity for millennia, and humans have played along. But now the human collective has outgrown the underpinnings of such gaming. Aside from all that, the Earth Herself is opting out from hosting any form of fear-based gaming, and so now She is turning the tables — with gusto.

Playing the Numbers

In numerological cycles, the number 20 denotes a turning point, so we might translate 2020 as the turning point of turning points. There will be no putting the genie back in the bottle or the toothpaste back in the tube.

Card 20 in the tarot deck is called Judgment. The traditional depiction shows Archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet in heaven, as people below are rising from graves. This represents the call from the darkness into the light.

Churchianity paints this as a picture of people being called on a celestial carpet to be judged by some guy in the sky. However, the Shapeshifter tarot presents card 20 as Transcendence. In Transcendence we become neutral, and render all else irrelevant. Then we have already risen above it. In most decks, wings figure as a prominent feature in card 20.

Here are a few suggestions for those who are still avoiding transcendence by indulging in judgment:

Get over yourselves. As everything reboots, the 2020 planetary reset may leave a lot of your perceptions and interpretations behind in a cosmic dumpster labeled Belief Systems, with obvious accentuation on the initials B.S.

Spread your wings. The old scouting motto “Be Prepared” can be applied to virtually every area of life, especially now. Ready for liftoff?

Rise above it. What you resist persists. If you fight it, you feed it. This new adventure can help us find out what letting go really feels like. Maybe you could stop bickering over how to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, because the whole system is going down.

Enjoy the Soaring 20’s. The human phoenix will rise from the ashes and wing its way toward Ascension. New visions from higher and vaster perspectives will help us manifest a user-friendly world.

The Kickoff

January of 2020 treated us to the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Through most of 2019, they had been close enough to each other in our skies to be considered conjunct, but the exact conjunction on January 12 opened the gates for the changing of the guard. Regarding the power structures of the old world, their term had expired. They will not go down without a fight, because that is all they have ever known. But now there are two four-letter words looming on their video screen: Game Over.

This is also the first Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn since the year 1518. The Vatican had ruled Europe for over a millennium. A few weeks before Saturn and Pluto went exactly conjunct, Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of the cathedral. Germany broke away. England followed, and the Protestant Reformation went into full swing, leading into the Renaissance.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 packs a significantly more powerful wallop than any other in history. The Great Awakening is beginning to burgeon, and nothing will stop what is coming. As it happened before, the effects of this conjunction will thunder through the 2020’s and echo for decades to come. But then again, it may even catapult us beyond our current linear space/time continuum. The choice will be ours.

A Slog Through the Fog

Many people were looking forward to the January 12 exact conjunction as a grand event, rather than a temporal marker. The instant gratification crowd wanted to see fireworks in the sky and mass arrests of all the big name evildoers on the planet, dead or alive. For a useful perspective on this, it would help to review the article Smoking Hopium. “Presto change-o” did not appear on our drop-down menu this year.

Instead, the grand opening shifted our energy field so profoundly that we needed to begin acclimating to a radically transmuting environment. The Mercury retrograde (in Pisces, no less) gave us one long WTF episode. It knocked the wind out of us and gave us pause for consideration, preparing us for the turning point of turning points.

When the fog of war begins to lift, factual revelations will incrementally appear through the smokescreen of lies perpetrated and perpetuated by the mainstream corporate propaganda machine. Trusted politicians, idolized entertainers and the like will have their masks removed.

Saturn the Enforcer and Pluto the Executioner

As 2020 unfolds, we will observe a display of the judgment characteristic that has been pasted onto the number 20 via the Judgment card. Saturn the lawgiver will be able to indulge in playing a favorite role as a Lord of Karma. Onstage in the human theatre, the gavel will sound the death knell of the control system of the old world. For the minions of that system, their entire world is being pulled out from under them.

Meanwhile, Pluto has donned his black hood in preparation for serving as the executioner: another favorite role. The globalist creepazoids, who had long taunted their victims with “no place to run, no place to hide” will realize that the tables have truly turned, and they will find themselves ensnared in their own traps with no escape hatch.

In Chinese astrology, 2020 is the year of the Rat. We can stretch this imagery a bit, and say that this is when the old world Rat Bastards finally get their comeuppance.

Effects of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will reverberate powerfully through the coming years. Following the amazing spectacle of the Saturn/Pluto takedown of the Old Guard, our emphasis will steadily shift into co-creating a love-based reality: Paradise, Heaven on Earth, or whatever you might choose to call it. We will still have plenty of cleanup to do, but we will have new and far more effective tools for the job.

The Phoenix Effect

In the Robin Wood Tarot, while she still uses the word Judgment, card 20 shows a Phoenix rising from the ashes. 2020 gives us double emphasis on the call from the darkness into the light.

When the number 20 appears in anyone’s numerological cycles, two questions arise:

If you are being called from the darkness into the light, where are you going to be first? In the darkness.

If you are going to become the phoenix rising from the ashes, where are you going to be first? In the ashes.

Welcome to current events.

Those of us bold enough to embody the Phoenix Effect will transcend much of what we had previously held as Reality, such as fear. 2020 says it’s time to Let Go. Infinite love awaits us in an endless playground of creativity.

Timothy Glenn



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