The Councils of Light with the Elohim via Carol Fitzpatrick

While immersed in “no mind” at the beach this past week, three writings, one in particular, came through, and I feel it important to share it with you.
So here we are, first the writings. My interpretation of what I saw and felt as I wrote follows:
October 27th: writing one (prophetic)
One shall come forward and the other shall step back into the shadows of doubt and despair. You are to place no judgment at the feet of the altar of good and evil, for both shall seek solace. You are to remain quiet within your very own self and return to peace—to the zero point of love beyond measure—and determine your fate from the vantage point of all as one. Where one is aligned with Truth, all shall be forgiven their transgressions, for ignorance runs amok.
Many cannot see within the shadow-shaping of others. It is only with inner knowing, inner sight, that others shall see (discern Truth). See that which is, and know that this too shall come to pass—All as One.
Thursday, October 29, 2020; writing two
[Yes.] You understand the nature of choice. Parallel dimensions co-exist. Yes. This is true. It comes to you when your heart yearns for love, adventure, solace and meaning. The puzzles that the mind work toward the eventual solving, born from indecision or regret, have no place in the inner sanctum of the heart. For all are honored, and all choices are played out to their natural conclusion in time and space.
This phenomenon is how you experience lifetime after lifetime, and sometimes simultaneously.
Yes. And this is where you are as a collective consciousness. You are to remember to coalesce around goodness, kindness and generosity of spirit. Power and control have no place in the world of your future. You are to see all as God incarnate. Recognize as you go forth into the headwinds of choice that others shall attempt to sabotage those who embody the path of righteousness. Honor the way forward. See with your heart; know Truth.
Thursday, October 29, 2020; writing three (prophetic)
A wave of sadness floods the land while cries of shock and exaltation ring out through waves of hatred and anger for all things right and true. The tail of the scorpio strikes to kill but misses and rebounds only to kill itself.
You shall find in your time of great sorrow that many shall sing the praises of right and true, while many others shall recoil in shock and horror.
You shall not make haste or rash judgments. You shall suspend all finger-pointing. Begin anew shall be the way forward, with compassion and carefulness in the way you are understanding life, and the very nature of man as divine beings of light incarnate.
Be not afraid to stay above the fray. Step back and away from divisional thinking and doing.
Trust your heart-soul. We are here with you, and this period of upset and chaos shall pass quickly and with ease and grace. So shall it be.
## The Councils of Light with the Elohim
Now that I have shared these three writings with you, in the way I received them, I’ll share how I experienced them in the moment.
In the first writing, the guides speak to the measure of our resolve to stand back and away from getting caught up in the surface projections (personality politics) of life. The energetics of this first writing was very peaceful and was streamed into me as I looked down on earth.
Writing two had me feeling what it will feel like to be a conscious part of the whole of humanity as we shift and morph toward a new cycle of creation, especially as souls awaken from various states of disillusionment and confusion. The key feeling was to maintain a stance of neutrality recognizing that we are all moving through this together.
Writing three tells us exactly what is about to occur and how to hold our center—to practice non judgement (no fingerprinting) and to stay above the fray no matter how dramatic life may play out. The feeling in this final writing is that we will each be personally challenged to hold to the center of nonjudgmeent no matter what is happening in our world, or the world at large. Our individual ability to do so may result in a collective but short-lived dramatic upshift of the whole.
And so shall this be.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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