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The Fifty-One Percent Rule
By Brian Roberts
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I truly believe in the presence of the inner and divine spark within ALL individuals. The Atman, the Buddha nature, the Christ Consciousness, the I AM Presence, this has been called many things by many cultures and although a dominate theme in most, most of us are distracted by the world. In the distraction, we often fall prey to the dominant patterns, the karma, the ancestral programs, our beliefs, the impact from family and environment and many of the other known and unknown factors and influences.

The ancient masters said to be “in the world but not of it”. Interesting enough, but how do you do this? And some may ask, why do we do this? I would imagine that this is for our personal salvation. Some say it is in the evolution of things. The phoenix is always rising out of its own ashes it seems. But people seem to be continually turning the wheel of Karma. The patterns of karma arrive with us at birth although they don’t activate until a later date when the evolving soul can deal with this in some degree. Under the best of circumstances, the evolving individual is caught between the opposing influences. Under the free will influence of the “I AM Presence” or the competing influence of the patterns, limitations and karma, we cast our lots out upon the waters.

All of the wisdom schools agree on one thing and that is “Man Know Thyself”. It has been hinted that the collective humanity has reached the 51% of the light of self-knowledge and now is shifting “what is possible” for its future. Many of the planet’s Light workers are taking refuge in the possibility of this happening now although the planet also seems poised for some disaster as well. As I move forward “through the lockdown” I notice less and less resonance with my past, and my relationships, even family. I love and appreciate my brothers and sisters and everyone now is on their own page. Moving forward does not require much of ones participation in their reality and neither of theirs in mine. Our collective choice to move with our “I AM Presence” lifts the limitations of the karmic patterns. We move in a new light and bless the past free.

Since I believe that “All the Divine sparks” are continually moving forward in their own path of return back to the One, we can bless each other to move on to the march of ones own drummers. The great teacher Abraham confirms that the Earth school is all about contrast. First, it’s the heavy lifting of Karma with the family and culture, then the contrast happens and happens. So much polarity! So much the difference in views and attitudes, stop and watch and observe the difference respectfully, without judgment. I am not interested in politics really except to pray for those people involved. I may or may not like one candidate or another, but I do respect everyone’s right to choose. I’m not sure even if they have a choice. Birds of a feather, I guess?

The mystics mostly all agree the closer you come to God or Source the more the outer self-personality seems to die off. I love dying and it’s hard. I had a couple of days where I could just not seem to find my self-esteem. The next day I was called in to participate in a local and remote energy healing of a young boy on his way to emergency care for a pain in his side. Suddenly on the way, his mother had to carry him to the car, suddenly, he cried out “hey mom I’m all better”. I’ve always believed in the power of prayer. Is there something going on now in our environment that is allowing us to be more effective in prayer and intention. I believe it’s the case. Wavy Gravy of Woodstock said there is always a little “heaven in a disaster area”. The power of simply being present now to bless all life free is a powerful disposition. We might not agree but we can agree to disagree with patience, with kindness and with compassion. We can disagree without polarizing the people concerned. We can give peace a chance. We can agree with the Dali Lama that “we all have this in common, we are all human beings”.

I call it the zin-yangy effect. Everything that has a front has a back. The organizations on our planet formed with an intention, well many have shifted from service to others to service to self. We will continue to “shift the planet” through loving-kindness, by any other name or activity. We need to continue to raise our vibration and when we get to 60/40% ratio, the contrast will delight us and enlighten us. You’ll want to be there when the saints come marching in. Oh, “what did I tell you, here they come”.


Locah samastha sukino bhavantu

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Brian Roberts


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