Nothing masquerading as something


Nothing masquerading as something

by Love’s Beginning

The Oneness is your saving grace. No matter what your trouble seems to be, the Oneness can solve it for you. The Oneness can bring peace to your mind. Draw on this never-ending resource, and you teach all in your world to draw from it. When you are caught up in believing that it is only through your separate agency and efforts that any problem is solved, you are caught up in a fantasy, and fantasies can be very stressful. We encourage you to remember instead this vast and unending resource that is open and available to all right now. As you remember it for yourself, you remember it for all, because there is only One of us.

What do you need to be saved from? From nothing masquerading as something. In other words, you only need to be saved from your own beliefs. Your thoughts project the world you experience. Where are you? And with whom? Everyone and everything you seem to see is a reflection of your beliefs. We are here to help in the clearing of your mind so you can see where you are, so you can see who is with you. You are in Heaven. You are with beings of light, and you are a being of light. We are One. Anything that would tell you anything else is what we are here to help you with–only perceptions, only beliefs. Nothing real.

Find some other that you think has a specific problem. You think you are able to analyze and identify this problem. This other is holding out a golden invitation to you. Here is what it says, in beautiful script:
You are seeing me as ego paints me. Would you like to see who I truly Am?
Do you want to see who that one is underneath the disguise? The only reason you wouldn’t is that you fear that next to the light that one is, you would be found wanting, and you would be left in hell. That one is you. If that one shines in purity and light, that one shows you who you are. What anyone is underneath the disguise is exactly what you are, and everyone is good without opposite. In truth, it is impossible for us to oppose each other, because we are all good without opposite. It is possible, however, to have a fantasy about opposites. This is what you are experiencing.

The golden invitation is extended to you by every Being who comes to mind, by every Being you meet in the physical. Do you want to see them without their disguises? Do you want them to unmask? If this is what you truly want, then it will become impossible for you to see threat anywhere. If you don’t see threat anywhere, then there is no need for any defenses. Without defenses, you stop holding your divine siblings away from you in perception, and it is apparent that you all belong to this glorious Oneness that uplifts you all.

Notice your thoughts about any Being who comes to mind, about any Being you meet in the physical. Do your thoughts come from defensiveness or union? You know by how you feel, and you can affirm that you are ready to see this Being truly. This Being has never hurt you, but you may have memories of hurt because you have been fantasizing about a world in which hurt is possible. This Being has no flaws, but you may have been fantasizing about flaws in an effort to distract yourself from the flaw you believe you have. You believe you have separated from your creator, and this has never been true.

Look upon truth–that you have never done anything wrong, and you will never have the ability to do anything wrong–and then find your willingness to see all Beings as they truly Are. They do not have to distract you away from your dark beliefs by enacting them outside of you if you can release your dark beliefs about yourself today. To every Being who comes to mind today, to every Being who shows up in the physical, silently say these words:
You can show me what is Real.
All Beings have the power to show you what is Real, and when that is all you want, then that is all you will see.

As you are able to see all others as they Are, you are able to release the secret and hidden notion about what you think you are–a destroyer. In truth, there are no separate things, and nothing can be destroyed. You cannot truly be a destroyer, and neither can anyone else, but you can hide your own beliefs about destruction. You only see destruction because you believe in destruction. Allow your thoughts and beliefs into the light, and they will disappear into the nothingness they always were.

Only peace remains, and it is our great joy to welcome you and all into this peace.

Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash


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