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Pamela Kribbe channelt Mary Magdalena

Dear ones,

I am Mary Magdalene. I come to you in friendship. I am joyful and grateful to be here in your midst.

You are making a difference. By coming together with the intention to change your consciousness and to make it more open and spacious, you create change in your life and also in that of the collective atmosphere on Earth – everything you do makes a difference.

From the perspective of the level of existence in which I live, the inner world is primary. We see events in the outer level, that which you call the objective world, as secondary. Outer events arise from inner changes, from intentions on the inner level – the external follows the internal. For me, and for all who are with me here in this level, the inner is more real than the outer. 

For you, the opposite is true: the world around you has a considerable impact and effect upon you. The physical impressions you receive through your senses, the conversations with people, the outer circumstances, all these seem to define and shape you. Still, this is essentially an illusion. There is an inner world that precedes everything that is around you, and it is through the connection with this inner world, the world of the soul, that you regain your strength.

On the outer level, you are vulnerable and weak. You have a human body that can fall prey to all kinds of external influences: diseases, forces of nature, human violence. Your human body is fragile and delicate and it is mortal. There are also your emotions, over which you often feel you do not have any control. You then feel like the plaything of the moods and emotions that run through you, just like the weather outside you with its wind, storm, rain. If you are very strongly identified with your emotions, you will feel small and weak because you feel a victim of your moods and whims.

In a sense, however, states of mind, moods, and emotions are outside you. There is somewhere deeper within you that is independent of both the stormy emotions that run through you, as well as the physical world outside you, with its people and activities.

I now encourage you to go to this inner place, a place of neutrality and silence that is independent of time and space, and independent of the physical self. You can find this place within your body, and you can connect with it by becoming very intimate and close with yourself. The body is the gateway to the inner self. Go inward with your attention and connect with your heart, and feel how the warm stream of your attention touches and benefits all your body.

Your body also has an inner life; it is not only an objective complex of cells or anything that can be described by a chemist or biologist. Your body has an inner consciousness and life, so feel that for a moment. Let your breath sink deep down into your body, and feel that this happens by itself: your body knows how to breathe in a quiet and relaxed manner. Feel how the outside world is less important when you go inside and become quiet.

Descend into the area of your abdomen. Find a place there, in your lower abdomen, where you can come to rest; sense energetically where that place lies within you. Imagine that you touch that place with your breath; then descend into that opening or cavity with your attention. You can imagine that place to be like a bowl shaped by two hands, or from some other material. Imagine how that place of repose in your abdomen appears, and imagine that all your strength lies there. It is a quiet force that is millennia old and withstands time.

You have already been in a body here on Earth many times. Deep in your abdomen is a place where you realize you are much more, and much greater, than this body, than this person with these emotions; more even than this life. You are an eternal being, and the more you understand that truth, the more your soul gets access to your physical existence and outer life here on Earth.

First sense that inner peace at the bottom of your abdomen. There is an anchor, a stability there that does not scatter along with all the emotions and moods flowing through your energy field. Yet that still place is not empty – it may be neutral, but it is not empty. Feel the consciousness there; it is resilient and vital, and also very broad and spacious.

Imagine how that consciousness, that energy, flows from that deep source throughout your entire body, and just observe how that happens. From the still place on your pelvic floor, an energy flow swirls slowly throughout your abdomen. That current very peacefully and gently finds its direction. It is your deepest self that is merging with your earthly self, so just see where that flow wants to go: up to your heart, shoulders, neck, and head, or down to your thighs, knees, lower legs, and feet.

Feel that when you join with this energy, this power, you get a very different perspective on many things in your life. You feel you are strong and independent. You are greater and more spacious than everything that happens in your life; even more than your emotions and intense feelings. There is something greater than all that – and that is what you are.

What is needed today in many people – in all people – is space to be themselves and to feel safe. However, the existing structures in society on Earth are not capable of bringing that inner space and security to people. So what is needed are people who can bring in new, flexible social structures that are the outgrowth of this inner freedom and wisdom, and not those based on fear and control.

You are the bringers of the new. You often think that you live and operate here on Earth as a lone individual, but what you think and feel and do makes a difference. Even by just thinking differently, you exercise an influence on the world around you. The inner is always ahead of what is happening in the outer; therefore, the inner carries more power than the outer.

What you are thinking and feeling is essential for change in the world, so do not blindly dwell on how you appear to the world. Instead, I encourage you to go within. What then emerges from within, the regaining of a sense of your own strength, will be spontaneous and happen naturally, so you do not need to dwell on making it happen. The way inward turns the key in the lock, and from that turning will the rest unfold naturally.

The way inward calls for courage. It sometimes seems easier to adjust to the energy flow and seemingly apparent facts which exist around you in society, with its expectations and the habits of people. A very compelling suction power emanates from that energy flow, and, in a sense, it can become a distraction and addictive. It feels gratifying to think you belong to society and flattering that you are admired or loved in that way. But what is that love or admiration really worth if it restricts you and does not do justice to who you really are inside: the living vital force in your abdomen that comes directly from your soul.

Ultimately, it is the intention that you give this vital force of your soul a wide open path, and that starts with your inner renunciation of structures, requirements, and expectations that do not fit you, and doing this requires courage. It is very natural, and you are not crazy, if you experience fear when you fully descend into your abdomen and make the connection with your spontaneous nature, with your deepest impulses.

Because of that fear, it is necessary to do this descending, again and again, in order to revive the connection with the power in your abdomen. You need to keep reminding yourself that your true core is there; that it is there where lies the source of your inspiration and thus also the source of the meaning and direction of your life.

I encourage you to descend into your abdomen and to connect with this resting place, and from there to feel your energy flow downward into the Earth. Feel free and unlimited by entering into a joyful connection with the Earth and with her essential core; you and the Earth are both powerful souls. Now ask yourself and this flow: “What do I need to do in my everyday life to bring forth my own power? Are there small steps I can take to make that happen?”

Now imagine that you are firmly anchored in your own center and joined to the Earth, and ask yourself: “What do I want?” Feel that “I” resound deeply. It is a deep “I”, an essential layer of yourself that speaks to you here. It is possible that you do not sense something concrete right away, but pay attention to what you do feel, what you desire or long for fervently. Maybe it is something general: more freedom, more lightness, less pressure. Let it bubble up and trust the instinctive wisdom of the flow in your abdomen. But do not dwell on it overly much; simply go along with that flow.

Realize that if you do this regularly in your daily life, you are in a certain way a revolutionary. In the silence of turning inward, you let go of that which is only apparent, is illusory. You begin to really listen to your authentic self and thus to create change, not only for yourself, but also for the society around you.

I thank you for the inner work that you do and I salute you with a heart full of joy.

Thank you very much.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© 2020   All Rights Reserved.


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