Corey Goode – New Intel 2020 – Brazil Briefing” October 1, 2020


Transcript of “EP 83 – Corey Goode – New Intel 2020 – Brazil Briefing”

October 1, 2020


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Tyler Kiwala: Hey guys, you’re listening to Journey to Truth Podcast. And tonight we are excited to be joined by Corey Goode. For those who don’t know, which I’m sure most of you do, he’s known for being a Secret Space Program whistleblower but he has done so much more for the movement and just the Truther Community, movies, all kinds of stuff.

He just recently got back from “Experiencer 2020 Conference of Brazil” where he received some new briefings and some updates.

So we’re gonna kind of jump into that and see what he has for us.

Welcome to the show, Corey.

Corey Goode: Thank you. I appreciate the invitation

Tyler: Yeah, yeah, we’ve been . . . This is something we’ve kind of always had on the back of our mind since we started this, so it’s an honor to have you on and we appreciate it. And thank you for coming on.

And I just want to jump right in. I want to hear about Brazil. How was that experience? What was that conference like? And then we can jump into the briefings after that.

Corey: Well “Experience 2020”, if you go to the website, you can still watch all the streaming videos.

We’ve been planning it for a year. I’d been invited for over a year. All of 2020, the big question has been: will it happen?

So right when . . . I had totally given up. We were ECETI where we met you guys and hung out with a number of people. One of the people that was going to Brazil said, “I’m pretty much sure it’s not going to happen.”

So after that, in my reality, it was pretty much I had prepared myself it wasn’t going to happen.

So as soon as I got home, I got a call from Fabio, one of the organizers, and he said, “It’s on.” And so I packed and tried to prepare as best as I could, traveling during COVID, you know, to the other side of the . . . the other hemisphere in a country, you know, that’s showing high numbers of COVID cases. It was . . . We were really planning and I brought security with me that had traveled to South American countries before, made things very smooth.

It was really weird traveling because my back . . . I have a back issue. They were nice enough to get first class for me flying down, the 10-hour flight. But I was woken up two times on the way there and three times on the way back because my mask slipped a little bit below the tip of my nose.

Tyler: Yeah.

Corey: They wake you up and say, “Put on your mask.” But other than that, there were very few people . . . because of the public officials down in Floriánopolis, when we arrived, Fabio was kind of freaking out because he was told that the conference was not going to happen and, you know, hundreds of people were coming.

So a few hundred people arrived and 300~400 people were there, and we did all the presentations.


And while I was there, I was introduced to an individual, a very interesting individual, who had been, most of [his] adult life, I believe, was in the military. And [he] came forward and had some very interesting information.

We’re trying to verify some things. Some of the briefings I got were very, very late at night, and the person only . . . did not speak English. So there was translations going on. It was late at night.

But there were a few little idiosyncrasies, you know, that we’re looking into that could be chalked up to human error.

But some of [his] information was incredibly accurate and stuff that I hadn’t shared publicly.

[He] had information about Antarctica that was pretty interesting.

Well, [his] story was that [he was] recruited, because of certain attributes [he] had, out of the military into what we call Earth Command. But that’s just kind of a general term for it. It changes names every 10 years. The name changes and it’s for operational security. As people cycle in and out the organization completely changes names.

Tyler: You’d think it would change even more frequently than that. 10 years is a long time.

Corey: Yeah. And possibly, you know, if something happens, I would imagine that they would . . . if they’re going to make it every 10 years, they would speed it up. But that’s just my conjecture.

He talked about these incredible suits that they wore as soldiers, Earth Force soldiers.

The Earth Command, that we’re calling it, is . . . they just handle things on Earth. They’re not normally going to be taken to Mars, you know, or on spaceships out to fight. They’re handling things that occur here, like crash retrievals. He has a number of very interesting crash retrieval stories that we’re going to bring, you know, more of the information out. I can’t remember all of the details right now, there was so much.

He described craft in Brazil and other places that this Earth Command was used kind of like “Operation Pounce” that they talked about in the 50s where if there was any type of reported crash that pretty much the United States had worked out a deal with pretty much all nations that we would send a special team in, because the crash retrievals are really quite dangerous. You know, people die.

Tyler: Sure.

Corey: So, a number of stories like that he shared. Did you have a question before I moved on?

Tyler: Well, I just . . . I’m curious about this Earth Command and where they’re actually located. Are they South American or are they located in these D.U.M.B.s, or Deep Underground Military Bases, or do you know?

Corey: I was not told where the Command resides. I got the impression that it was sort of nomadic. It was not fixed. That’s just my impression because of the language barrier and all of that.

But this group is made up of people from all of the different nations of the planet. It’s like a . . . It was created to protect Earth from ETs and Inner Earth people he talks about as well.

He talks actually in detail about the group that . . . He says that there are a bunch of “watched zones”, usually mountainous areas where they know caverns are in almost every case of some sort of either extraterrestrial or Inner Earth being-type creatures or beings that are using the area.


He talked about dealing with the beings that are living or can be accessed through The Grand Canyon.

The U.S. Army is all over that area. The entrances are guarded very, very closely because the group is supposed to be . . . They’re not our enemies, but they’re not our friends is the way I was told, that they . . . If we come into their area, they act very hostile. So that area is cordoned off.

And the same group is connected deep within the Earth from the Grand Canyon area, and then another part pops up that they access from the Amazon.

Tyler: Wow! I’ve heard there are numerous entrances in The Grand Canyon. I mean, a lot of them were closed off. We all know the Egyptian artifacts and all that stuff, and people that apparently resided there at one point. That’s part of the Hopi Prophecy or the Hopi Legends.

But . . . So we hear about that, but I didn’t realize they were still active as far as . . . . I just wonder how that works because people . . . That’s a major tourist attraction. So how do they still have the Army there – the military presence – and still keep this stuff all undercover. It’s interesting.

Corey: Yeah, you know, the military is able to work inside national parks, so I don’t know the logistics of it, but the Army’s been there for decades.

I took my family . . . I drove into Washington a few years ago. You know, we drove and we saw it.

So, it’s, uh . . . It’s prevalent. It’s going on.


Tyler: Yeah. Yeah. So I know you mentioned Antarctica as far as getting briefings on that. Is there any new information, or is . . . was it just stuff that you already knew that he had the same intel?

Corey: Well, some of it was stuff that I already knew. He had actually been through the tunnels dug through the ice that I had had several reports of.

And the people I had told that went through those tunnels were U.S. Marines. We heard stories from these people after I came out with information online.

And he described the Aztec . . . You know, he saw the Aztec ruins . . . [Aztec-looking] ruins, under the ice. So that was kind of a verification.

One of the things that he discussed was that they were brought in . . . They wear these special uniforms that are almost mechanical, but not in the way that you would imagine. They’re very tight-fitting suits but they make them stronger, faster. They use them because they battle Reptilians a lot.

So they were inserted into a part of Antarctica where scientists had accidentally encroached into an area that was “Fourth Reich territory”.

The way he described it is that these scientists were being attacked by a mixture of a werewolf and a Yeti.

Tyler: Oh! Wow!

Corey: And a . . . Yeah, he said they were 6-feet [2M] tall, bipedal, and obviously they were working on command somehow because they would withdraw at the same time. They would split up and do different patterns that were not of the intelligence of what these beasts would be. It was too coordinated.

They found out that the Fourth Reich had genetically engineered these beings to guard entrances to certain bases that . . . They roamed around and attacked anything that got within a certain perimeter.

These scientists were having some pretty amazing discoveries that they did not want to abandon that were a little bit into this territory.

So, apparently, his operation was brought in and inserted and they ended up doing a little bit of . . . not really battle with these things but keeping them away while the scientists did the work that they wanted to do.

Tyler: This was pretty recently or do you know?

Corey: No, this would have been back like two decades ago.

Tyler: Oh, okay.

Corey: Yeah.

Tyler: A while back, yeah. I have read about stuff, very similar expeditions, post World War II, and them accidentally coming across during their excavations, or whatever, their explorations across these German-Reptilian bases. So it lines up with that.

I just . . . So the Fourth Reich . . . I mean, do you think that’s still existing? I mean, what is still existing in Antarctica?

Corey: Well, from his intel, that was all that he had of what was going on down there now.

From my intel, yeah, they’re very much still occupying most of the same bases. They gave some of them over to this Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate that I talk about. A lot of trading went on to allow Dark Fleet to operate pretty much under the skirt of everything else going on.


Tyler: Yeah, I was really curious to know how much of these underground bases  . . . what’s actually being taken out right now. We hear all these rumors about these earthquakes being actual underground explosions and these battles taking place underground.

I just didn’t know if any of that information was even true, or is that all hearsay?

Corey: No, that absolutely has occurred but not in the frequency, you know, the number that people talk about online. There have been certain bases that have been either destroyed or breached, you know, in the last year, especially.

Tyler: Yeah, that’s . . . So it’s good. I mean, I think some of them are definitely not earthquakes. With earthquakes, people break down the seismic data and there’s a difference between an earthquake and an explosion, and I just wonder if it’s actually the base being destroyed or if it’s actually just a battle, you’re just hearing explosions from an actual battle.

Like, I’m so fascinated by what’s actually taking place under our feet every day. It just blows my mind.


Corey: Yeah, this new person we’re calling “Daniel” . . . [He] has spent extensive time in the caverns. [He] actually did six months . . . either 6 months or 6 weeks, I can’t remember – and then the language thing too – training underground in these caverns and how to survive and how to battle and how to navigate them.

He told us of numerous battles that they had with Reptilians and Greys. He said they’re both extremely aggressive when they are fighting underground.

Typically, he said, for every Reptilian that they are able to neutralize [e.g. “kill”], they end up losing about six to eight men. And that’s wearing these almost suits of armor.

Tyler: Wow!

Corey: Some of the things he describes about the Reptilians were different than what I have seen and heard.

He talked about . . . He described the armor that they wore. He described it as more like exoskeleton kind of armor that connects to them.

He said their offensive weapon . . . They didn’t carry a staff or any type of weapon, [but] that it was something that was engineered into their body to where it came out I guess kind of like Spiderman. Instead of here [Corey points to the outside of his lower arm] on the top of their forearm.

He said when they wanted to attack, they would do this [Corey holds out his arm] they would do this, close their fist, and then a plasma beam would shoot.

He said they were very powerful plasma beams.

He said typically . . . He said they carried weapons that were very similar to conventional weapons. They might not be able to use beyond a certain type of technology while operating on the planet in case it falls into the eyes of the public.

But he talked about special rounds [ammunition] that were, you know, probably between a 223 and a 308 that instead of gunpowder they had like this white powder as the accelerant.

When they would fire their weapon, the bullet went several times faster than a conventional bullet, and that it was made of a . . . with the translation, he said a very hard mineral.

And those would . . . He said that out of 30 shots, three would penetrate their armor. They had to take 30 hits to center mass and three would maybe make it through and kill the Reptilians.

Tyler: Wow! Can you imagine . . . Like, how do you train for something like that unless you know your enemy? So they have to be well aware of these . . . of their technology and what they’re capable of, otherwise, you’re coming in blindfolded, basically.

So are there training facilities that are specifically designed just for this?

Corey: You know, that’s a good question. One of the things that kind of made me go, hmm, was . . . because, you know, we’re still vetting this person, but, you know . . . you always have to figure out, “Is this person relating a story they heard or did they experience it?” So we’re still vetting it out, but it’s a lot of corroboration.

I’m sorry, what was the question?

Tyler: I was just saying: Are there actual training facilities so they know about their armor and stuff.

Corey: Yeah. Yeah. What was strange is that they knew about the armor. He knew about the armor, the weak places in the armor and all of that, but when I asked him if he had ever heard that Reptilians had a primary and secondary heart, he said that he had not heard that, which is totally fine.

They may just be given a kill box that they’re told to go after.

But typically I would think a specialized warrior like that they would teach you the physiology and weak points of your enemy, but maybe all of that doesn’t matter with the armor. I don’t know.

We have to be very careful. It’d be very easy to bring someone in that has been given some information that I haven’t shared that would hook me and then, you know, bad things happen.

So this person seems really genuine, but we’ve, you know, seen it before. We’re vetting him out. We have three different people that are vetting out their military credentials and some of the other things that they told us.

There was just one inconsistency, and it was like midnight or 1:00 am in the morning when we were getting the information from him. He gave us a number of casualties that occurred in a conventional war that they claimed had an ET aspect to it and the numbers were just off like on the casualty count, you know, fairly significantly.

But the battle in that area did happen. And it was also 20 years ago. So he’s recalling over time. So we have to cut him a little bit of slack.

We’re just vetting this person because, you know, sometimes information comes in and it’s too good to be true and this is a lot of very rich information, rich with details.


When he talks about the crash retrievals, he talks about, “Oh, the Greys crashed on this date in Brazil, and it was a 120-meter craft, and we brought our teams in, and they cut it into pieces or put it on flatbed trucks and drove it off.”

And anyone who happens to – according to these rules of engagement, at least 20 years ago – anybody who unfortunately witnessed it, came walking onto the scene seeing, “Oh, look at this crashed UFO”, this military force that he was a part of, they neutralized them. They killed them. There’s still no chance of being a witness.

Tyler: Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me at all. Actually, it’s funny, we were just at ECETI and I had a really crazy experience dream while I was down there watching a UFO space battle and one of them crashed like in walking distance from me, and I ran to the craft and saw all these ETs inside or whatever.

But it makes me wonder now, like, if that really happened and I did run up on a UFO on a crash retrieval, would it be a smart thing to do? Or do you just stay away?

Corey: It’s not a smart thing to do for a number of reasons. You don’t want to be there when the military arrives. No way!

But also there are a lot of different radiations that we’re not even aware of, different types of radiation, and things in the air that you don’t want to breathe.

People have come upon these scenes and collapsed and died within a few hours.

Tyler: Wow! Yeah, that’s good to think about because the excitement could take over and you’re not thinking about any of that stuff.

So you said nine different ET races are in communication with South America right now. Was that part of the intel also?


Corey: Yes. Well, this particular group that he was working with: he said they encountered nine different ET races.

And some of them, he said, were related to Valient Thor.

Tyler: Oh!

Corey: Yeah, he said they looked very human. He said that they put in contacts but their eyes are a little bit bigger and the corneas look a little different, he says, but it’s not super noticeable.

He said that this group actually claimed to have brought human life to Earth and they were within our Solar System.



And they’re also . . . He told a very interesting story about the Tall Whites. He said that his group was ordered to set up a perimeter because there was going to be a meeting from an off-world source.

Well, he set up the perimeter and he was closer in towards the inner part of the circle of the perimeter when the craft came in and landed. And he described it as being hundreds of feet, very big craft.

It landed and out came a Tall White.

And he described him as being about 9-feet tall [3 meters]. And he said that his . . . what he [Daniel] was wearing, the equipment he was wearing, was giving him all this data, like, you know, “ . . . 3 meters tall, zzzt . . . estimated weight . . . “

I mean, he was getting all this information.

And as it started walking down the stairs or the . . . one it’s way down it stopped. He said it raised it’s hand. He said all of his men and everyone present dropped down to one knee and they couldn’t move anything but their head like this. [Corey moves his head from side to side.]

And he said the being told them, “Be calm. I’m just here to have a meeting and I will be gone.” Then it walked down.

He said they sat there for like three hours in this kneeling position. And looking out of the corner of their eyes to what was going on with the meeting that was going on.

And then the being as it walked by and walked up to get back into the craft, the power broke off of them, and they were able to stand up and they weren’t tired. Their muscles weren’t all sore.

He said he was extremely impressed because these suits were developed to help shield the psychic energy and abilities of the Reptilians and the Greys, that it attenuated it and did so pretty well. They had to be very close to bust through it.

And he said for this Tall White, he called it, to walk out, raise it’s hand and have everyone drop to their knees wearing this type of protection, he said, was shocking to him, I believe, impressive.

I forgot to describe . . . He said that the Tall White . . . and I confirmed with him, I said, “Was it’s hair . . .” Their hair is . . . Each strand of hair is much thinner than ours. It’s white and it has this weird translucent look to it when they move their heads.

He confirmed that and he said that it was wearing kind of a long white robe with a collar that went up really high on it.

He didn’t describe its feet or shoes, but he said you could see its hands.

Tyler: Wow! So that’s . . . I mean . . . When you describe it, I’m just imagining like Hollywood ET stuff that we’ve seen. I mean, it’s just so . . . It’s fascinating to me.

Do they have any idea of where they came from?

Corey: He didn’t know where specifically they came from. But what was very interesting is: when I started asking him about: “What did you guys call these beings?”

He said, “Well, we would call them ‘the Tall Whites’, but the real . . . “ I can’t remember . . . I’m going to have the information to share, but it was information I’d seen before about like the Reptilians are known as like “G176”, or whatever. They’re different . . . They’re always referred to in codes.

They wouldn’t get a, “Oh, we’ve got a Reptilian attack.” It’s a “G476”.

Tyler: Oh, you call it the alphanumeric code names.

Corey: Yeah. And he has nine of . . . and there are hundreds of them, but he . . . the nine beings that he knows of, he has the alphanumeric codes for them.

Let’s see. What else did he describe. He described the Reptilians, the Greys and the Tall Greys. He was very adamant to say, you know, they are very different  beings, you know, the Tall Greys and very different beings.

And he said he had not seen an insectoid, but he had, on a number of times, underground and right after crashes, he had been in fire fights with the Greys – I don’t know whether it was the “talls” or the “smalls” – and Reptilians.

He said that the majority of the men that they lost were in those exchanges [fights].

Tyler: So this was all 20 years ago, right? This was what he was saying was his experience 20 years ago.

Corey: Correct.


Tyler: So, I’m just curious, like, as far as now . . . Like, I know at one point the planet was under a quarantine and these Reptilians . . . nobody could leave. Is there still something going on to where they can’t leave and they’re stuck here? Or can they come and go freely? Or is the Space Force actually taking care of this on some level?

Corey: I’m told that there is a cordon that’s still going on around our Solar System that’s preventing not just eh Reptilians, but a number of ET groups from leaving before this Solar Event occurs.

Tyler: Yeah, that makes sense. I just wonder how many are actually going to be left by the time that happens if these battles are taking place.


Corey: Yeah, there are battles taking place. And we were talking earlier about . . . you were asking about deep underground bases being attacked.

Information that I had last year, and I put out, there were Army and Marine forces that were called in to fight . . . to penetrate some of these deep underground bases.

And when they did so, they were told they were going to run into a lot of families that are being hidden of big criminals, and, you know, they were just going to have to go in and arrest these people There would be light resistance once they got through all of the crap they had to blow up and get through.

But some of them on the levels that they ended up going into . . . they ran into Reptilians. And they had not been briefed that Reptilians even existed.

These men did battle and it did not go super well for them. Then men were “not right” in the head afterwards because they had no bridge at all between what they were going to run into and, you know, the judo . . . you know, the Christian background that they had, many of them . . . To them, they were fighting the devil and demons and they just didn’t understand what was going on.

One of the military groups that had those encounters had to have a lot of help.

Tyler: Yeah, that’s interesting. You don’t think about that because that’s a major psychological mind fuck. If you see something like that, you might just get frozen in fear. That term is real, you know. You might not even be an effective soldier anymore just seeing something like that.

So it’s interesting, you know, knowing what we know now. If I ran into something, I’d be like: “Oh, it’s a Tall Grey, or it’s a Reptilian, or it’s this: a Mantis being.”

But somebody who doesn’t have any reference point, yeah, that would be tough. That’s an interesting point to bring up.

I wonder how many times that actually occurs.

Corey: Good question. And it sounds like ET crashes occur a lot more frequently than we’ve been led to believe. He’s been on many of them.

Often they are sometimes in conflict with another ET group. Sometimes we’ve brought them down.

I mean, we’re not going to be shooting down our allies like the Tall Whites or the Nordic groups, but the Greys and, apparently, the Reptilian craft are open game.

I was told that they use drones to shoot down these craft along with space-based weapons and ground-based weapons from certain areas.

Apparently, we shoot down these craft fairly often, and that was apparently what I was told . . . the case I was told about in Brazil, which would have been some time ago.

But he’s in contact with some of the people from his former group, and these crash retrievals happen on an almost regular basis.

Sometimes these ET groups mess up and just crash.

Tyler: Sure. Yeah, I mean, I always wonder about how if . . . You know, that’s one of the big skeptics. That’s one of the big questions for the skeptics is, like, “Well, if they have all of this advanced technology, why are they crashing?”

I’m sure there is electrical fields and magnetic fields that they might not be aware of that they’re getting pulled into that’s bringing them down. You know, there are so many different scenarios that could happen.


Corey: Yeah, yeah, and, you know, this person also confirmed some things that I had heard about what different groups are coming in and doing with us like this Arcturian race.

He described them as being somewhat human-like with a little bit bigger head, bigger eyes, different kind of nose, and that, you know, they’re a merchant race, that they’re coming in constantly to trade with us.

They’re bringing in, like I’ve reported in the past, biological materials from other solar systems, technology, and we’re trading with them constantly, and a couple other groups that were kind of in commerce with.

The Tall Whites have apparently given us quite a bit of technology to use to help fight against the Reptilians, in particular.

Tyler: I mean, it only makes sense that we’re being gifted technology to help battle this. I mean, there’s no way without any type of assistance we would even be this far along as a civilization in general.

So, I mean, that only makes sense.


As far as . . . You’re talking about these races that we’re . . . that are trading with us, these merchant races and all this stuff, you had talked about, like, at one point during your 20-and-Back on Mars they were developing out a lot of this technology there, basically under slave conditions.

Do you think that’s still taking place there or has was that something in the program that might have been another timeline?

Corey: No, that’s something that’s still taking place as far as I know.

I don’t know how much commerce is going in and out of the Solar System right now with everything that’s going on to be honest.

But the last that I’ve heard is that, you know, those places were still in operation or at least occupied.


Tyler: And what about the Moon? Is . . . I’ve heard so many theories about the Moon, like, there’s no longer, like, a Nazi presence, I guess, on the Moon, and it’s . . . kind of the Alliance has taken over that.

Is there any truth to that?

Corey: No, the Moon’s kind of split up into different zones owned . . . pretty much owned by different groups.

I’ve never really given a full briefing about the tour I was given inside the Moon. I was taken to all of these deep chambers that . . . I don’t know how to describe them.

Inside the Moon were a bunch of deep . . . a bunch of cavities like spheres, like perfect spheres. And they were in a space of like the Merkabah inside the Moon.

Tyler: Oh, wow!

Corey: And in between each sphere were these long tunnels that had these . . . the walls were kind of like square and then it got into a wider square and it was kind of like, not a triangle, but kind of a weird shape. But it was a long tunnel that we had built trains inside of. And I traveled inside of that.

And there was all sorts of debris. There had been obviously major damage done to whatever this giant mechanism used to be.

They brought us by, you know, all of these . . . All along these long tunnel-type chambers there was damage in them.

And then you saw like wiring and coupling of what almost looked like fiber optics running through that was obviously modern that, you know . . . It had been worked on for a long period of time trying to fix something. They were trying to restore some sort of energy conduit.

And we traveled into one of these giant spheres. I couldn’t even begin to estimate how big they are.

The spheres all along the inside at one time had been covered in these slightly convex what looked like mirrors, but they called them “collectors”.

And they were a gold-copper alloy that was on top of a layer of some sort of technology.

And these were almost like solar panels the way they looked and they were all along the inside of this sphere.

And coming outside of the wall was a long . . . almost like an arm that came out right to the middle of the sphere with a spherical mechanism that . . . you know, you could walk along inside it and out into this mechanism.

And somehow it was collecting energy of some sort from these shields. they were somehow collecting subatomic energy or some sort . . . I really didn’t understand. They were collecting some sort of energy that’s not really in our frequency and channeling it into these spheres, and then they would come together. These beams would come together and they could use the energy to make the Moon travel or also operate.

There was this big door that opened that had been broken a millennia ago. It’s broken and kind of . . . aaggh . . .pushed in like that [Corey motions with one hand an an angle pushing into his other hand.] on par of the back side of the Moon, and you can’t really see it. It’s at the bottom.

And that door used to open and allow the beam to shoot out as a weapon as well.


Tyler: Wow! I mean, I also remember you talking about during that tour . . . I think on “Cosmic Disclosure” you were talking about even seeing NASA . . . people in NASA uniforms or coats or whatever.

And that surprised me because I thought NASA was strictly a cover, but I guess there is an asset, a compartmentalized asset, of NASA that is existing elsewhere.

Corey: Yeah, this NASA-type group . . . They would have been working with what we would commonly think of as a Space Force-type group, the military-industrial level.

So, they see each other from, you know, their space station. They see them flying around and they turn the cameras off when they fly by because they don’t want to, you know . . . they’re playing nice with them. They know about each other.

Every once and a while, some of the military . . . the secret military force would actually come on to the International Space Station, and vice versa. They would come on to the craft of the Space Command at the time. But they don’t normally interact that much because they are separate.

Pretty much, NASA was created because the Secret Space Programs had discovered some stuff on the Moon that the Earth needed to know about, and they needed the Earth on a lower level of knowledge to start preparing this continuity of species plan to start putting 1% of their GDP into making these Deep Underground Bases and bringing people from every country into each base to preserve each culture.

In order to get them to spend that kind of money and go through that sort of sort of effort, they had to scare the hell out of them. And they had to let them know about this Solar Event that happens every 12,000 years.

The Secret Space Program had discovered ejecta from the Sun on the back side of the Moon. It formed these glass structures.

NASA even . . . They even let NASA report back that they had seen something that looked like an alien city, but this was actually debris from Sun ejecta from the last Solar Event.

They needed to get this information down to, you know, the planet but in a way that didn’t blow their operation. So that’s what NASA was all about. That’s what going to the Moon was all about: to go and bring back some of that glass . . . On the side of the planet they landed on of the Moon, they mainly got the beads.

But a lot of the ejecta that they could take back and say, “Okay, take this with a lot of our old secret texts, religious texts, that talk about the Sun exploding. Now, we’re scientifically finding information here. Now we need to work together to survive as a species.

So that was kind of what was done to get all of these countries to spend money in this continuity of species program.

Tyler: I guess the big question is: if we did have this technology back then, why were we developing these rockets? Was that just part of the cover?

Corey: Well, yeah. If they were going to get people, conventional people, up to make an unconventional discovery, they had to use all conventional resources. They had to use rockets. They had to use the computers of the time, which, you know, they were like, you know, . . . It’s like a calculator, you know, the amount of calculating they could actually do, like a little calculator that we go and buy at Staples.

Tyler: Yeah.

Corey: So it was really scary what they were doing to get up into space. But even now, they are keeping that illusion going. They’re keeping the illusion that material sciences have just come a long way in the last 50 years. But combustion engines . . . we’ve kind of hit our pinnacle. 


Tyler: Yeah, so does that explain Space X? Is that just a continuation of this narrative, this cover, or is something else going on with Space X that we’re unaware of?

Corey: Well, you know, companies like Space X are going to be needed because when this technology comes out, they’re not going to give it to corporations. You’re not going to see FedEX with anti-gravity planes flying around. That’s not how it’s going to unfold.

The privileged few will know it exists. The privileged few will be using it, but we won’t have flying anti-gravity cars immediately. That’s something that’s going to take time to acclimate people to.

But the cheap conventional ways of getting things into orbit for the corporate level is still going to be a viable business in the future.

Tyler: Yeah. Well, I was just wondering . . . I don’t know if you watch any of those Space X launches and twice now they’ve had what they call a space mouse, which is clear. It’s evident. You see this little mouse running around on the footage they show.

So I think they’re still showing this fake footage anyway.

Corey: Yeah, I saw that. It was really odd.


Tyler: I mean, it’s clearly not happening in space unless . . . I mean, it just doesn’t make sense, unless they’re filming somewhere else. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Does this explain . . . Is Starlink really what we think it is? Is it really for this 5G or whatever? Is there another purpose behind Starlink that you know of?

Corey: There’s ALWAYS another purpose. Just about every commercial satellite that goes up has a classified payload of some sort.

So, sometimes a lot of these satellites . . . they’re just simple given a part of the network that helps . . . It’s kind of like lidar or radar that helps them detect craft coming in, or when anomalies occur, created by certain types of stealth technology. It creates an electromagnetic disturbance.

And then they have those piggybacked on satellites flying around where they are likely to catch that signature.

So, I mean, there are all different types of piggyback operations that occur with most commercial space flights.

Tyler: Yeah, that would make sense.  So what we’re told Starlink is might not even be the case.

Corey: It’s very possible, or it could be the case but they’ve made . . . they’ve kept about 20% of the payload kind of “off the books” and they’re helping out the NSA or some other group.

Tyler: Do you know much about this startup company that is developing a new Air Force One – the XO-Sonic or whatever they’re calling it. It’s supposed to be using Mach 5 technology for the new Air Force One. Have you heard about that?

Corey: No, I’m not aware of that.

Tyler: Okay. Yeah, it’s something that is apparently is in development right now.

Corey: No, but interestingly enough, I traveled with some very interesting people. They’re high military people, retired. And one of the people – [he’s] an actual retired general – was telling us about how protected Air Force One is. How it is protected from missiles, protected from all sorts of things. The tech . . .

He says the current Air Force One looks like old technology, which I guess it is, but the technology that they have in it and on it is amazing. (49:36)

Aaron Kuhn:  I’m sure it is because, you know, Trump has to be protected just so much to still be alive for one thing. And if he’s up there flying on an airplane, you know, they’re . . . if he’s not, that’s a perfect opportunity for them to – the Deep State – to take him out.

So you know they’re going to make sure that he’s protected unbelievably.

Corey: Very few airplane crashes are actual accidents.

Aaron: Yeah.

Tyler: Yeah. Well, I think like that one, when was it, a couple years ago, the guy hijacked a plane and was able just somehow . . . knew how to fly this plane and flew in the shape of a Q and whatever.

Aaron: Oh, yeah. I remember that.


Tyler: It was clearly not an accident.

So as far as what you talked about in Brazil, was there any no information you brought to . . . I know you spoke on Inner Earth down there, correct?

Corey: Yeah, you know, I talked about my last – most recent – encounters. A lot of what’s been going on after I was brought down to their city for three days to where . . . They were trying to teach me a lot, but I was not in the spiritual resonance to where I was going to be able to properly learn this type of information. It was going through my distortions.

There were a number of relationships and situations that were causing me to not just be in the right vibration. And I needed some personal growth in some certain areas.

And 2020 has given all of us the time for personal growth.

Tyler: Oh, yes. Yeah.

Corey: There was a lot that I needed to do before I could go to the next level with them.

Since that visit, most of the interactions I’ve had with them have been coaching me, you know, coaching me along and helping me through the process: burning off karma, working through certain distortions and traumas.

So it’s been a time of rapid growth, painful growth. But I’m getting close to where I need to be for the next step of them to share more information about fourth-density consciousness – the consciousness that we’re ascending to.


Tyler: At one point . . . By the way, I can relate to the growth, because I’ve been dealing with some of that myself.

At one point you said that they had actually left Inner Earth and they’re existing in these, like, time bubble anomalies or whatever you refer to them as. Is that still the case? Are they back?

Corey: No, they’re still inside this Temporal Anomaly.

Tyler: Temporal. Yeah, that’s what you called it. Yeah.

And that’s existing in space somewhere, or where would that be?

Corey: In its own space-time.

Tyler: Okay.

Corey: All of time is local. On each planet, depending on the planet you’re on, the density of that planet affects gravity in a different way. It causes gravity to twist tighter and can go quicker.

And gravity is the engine of time. So gravity creates time. Without gravity, there is no time.

So they can create these gravitational temporal fields to where they can go inside of these fields, and for them, days, weeks may pass by, but for us, maybe thousands of years will pass by, because they’ve created a completely different temporal little reality bubble within a larger temporal reality.

Tyler: Yeah. I mean, I think that explains . . . I mean, that happens on a lot of different occasions as far as even somebody, an individual, being taken and for, like, two weeks, what would seem like two weeks, and they’re only gone for like 20 seconds or even two seconds here and they’re put right back into that same . . . They’re kind of spliced back in.

It’s a similar concept to the 20-and-Back, but it’s different. So it makes sense . . . And it only makes sense they’re doing it all over the place. Yeah.


Corey: Yeah, time is . . . You know, within . . . You know, space is pulled in by gravity, and space sort of reaches this termination point or density point to where it’s not going in as easily. It’s piling in on itself.

And at that point gravity is still pulling, and these little microscopic little twists, little eddies, are pulled down all around us that’s going on. These little microscopic twists of time-space, time, time-space, are going on all around us.

That’s what holds us to the ground. That’s what’s creating this flow of time.

And like I said, on each planet, that twist rate is slightly different, a different frequency, and time flow differently.

But what we’ve found out is within each twist is also other dimensions. Not only is time local, but dimensions are local.

Dimensions aren’t out there everywhere. They’re all inside . . . The same little twist rate that is creating our space-time is creating other space-times. And within these twist rates are other dimensions.

Time is running backwards and forwards, but even quicker – at different rates in each direction within the twist rate of every little microscopic area around us.

Our bodies are held together by these tiny little wormholes. Each atom is held together by, you know . . . it’s like a little planetary system; it’s held together. And at the center of that atom it connects through a tiny little wormhole into the Cosmic Web.

And I’ve talked at length about the Cosmic Web. All you have to do is Google it to see how everything is connected through electromagnetic filament: every galaxy, every star and every planet within it.

And that’s how stargate travel works. That’s how a lot of other travel works, but it’s also how consciousness works. Consciousness is all connected through this giant Cosmic Web.

That’s actually where the Akashic Records reside.

All of it is fed through . . . As these little twists are going down to the center of the Earth, the mass is bringing all of that information into the center point of the Earth that feeds into this Cosmic Web. And that information is constantly being fed into the Cosmic Web, into the Akashic Records.

Tyler: If only they could start teaching that in school. Ha, ha.

Corey: Right.

Tyler: We wouldn’t all be lost.

That’s so fascinating, and that was a great explanation of it. I know Michael Salla touches on the wormholes every . . . I know he speaks on that a lot.

By the way, is that his book behind you on that shelf?

Corey: It is.

Tyler: “The Red Dragon” or whatever.

Corey: Yeah, “The Red Dragon”.

Tyler: Yeah, so that’s really interesting . So, like, that would explain, like you said, all the dimensions are local, so that would explain, like, maybe the sasquatch or something like that when you hear about them phasing in and out, they’re just existing . . .

Aaron: 5D . . . When people talk about 5D, That’s basically just the next level up dimensionally from where we’re at currently?

Corey: I don’t know dimensionally. All I know is that the bandwidth that it works at is the same bandwidth that basically our consciousness works at.

Aaron: So it’s more consciousness. It’s not . . . like physically we’re not going to, like, blink out of here and go into another space. It’s just consciousness?

Corey: Yeah, it’s affecting our consciousness.

Tyler: Yeah, I always wondered about that. Like, some people claim that they’re already in 5D, and, like, none of this stuff that’s going on right now, this virus, all that stuff, it doesn’t affect them because they’re in 5D.

Aaron: Consciousness affects reality, so at the same time, you could say it’s kind of the same thing?

Corey: There is an aspect of yourself that’s in 5D. There’s an aspect of yourself that goes all the way up to the One Infinite Creator.

You know, each level of us . . . Our Higher Self is us all the way through the densities connecting to the One Infinite Creator. That’s seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth density version of our self, our consciousness, that is repeat . . . that is providing us opportunities for lessons and growth.

So to a degree, yes, if the more in contact you are with your Higher Self, the more in contact and resonance you are with 5D, or whatever, but physically, you’re stuck here with the rest of us.

You may vibrate or resonate into a higher density, but, you know, we’re all here.

Tyler: But somebody could still punch you in the face and you’d feel it. Ha, ha.

Corey: It would knock you back to 3D real quick.

Aaron: Like we’re moving from the carbon-based to crystalline-based structure and DNA.


Corey: You know, I don’t know about physically. I mean, I know that as more strands of the DNA are awoken, a different frequency occurs, which allows for growth more of consciousness than anything else and connection with one another.

All of the “DNA turning into crystal” and all of that, I haven’t heard in the programs anything remotely like that.

But the awakening of the DNA is a very important part of . . . I mean it all happens in, like, a big chorus: the DNA starts to change and more strands awaken, which are basically antennas. We have more antennas. And then we’re in more communion with each other in a mass consciousness sort of way, which I’m told is like, you know, we talked about at ECETI, is going to be confusing as hell to people.

Aaron: Telepathic . . .

Corey: Yeah, and you’re connecting with people on an emotional level. You have third-density understandings of things.

You know, I was talking about how sexuality is really going to freak people out because, you know, we have third-density understandings of “why you have sex”, “why you procreate” and all of this.

And then fourth-density occurs, and then we’re like, “Oh, my God, what’s going on?” All of a sudden you know people. You’re connected with people in a different way, and your third-density mind is going to be, “Oh, that must mean we’re supposed to have a physical relationship,” when that’s not the fourth-density way. It’s just a third-density way of thinking while experiencing the fourth-density energies

So we’re going to have to deal more and more with that confusion as well.

Tyler: Yeah, I’ve heard that, you know, . . . Like, let’s just say the Solar Event, Solar Flash, takes place, and it’s kind of like what we expect, you know. We might all of a sudden be enlightened on some level, but that’s our consciousness. Our physical body is still going to have to make the transformation, and it’s not going to be easy. Is that plausible? Do you think that could happen?

Corey: I wouldn’t go as far as to say people are going to be enlightened as much as they are going to be confused.

Tyler: Okay.

Corey: The small percentage of people that are doing the inner work and doing the spiritual work, they’re going to be more enlightened.

Everyone else . . . It’s not like everyone’s going to pop their head out of the sand and go, “Hmm, I understand now.”

No, they’re going to be thrown into chaos, and it’s going to be a mess for a while.

The transition to fourth-density, I’m told and shown . . . it’s not going to be this: everyone flying around singing “Kumbaya”. It’s going to be people trying to figure out: “Now, how do we operate in this new way of consciousness, this new connectivity that we have?”

Aaron: So it’s going to be like a whole other layer of, like, a “Dark Night of the Soul”, because, like, right now, we see the plane going through a “Dark Night of the Soul”, but it’s still only at a certain level.

So I feel like once the Ascension starts happening more and more and once the Solar Flash happens, it’s going to be like a while other massive “Dark Night of the Soul” for everyone who’s not used to that.

Corey: Imagine you’re the normal person out, you’ve rationalized all these different behaviors, you’re doing all that, you’re a good person but you’re doing all of these things that are kind of “iffy”, and this Solar Flash occurs.

And then all of a sudden you go from having that sort of a consciousness to having more of a Christ-like consciousness: a loving, connected kind of thing to where you see how you violated free will here, you’ve re-violated free will here, manipulating or doing this, or taking here because “you deserved it’, or whatever.

And you go through a rapid processing of karma because you have a different understanding of that mindset. But you are also going to have to break cycles, ways of thinking.

Aaron: Yeah.

Corey: It’s often going to cause a “Dark Night of the Soul”.

Aaron: It’s like clarity is a good way to put it. You have a whole new clarity on yourself and everyone else and reality in general.

Corey: I was told: everybody has had it wrong, that at the end of an Age, this energy, the preceding part of the major energy that causes this Ascension, is what they refer to as the Christ Consciousness part of the energy.

And that energy sweeps through before the big change occurs. It’s a little bit of an attenuated, weaker version of the big change energy coming through.

This energy comes through, and it’s not somebody on a horse with a sword coming to judge. It is an energy that forces each of us to judge ourselves. Because you know what?, we do have the . . . we ARE the judges of ourselves. Because all we are, if these beings are correct that I’ve been talking to, is that I’ve described how the One Infinite Creator wanted to understand duality from every possible perspective. So . . . poof . . . into all of our . . . every consciousness, everything that could possibly experience anything in this universe is a spark of that One Infinite Creator wanting to understand duality in every possible way.

So us coming . . . And as we go through these consciousness evolutions, we go to fourth, fifth, sixth density, seventh density, and then we return to the One Infinite Creator bringing all of that experience back with us.

And that’s what the Ascension Process is all about: is to return to the One after going through the learning process of being these egos, this illusion of separation from the One.

So, when we are forced to judge our self, who better to do the judging?

Tyler: Yeah.

Aaron: Yeah.

Tyler: And I think anybody who’s listening to this, who’s tuning into this right now, understands that – already understands that – on some level because an awakening for me has been me judging myself every day and it’s just been a path of self-discovery, finding out who I am, because, like, the first 30 years of my life, I had no clue.

Corey: Well, few are willing to do that, though.

I have met so many guru types that a lot of people look up to, I’ve met people that, I mean, just so many people who have all of this knowledge to make these wonderful changes but most of them don’t apply it. There’s this . . . I don’t know. There’s this percentage of people that are not able to look inwardly and able to make the changes as brilliant, you know, as they may be and knowing all the answers.

Tyler: And a lot of that isn’t everybody’s individual . . . It’s not their fault because of the system and the distractions and the programming.

You can be smart and knowledgeable . . . and have a lot of knowledge in a certain area, like what we’re talking about, but as soon as you go back to work, you have a 3D job, that consumes your mind now. You’re thinking about work. You’re thinking about: “I have to pick up my kids from school.” – all this stuff.

And then you get sucked back in and you forget about all this amazing stuff you just learned. And that’s part of the trap.

Corey: Yeah. I agree.

Tyler: Yeah. So that’s part of it.

I just want to shift gears here a little bit before we start wrapping up.


I know at ECETI you had some briefings about Q and Flynn, Flynn being allowed back into the briefings or the meetings for the first time since Trump’s inauguration. Has any more information surfaced about that as far as General Flynn specifically?

Corey: No, but ironically, I was very disappointed my Internet was down, and I was out of communicado and missed a major briefing yesterday by people connected to Flynn’s network.

Tyler: Oh, man.

Corey: I missed a pretty big meeting. I heard they were excited .

Hopefully, I’ll get some – at least a bit – of what I missed.

It’s going to be my first really good briefing after coming back from Brazil.

Tyler: Oh, Okay. We’ll call them up now and just do it live. Ha, ha. We’ll get the briefing.

And as far as . . . I know you had some information about Q, and you had mentioned there potentially being 17 members of the actual team itself.

Corey: Yeah, I said that what I heard is originally President Trump was approached to run for president by, I believe, three generals and an admiral that told him, “Listen. This stuff is as bad as you’ve heard. If you don’t run, we’re going to do something drastic.” And he agreed.

And those same military people that I mentioned, and, you know, a total of 17 people created what the was the program that would be Q.

Those people operate in their cell bubble and they report information to the Alliance, which I get briefings from. And they trickle out information – sometimes related; sometimes unrelated – through QAnon because that information is to inform the public in a way that makes them want to dig and find the information themselves, because they know when you do that you own it. No one can tell you it’s no real.

Tyler: Yeah.

Corey: But also they use it to deliver information to operatives in the field in weird code sort of ways.

So it has a multi-tiered purpose.

Tyler: Yeah, yeah. I know some of those drops are not meant for the public. There’s just no way . . . I’m, like, clearly this is some type of comms going on.

Corey: Yeah.

Tyler: And what’s funny is the people that break it down and come up with all these theories on what it means when it might actually just be a specific code or something for a team somewhere waiting for their . . .

Corey: But you see how effective it is? You have your QAnon people that are saying, “Wow, there’s definitely a code there.” And they spend all this time and all their resources trying to figure out what that code might be.

Well, so does the enemy of the Alliance. Whenever something cryptic like that comes out . . . Sometimes they put out just cryptic nonsense just because they know that some team is going to have to spend hours and hours in a lab going through it, using their time and resources on that type of information.

This stiff goes so deep. There’s so many counter intelligence type of things going on.

Aaron: It’s like psychological warfare as much as it is . . .

Corey: Absolutely,

Aaron: . . . physical war. Yeah. Yeah.

Tyler: Well, that’s why all these dates that Q has delivered in the past, some of them are just probably just purely to throw off the enemy.

Aaron: I’m sure. Yeah.

Tyler: It forces them to prepare for this date. Even though there might not be anything coming, they have to put their energy into being ready.

Corey: And it might be, you know . . . A date might be up, but there might be a code that says, “Okay, there’s a secondary code. If a date pops up, if you take the second digit in each one and take it and put it into this pin device . . . juzzt . . . and it unlocks a code.

A date could just be a way to disguise putting some numbers out for a code.

People out there in the QAnon world, they really don’t know how counterintelligence works and they start looking for demons under doilies and all sorts of big grand things when a lot of times it’s a very simple explanation.

Tyler: Yeah. I know a lot of people get upset about that. They get these expectations based on people’s research and their theories. It’s dangerous sometimes. It’s not helping.

Corey: It is dangerous, but disinformation and these types of things are also helpful to the Alliance. Because like I said, for every QAnon person that is trying to unlock these things, there are Deep State . . . at least one Deep State operative.

And the more of those people that are locked up chasing ghosts, you know, the fewer resources they have to make life difficult for the Alliance.


Tyler: Yeah. Is there any information on the amount of people leaving the Deep State or the Cabal and joining the Alliance right now? I mean, they have to have people acting as double agents on some level, or something has to be going on. It’s not just all black and white.

Corey: Well, actually, yeah, that’s one of the biggest problems that happened last year. I mean, I even had some issues with some of the people myself. There were a lot of compromised people, or double agents, that were coming into the Alliance that were causing some serious problems.

And that’s one of the major reasons that briefings shut down last year to a wide degree.

They used to . . . they would have bridge calls to where someone important would call in to a certain bridge number and put it on their speaker phone, and then on their cell phone, allow one person or a couple people to kind of listen in when they’re not supposed to.

Often I had had briefings like that, I hate to say. But those bridge calls were shut down.

And that’s when a lot of . . . oh, last year there’s been so much disinformation coming out. I mean, I’ve tripped over some myself.

You know, you have these generals, admirals, colonels and . . . people that are used to, you know, getting major briefings, having all the intel. They’re used to having all of the people around them coming to them for the information. It’s kind of an ego kind of thing as well.

When all that information cuts off, well, a lot of these people will sit around and just kind of, you know, . . . there’s a little bit of information coming out here and there and then they’ll speculate. And then the information is delivered as though it’s a briefing instead of a speculative-type of briefing.

Tyler: Yeah.

Corey: So a lot that happened in the last year. It caused a lot of disinformation. A lot of people lost trust with their sources because of it, which caused a lot of damage.

But the infiltration into the Alliance was pretty significant and caused quite a bit of damage. But a major purge has been going on.


Tyler: That’s great. That’s great. So this intel that you had about the time travel . . . like, the ETs being all time traveling – us, time traveling – from the future. ETs are just us from the future.

Do you think that narrative is still going to play out on any level? Or was that just also part of the disinfo?

Corey: I’m told that that’s going to be a very big part of the Disclosure that they give that we’re going to see more and more scientific articles coming out talking about time travel, which we’ve actually seen.

Tyler: Yeah. I did.

Corey: So they’re going to start trying to . . . you know. Because most people . . . We’ve just now understand, you know, the vast distances of space and how some celestial mechanics work, you know, as a consciousness.

Very few understand how time works. So they’re trying to kind of get the consciousness kind of prepped for a lot of time travel sort of things.

And what they’re really going to say is that since 1950, we’ve been working with a U.S. military group in the future. They say we have to keep it secret until we get closer to the year that they exist, and then it’s just common knowledge. Then we talk about it.

So all these years that we’re living in now leading up to this . . . 20 . . . let’s just say 2027. That’s not a real date I’ve heard. But let’s say that that’s where all of the headquarters for the people I even worked for say that they’re in the future, because we’re all pulled out of space-time.

Eventually, as we get closer to 2027, they’re going to have to release more and more information to get us ready, you know, because the time has caught up to where it’s no longer people from the future. It’s now people from the present.

So that’s . . . What I’m told that they are briefing a lot of military and even presidential people on is to explain to them, “Yeah, they’re . . . The UFOs that we’re seeing are mostly our craft in the future causing a temporal butterfly effect, a temporal anomaly, and sometimes things happen and they pop through into our time period and crash, and we just have to secure that and get the wreckage and technology away and hide it from the public because we can’t contaminate the timeline.

It’s this big kabuki kind of dance that I’m told has been going on.


Tyler: Yeah, that’s unfortunate if, like, Trump . . . if that is the briefings that Trump has been getting or whoever.

Corey: Well, Trump gets meetings from a lot of different perspectives. I mean, that may be a briefing that he got, but he’s also had people come in and brief him about ETs and aliens and that sort of thing.

He’s gotten different types of briefings about our Secret Space Program that he really wasn’t supposed to get, but they weren’t going to give it to him. So different people leaked it to him or gave it to him.

So he gets information in a multitude of ways. He’s not going to form an opinion just from that one briefing.



Tyler: That’s great news, actually, because I wondered how that would work.

Yeah, I’m very curious to see what happens after this election.

By the way, do you think that they were using Voice-of-God technology on Biden last night?

Corey: I don’t know. I don’t know. They have very good microphones that they can inject into your ear, right here. It’s kind of like a tiny little implant into your ear.

Tyler: That’s what I heard.

Aaron: I wonder why, then, because they . . . there’s a video that shows that he had a wire that popped out of his jacket. And then there was also a device popping out of his sleeve.

Corey: Yeah, it was a mic, but I don’t know why he would need . . .

Tyler: Yeah, why would he need that if he had . . . but, maybe they just did that as a backup or something.

Tyler: Or that was just a total decoy.

Aaron: That was a decoy.

Tyler: A decoy device, and they were, like, “Oh, no, this . . .” They’re going to come out and prove this was what it was and then really . . .

Aaron: Yeah, it could be.

Tyler: Because I read an article that said that he was working through . . . potentially working through a chip that might have been enhancing this Voice-of-God type of technology.

Corey: It’s kind of like Bluetooth.

Tyler: Okay.

Corey: Like hooked to device in his pocket, and this little size of a grain of rice speaker go right inside the skin of the ear, this little flap over here. [Corey points to his left ear lobe.]


Tyler: Yeah. And . . .

Aaron: Also, I’m pretty sure it was a clone.

Tyler: Yeah. I was going to say. What are your thoughts on the potential, like, the reality of clones being used right now for these . . . like, Kamala Harris and Biden and stuff like that?

Corey: Well, clones are widely used and they have been for a while.

The only drawback is that if you clone someone . . . came in the middle of the night, like, took your genetic material and went off and created five of you to then . . . they would train to do different tasks.

Well, if something happened and one of your clones died in a spacecraft explosion. Another one was killed by some sort of . . . a bunch of carnivorous insects on a planet. And all of these traumatic things occurred to your clones, that feeds back through consciousness to the actual person and they start having all of this crazy PTSD [post-traumatic stress syndrome]. They get suicidal. They have all sorts of issues.

That was happening for people who . . . like if you happened to be a star, and somebody wants to do something crazy to you and they’re in these programs, they could have a clone of that person that they do all the horrible things they want to do to and then just dispose of the clone.

Well, that energetic trauma feeds back through to this . . . the person that’s not the clone.

They ran into a lot of issues. It took them a while to figure it out because they stopped using a lot of 20-and-Back people pulled in as much, mostly from the military. They still did.

But they started cloning people and using them in warfare and for certain things, and the clones began having psychological issues.

Tyler: Wow! I actually wasn’t aware of that. I’ve done a lot of research on clones, but I didn’t realize that anything happening to the clones affects the original person.

Corey: To a small degree it feeds back, but it builds up and if you have multiple clones going through all these different things, it can cause some major psychological issues.


Tyler: One last question and then we’ll wrap this up. Do you think . . . Are 20-and-Backs still taking place? Is this still a current program?

Corey: Yes. Yes. Each star system has its own planet. They call it, like, a kronos planet that sets this “clock” in their planetary system. Ours happens to be Saturn.

Saturn has some weird cycle that creates the situation that we can exploit to create 20-and-Backs when you’re creating these different time anomalies to pull people out of and work with them.

We were taught how to do this by the Nordic race.

Tyler: And that’s still going on. So the potential of people participating in 20-and-Backs right now is very high, military people, I guess.

Corey: Yeah, mostly military. They rarely pull people out, like myself, that were not in the military. You had to have a coveted ability for them to do that.

Tyler: Sure. All right. Well, this has been amazing, Corey. Thank you so much. We covered a lot.


Corey: Could I talk about some of my projects?

Aaron: Oh, yeah.

Tyler: I was just going to ask you about that. Yeah. Tell us about it.

Corey: Yeah. For three years, I’ve been working very hard to get the graphic novel out. We ran into a whole host of issues.

But we brought on a writer, Richard Hamilton. He’s written . . . He’s a script writer as well. He’s written some well-known scripts, even for animated series like “How to Train Your Dragon”.

He took the graphic novel, totally rewrote it. We have Steven [Cefalo] and a couple other artists that are hitting it really hard right now. And we’re going to have that out very soon.

The script turned out great. And now the art is getting knocked out.

So we’re super excited about that, finally, coming out.

And then the only . . . The main thing I have going on are my courses that I’m doing. We had . . . At, we had thousands of people take the course, love the course. It did super well.

We have the new course coming out, “The Blue Avians and The Law of One”, where I’m going to talk about the Blue Avians and how they relate to “The Law of One” and how that . . . what that information was meant for us as a species.

If people want to check that out, they can go to and that’s where you can find both courses there really.

Tyler: is . . . So is that actually active or is that still in process?

Corey: No, it’s active. It’s active. It’s going to eventually become a streaming platform. We’re talking to a number of people about doing their own shows, but we have cool things coming like high-up people that were in the military that are going to teach us things like survival, teach women, you know, tactics of, you know . . . because “End Time Madness” is getting crazy out there – teaching women how to be more confident about security. A lot of different things like that.

There’s going to be a lot of really cool things at

But on another topic, I’ve been working with Jenny McCarthy. She’s awesome. She is basically . . . If you’ve ever had a conversation with her, she’s one of us. She’s . . .

Aaron: Yeah, I could tell from that interview that she did with you and David.

Tyler: Yeah. I got that impression. She knows what’s going on, definitely.

Corey: Yeah. Yeah. She’s been a really big help to me, and she’s come on as executive producer for a couple docuseries ideas that I have and some other work that I’ve been doing, getting the graphic novel when it’s completed to a major publisher.

She’s made her managers and WME agents available to help me.

She’s been amazing, and things are looking really good for us to get a series out that is basically going to allow me to reproduce all of my testimony that I’ve given in the past, most of which is not available now.

But it’s going to give us an ability to deliver it to a much larger audience and a much larger platform, which, in turn, is going to bring more eyes to the community as people wake up and hear the information, and more people will come and watch your show and other people’s information.

Tyler: Yeah, and then they’re really going to shit whenever they discover all this information two years from now and then they’re like, “Oh, my God, he’s been talking about this since 2014, 2015.”

Corey: Yeah. Yeah, I think a lot of people are going to have a problem explaining how all of this information that I’ve brought forward has come to be.

A lot of it has already. A lot of it.

Aaron: Yeah.

Tyler: I mean, and that’s where all of us come in. Everybody who’s out doing something in this community for this movement for these people that are going to be discovering this stuff down the line, they’re going to be turning to people like us for questions, you know.

Corey: Undoubtedly. Yeah. It’s more of this . . . I mean, we’re delivering, you know, other movie ideas and stuff that are basically a metaphysical matrix that is information that you can get out.

I mean, the information about my life story, I mean, it’s fascinating, you know, from a cinematic point of view and from a content point of view for like a docuseries or something.

And people may watch it as entertainment but that information is getting out to them.

I’ve been really pushed and led to start using media as a way to get this information out to have an effect on the mass consciousness.  Because preaching to the choir like many of us do, you know, small networks or little groups, you know, it’s great work, but we’re just preaching to the choir. It’s not getting out there.

So it’s great because I’m going to be having my little “preach to the choir” too. I’m not going to be a hypocrite, you know. I’m going to have that going, but also finding ways to get the information out onto big networks and seeding the consciousness that way.

It also brings new people in for all of our work.

Tyler: Yeah. And I think that we do . . . The echo chamber is a real thing and it’s happening all over the place, but we can’t discredit that and discount that because people are drawn to that. People are guided to that and it’s growing. It’s growing. Even if it’s an individual one-person at a time.

Even though it is preaching to the choir, the choir is getting bigger and is growing.

Corey: Yeah. Yeah, we definitely need to grow the choir.

Tyler: Yeah. Well, Corey, this has been amazing. We covered so much that . . . The new information was fascinating – all of it was, actually. It’s been so long since I’ve heard you talk about even the stuff about the Moon and all that stuff.

So, I think a lot of people will enjoy this, and I just want to thank you again. for coming on.

Corey: Yeah, you’re welcome. And I appreciate you guys having me on, and I’m glad you’re going to be breaking some of this new insider information.

Tyler: Yeah, yeah, we’re definitely excited.

Aaron: We’re honored. Thank you.

Corey: Actually, I’m going to do an interview with one of the people that is helping disseminate the information that introduced me to this insider. I’m going to do an interview with him on my channel, and I will put you guys in contact with him as well because it will be an equally fascinating interview as to what we just had today.

Aaron: Oh, wow!

Tyler: Yeah! Yeah! That would be great.

Aaron: That’s amazing.

Tyler: It’s exciting. I appreciate it.

Corey: And I thank you for having me on and helping me break this info.

Tyler: Well, I appreciate that.

Aaron: So much.

Tyler: We’ll definitely stay in contact.

All right. Well, I guess we’ll wrap this up. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thanks for watching. Thanks for all the support, the donations. It means everything. We couldn’t do it without you guys, and you know that. We just want to show Corey some gratitude, again, for putting himself out there and . . .

We’re all under attack right now, so it’s not easy. It’s not easy even being alive right now trying to do this work. So, thank you for your support. It means everything.

And we’ll see you next week. Have a great night.



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