DAVID WILCOCK – Time Travel Secrets Revealed… And Why It Matters Today!”


 PART 1 – Excerpts from “David Wilcock: Time Travel Secrets Revealed… And Why It Matters Today!”

Streamed live on September 17, 2020


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Time travel is becoming a very big deal. It’s becoming a very exciting situation for all of us.

Now, you know that I’ve always been a big proponent of Disclosure, and I’ve always been a big proponent of planetary freedom, planetary liberation.

We are dealing with a rapacious, globalist, elite cult that has been controlling our planet for far too long. They do not have our best interests in mind. And right now, we have a worldwide – our first worldwide – easy to understand, easy to solve, mystery. And this has been a very upsetting sequence of events.

I did not expect that it would take this long.

We did get briefings that there were going to be mass arrests happening a lot earlier, and that when those arrests were conducted that there would be a three-day shutdown. This is: “Oh, he’s talking about it! He’s talking about it!” Okay, yeah.

We’ve had a lot of stuff about this online. So let’s just calm down and relax and understand what’s going on here.

Apparently, the briefings we’ve gotten are that those high-level individuals WERE arrested at that time, temporarily, and that it turns out they had incredible blackmail on the people who had conducted the arrests at that time. And due to a number of incredible problems and reasons why it had to go down that way, they had to release them.

What I did not see at the time is how long this situation was going to drag on.

I’m a positive person. I wanted to believe that this would all go over pretty fast, and we wouldn’t be dealing with anything that intense.

But instead, it has been months and months and months of masks and long lines at the grocery store.

Now we have apocalyptic fires going on all over the West Coast and millions and millions and millions of people protesting all over the world. That’s a whole other show I don’t have to do.

But the fact is: we are in a very upsetting situation. Of course, you know that. I know that.

And I’m not only a reporter about the Ascension, but I’m also a participant.

As a participant in the Ascension, I don’t always want to be public.

First of all, we were already planning to do an online live conference right as this thing was starting. We had it planned for a year. We had already worked out what we were going to talk about, all that stuff, and literally right as this whole shutdown started, that was when we wanted to go live and start our live program.

As you will remember, and you can go back to it on this channel, www.youtube.com/DavidWilcock333, I did a series of long videos. Now, I deliberately made sure not to eat before THIS show so that five hours is not going to happen because I will be starving by then. (5:50)

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The situation we are having right now . . . I mean the particulars are very strange, yes, but the overall idea of economic failure, apparent social collapse, social breakdown, was something I was talking about all the way back in 2009.

And another very pertinent part of this subject is the fact that Disclosure is actually happening now, and I’m going to show you some of that. The official Disclosure has begun.

And it’s even gotten to the point now where they’re not just showing us alleged films, which nobody really disputes the validity thereof of the 2004 USS Nimitz incident in which the UFO known as the Tic Tack was seen flying nearby the USS Nimitz which is the most advanced, surveillance-capable, craft on Earth – at least out there in the open.

They have all the best telemetry, satellite-guided imagery, all kinds of really advanced stuff that’s classified.

If there’s ever anything that’s going to be the ultimate surveillance tool, it would be the USS Nimitz.

And so in 2004, this . . . actually a series of UFOs went by. (8:09)

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We were talking about the USS Nimitz and the fact that there was a New York Times article called “Glowing Auras and Black Money: the Pentagon’s Secret Program”.

So this program has been called “The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” or AATIP.

Apparently, this Pentagon division was made to study the UFO phenomenon with seriousness.

Recently, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but they’ve really, really escalated the rhetoric. They got a lot more stuff going on, and things are really, really heating up.

So we’ve got some very intense new developments where they have officially announced multiple crash retrieval events have taken place. We have recovered crashed UFOs.

That is so unbelievable that we’re finally at that point . . . we’re finally at that point where we got the announcement, big announcement.

And yet, isn’t it interesting that nobody really seems to be caring about this. Nobody really seems to be that exciting about it, because I think, honestly, we’ve moved beyond it.

Everybody, to one degree or another, is aware that UFOs are real. (11:00)

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Here we are talking about the USS Nimitz incident in 2004, and how this is all unfolding as Disclosure is now becoming something that is out there in the public eye.


I wish that I was happier about the world during Disclosure. I wish that there was more to be positive about right now, but it has been very difficult.


Blood-red skies over Portland. No visibility of the Sun over Los Angeles. Wildfires that are raging out of control.

And if you’ve studied the “magic letter” [Q], we’ll just leave it at that, I would highly recommend continuing to read that. It appears that the most functional site for it right now would be http://qanon.pub.

The other one, http://qmap.pub is not functioning at this time, or it’s always going down. That’s the one that actually has the headings on the top.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on, and all of a sudden, the media is way out of control – just an inundation of articles about this [the QAnon phenomenon], painting it in a very bad way.

And yet, it doesn’t really seem to working.

A certain number of people are falling for that, and, yes, I would also acknowledge that there are people who have read these things and have studied these things who have done unpleasant, unfortunate and very nasty stuff. So it’s not clean.

This is not a clean situation.

This whole process of our planetary awakening is EXTREMELY messy.

And, let me also point out that where I’m at right now is a very, very vulnerable position.

Why do I say that? I say that because the position that I find myself in today is a position in which, with no forewarning and no opportunity for appeals or any of that kind of stuff, my channel could just disappear.

I’m actually treading very close to the line even by what I’ve already said.

Another David, who’s probably the only one out there that has a comparable kind of size of following to me, and a David whose last name starts with “I”, he got completely de-platformed, you guys.

He lost everything. And they do it all at once – just like what they did with Alex [Jones]. It all happens at once.

Do I agree with Alex? No. Does he say a lot of crazy stuff? Yes. Okay. Has he attacked me? Yes. But I’m not going to say bad things about him.

All I am going to say is that THIS IS CRAZY what’s going on.

And so there has never been a greater risk. You see that I have 432,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s pretty unusual. That’s pretty rare. And so that makes me an enormous target if I say anything that could create the grounds for this to just be [David snaps his fingers] instantly taken away.

There’s not going to be an opportunity for me to ever use this particular platform that I’m using again – and there’s really nothing else like it – without spending a lot more money. And then you don’t get the exposure and it’s a lot more difficult.

So this is a war and it’s a very serious war, and only the information that is “authorized” is being permitted to be aired.

No, this is all being discussed under the quise of “protecting you”. I think you’re cool enough to be able to handle the truth. I think you’re cool enough to be able to decide for yourself what you want to think. Anyway, let me get off of that soapbox because I’ve probably already said too much.

I’ve had to, basically, tactically look at the idea that any broadcast that I do could be the very last one.

So for that reason, I’ve been holding my cards and waiting until it was the right time.

We’re also going through enormous psychological and spiritual healing. This is something that we all should be doing.

I believe the main appropriate response for the time in history that we’re in right now is prayer and meditation, humility, service-to-others, because we have a culture that has become infected with trolling. And it’s being modeled for us by the press on the national, international level, but especially here in the U.S.

I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s highly, highly bizarre.

I do believe that all the things that we’ve heard are true – that there’s going to be a disputed election, that the dispute will last for months, and the “magic letter” [Q] has said that there are 80 million, they just did this the other day, 80 million of these pieces of paper that could be put in the mail that aren’t real – 80 million. Apparently, they have that intel.

Do I believe that it’s just going to end on the election day? Absolutely not. It would be a miracle, literally divine intervention, if it ends that soon.

The other problem that we have is that there are very consistent briefings saying that as we head towards this point and afterwards that all of these negative, violent events are going to drastically increase.

I do not support violence. I never have and I never will. I don’t want YOU to get involved in any violence at all. That is not what we do. That is not what we think. That is not our platform here.

And I hope that anyone who is doing these things would really get down on your knees and get real about what is really going on here. Because you might be thinking that you’re doing something good and there is nothing that can be gained from this. (19:18)

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Do I think that if this man [Joe Biden] ever became president that we would get out of lockdown? No. You’re going to stay home forever. And the reason why I say that is that I was briefed by one of my insiders many years ago on this plan that they had called “De-Industrialization”. And I didn’t really know how it was going to happen.

I had heard about the idea that there might be a carbon tax that was placed on every country and that they would have a cap and that they would be forced to de-industrialize, to shut down their factories and to stop people from driving, if their greenhouse gas emissions exceeded their cap.

And then the idea would be that the cap would be so low that nobody would be able to keep up with it. Every country would have to de-industrialize.

And I saw them try to do that, but it didn’t really work.

But now, however the heck we go here, we’re in a situation in which. still, we have this . . . everybody’s got to stay home, businesses are very, very anemic – the economy is incredibly anemic – and for some people, this is coming as a big surprise.

It DOES NOT come as a big surprise to me.

And if you’ve been following my work for any length of time, it shouldn’t be a big surprise for you either.

Why? Because I’ve been out there blowing a trumpet about this stuff for 11 years, at least. And I’m going to show you that today.

Now, the subject is “Time Travel”, and I’m going to get into why that is relevant. And it’s all interrelated with this current events.

So what we’re going to unfold throughout the course of this next couple hours, hopefully, it won’t take any longer than that as long as I get to the slides, is a very fascinating narrative where all these threads are going to link together. (28:08)

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2020 is the biggest mass consciousness event of all time. What do I mean by that?

I mean that we are all participating in this together. And when you look at the physics that I’ve written about in my four different books, it’s a consciousness science.

There is an innate understanding that “mind” is the builder of the universe, that everything that we are and everything that is out there, is the stuff of consciousness. There is no “dead” anything.

The universe is alive and biological.

And I have an incredible wealth of scientific evidence for that, but, again, many people have been saying, “Please, David, don’t repeat anything. I want all new information – ALL NEW INFORMATION.”

Okay, that’s fine. We can do that. Not a big deal.

So we’ve got new information for you.

When we have enough people going through the same experience at the same time, the scientific research that’s all over the world – some of it’s coming out of Russia – says that we get these mass consciousness effects.

And what do I mean by that? David, what is a “mass consciousness effect”?

Well, interestingly enough, if you look at the work of Dr. Dean Radin, he had a particular . . . There’s a lot of things that he has done that are amazing. One of them is that he had a study where they had random number generators. And this is a computer chip that is generating seemingly random numbers, but the randomness of the numbers that are generated – this is very important, okay – the randomness of the numbers that are generated depends upon the flow of electrons in the chip being consistent. There’s no hiccups or fluctuations in the electron flow.

So you have to have a smooth electron flow and then you get truly random numbers.

However, when there is a mass consciousness event, for some seemingly inexplicable reason, the numbers are no longer random. And they can measure how non-random they are on a scale. They graph it.

And guess what? 9/11 . . . Maybe I shouldn’t even have said that. I don’t know. There goes the channel, again. (31:00)

* * * * * *


9/11, as it was leading up to the event, the novelty of the graph, the non-randomness of these computers that were all over the world started to skyrocket.

And as the planes hit the towers it kept going higher and higher and you see that on the graph. (31:30)

* * * * * *


What I found interesting was that the shock effect started before the actual events took place.

The acceleration of the non-randomness of these computer chips began before anything actually happened.

And as the different events took place, the actual catastrophic events that day, it skyrocketed and most interestingly of all, the closer the random number generating computers were to the center of the problem in New York, the more exaggerated the graphs were. And this is indisputable.

So, we have a mass consciousness effect where everybody is experiencing the same thing, right? And then we have these computer chips behaving in very strange ways where they’re not giving us random numbers anymore.

They start doing patterns. They start chunking out the same numbers.

Now, what did I say before about how that could work? I said that randomness is a function of the continuous natural flow of electricity – not being interrupted but just staying consistent.

So the only way that you could get non-randomness from a physics perspective is for there to be perturbations or fluctuations in the flow of electrons through the chip.

Now, these are microperturbations. It’s not enough to collapse the computer most of the time. Sometimes it does.

Certain individuals will have events where they get a very emotional reaction and then their computer shuts down on them. And that is one of these kinds of things.

We have a lot more power in our minds than we realize. This consciousness science is incredibly fast.

And there are so many different examples of it that I’m just focusing on one and drilling in on it to give you an example.

What I believe is going on is that when a lot of people are upset about something of experiencing something the same way, the actual energy around us, the actual electromagnetic flow around us, starts to stick to those thoughts.

It starts to fluctuate and no longer be straight forward.

And this actually makes sense, because it’s really the only logical explanation for how these computers chips could end up doing this: that we, as a human civilization, have some degree of control over the actual flow of electromagnetic energy.

If I said before that the universe is alive and that we’re all living in a conscious universe, right, then what does that mean? That means that our electromagnetic energy is alive. And our electromagnetic energy is a function of consciousness, okay?

So when our consciousness all focuses on one thing, you get these mass effects.

Now, the most exciting example of this, of course, is the so-called “meditation effect”, and to me it’s the most fascinating thing ever – 7,000 people working together. These were transcendental meditations gatherings with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi running it, who was made famous by the Beatles. They went to hang out with him and then they wrote songs out there. That’s what became the “White Album”, which was their top-selling album. While they were in India, they wrote most of those songs.

The infamous Paul McCartney song, “Why don’t we do it in the road”. You read his biography many years from now, he says that was when he saw two monkeys in road . . . and I’ll leave the rest up to you. That was while he was in India.

There were a lot of interesting stuff that happened in India where they got 7,000 people together meditating on what they called “pure consciousness”.

“Pure consciousness” is a science that they were teaching which is how to get to this state of mind where you feel ecstatic unity with the Creation. You feel bliss. You feel peace. And it’s wonderful.


Now, if you get into this uplifting consciousness, which we’re going to do – we’re going to end this today with a meditation, so we’re going to practice this just like we did before . . . When you do this, what they found is that 7,000 people meditating together under one roof altered the free will behavior of people all over the planet.

Now, how did they alter the free will? It altered in a very specific way.

There was 72% fewer acts of crime, acts of violence, acts of war, acts of terrorism. There was a corresponding improvement in economy prosperity. The economy goes up. Violence goes down.

And what does that show us?

That shows us that we, again, have an effect on our environment. There are these mass consciousness effects just like we saw with the random number generator and the event that took place in New York.

Somehow, when 7,000 people under one roof – it doesn’t have to be – but just 7,000 people getting together and meditating on pure consciousness and peace and embodying that, right?

By the way, not everybody was good at it. A lot of people were sitting there . . . I’ve spoken to some people who were in some of these and, you know . . . you may scratch your butt, you get a little itchy, you don’t really know what’s going on, you’re not sure if it’s working, you’re bored, you’re not really meditating very well, but if enough people try, there is this huge, huge improvement on planet Earth.

And I have always said that this is the most important thing we need to know.

So because I am very concerned about the community standards here on this platform, I recommend that we’re doing this all the time.

THIS IS the big thing, folks. This is what it’s all about.

We have a tool in which we can reduce all of these horrible things and alter the free will behavior of human beings for the positive.

In other words, 72% is roughly 75, which is three-quarters – three-quarters of the whole, right?

So three out of four people in the world, who would have committed an act of violence, committed an act of aggression – and this includes domestic violence: what’s going on behind the doors of your house, what’s going on out in the streets, acts of war, acts of crime, burglaries, robberies, shootings, stabbings, other types of murders – all of it, three out of four people that would have done something to hurt other people decided to stay home that day for whatever . . . maybe they were out, but they just didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t hurt anyone.

It’s almost unbelievable to conceptualize how that could even be possible. And yet, the science behind this is absolutely irrefutable.

Multiple studies, 39 studies that I’m aware of published mostly in The Journal of Offender Rehabilitation and they definitively proved after multiple times of doing this, because they repeated it multiple times, that they could rule out weekends – it had nothing to do with whether it was a weekend or during the week; some people will say, “Yeah, yeah, it’s the weekend” – they ruled out weather – it has nothing to do with bad weather making people stay home or good weather making people feel happy.

It had nothing to do with holidays. It worked just as well when there was no holiday as if there was.

Every single other factor that could account for this amazing global effect was eliminated – every single one.

So then that gets to the point of: okay, wow! What do we do with that? Where do we take this information next? And what does it mean for us?

Well, obviously, we’re not always going to be doing global meditations. This is where we really have to get clever about how we look at this.

Global meditations become a target. If you announce one, then certain negative forces will actually try to create events that target that same day to try to off-set the effect.

This is why I don’t do more of these. This is why I don’t telegraph it very much if I’m going to do one of these. Because if you make a big stink about it, and if you get everybody excited – I’ve seen this a few different times – crazy stuff seems to happen.

It’s off-set by the meditation, but it’s still . . . there’s this struggle. There’s this war that starts to happen.

And you might think I’m crazy, but, again, if you’re familiar with my work, this is going to be very comfortable, and you’re going to understand what I’m talking about.

So we have this tool, but, again, it does not require somebody like me or any of a number of others to be able to go out there and do it.

By the way, it also has been done by Lynne McTaggart, who wrote the book “The Field”. It’s also been done by Greg Bierden. Art Bell was doing these, which he called “The Great Experiment”. He got freaked out about how powerful it was.

So it really does appear to be a legitimate thing that has been multiply studied and replicated, but yet we have no tools in our mainstream paradigms to explain how this could be possible.

What I really want to emphasize more than anything is that you don’t need to be in the middle of an orchestrated mass meditation to get this thing to work.

I don’t want you to be stuck into a religious paradigm where you would “go to church on Sunday” or mass meditation and then you just go back to doing your life the way you normally would.

There’s never been a more difficult time in Earth’s history to have a positive attitude, right? It’s never been more difficult to think positively, to be happy, optimistic about the future, to feel safe in your home.

Elizabeth and I a month and a half ago were sitting watching television and we heard gunshots right outside the house. They were about 20 feet away because I saw the muzzle flashes. I saw flashes of light – bright white light – correlated with the sound, okay, on my curtains. And we’re just sitting there going, “WHOA! Okay, I don’t know what to do here, but I think we should just sit still and just stay very calm and peaceful.”

And we heard additional gunshots and it was like the person was driving off. Nobody called the police. Never heard sirens. We never saw flashing red and blue lights.

Nothing happened. And whoever it was was probably drunk and shooting up into the sky. But that’s very unsettling to have that happen around your own house where you actually see the muzzle flashes on the curtain.

Now, I’ve told this story before, but this is incredibly significant.

One of these mass meditation groups took place in Lebanon. And Lebanon was in the middle of a very, very violent and destructive war as the gathering was taking place.

So while these people are there meditating together, knowing the history, knowing that a group of people will reduce crime, fatalities, terrorism by up to 72%, they heard something like what was happening to me but much, much, much worse: machine guns, bombs going off, literally right outside the building that they were all meditating in. And they all had to make a decision at that point.

Do we stay here and do we practice what we preach? Do we apply the science that we believe is true, that we’ve proven is true?

Or do we run like hell and panic and run out the door and hope that we don’t get shot on the way out?

They decided to stay in place, to keep meditating, to stay calm. And so everybody . . . even as the sounds are going on outside and everything like that is happening, they actually just meditated.

Within 20 minutes, all of the noise stopped, all of the violence went away, and it became completely quiet in the building and outside.

People had tears streaming down their faces. People were hugging each other when it was over. It was unbelievable because it there’s ever a way to find out if this really works, it’s in that kind of a situation.

So when I heard the gunshots outside my house, it’s like, okay, I’m going to stay calm. I’m not going to freak out. I’m not going to act crazy, because I might have an effect on this person.


Some of the other things we could talk about include studies from the Institute of HeartMath in which they actually studied the brainwave activity, the heart rate, the respiratory rate, and galvanic skin response – which is the electrical activity on the surface of your skin – in people who lived next door to each other but had never even met.

So they wire them up to these machines and they study their breathing, their heart rate, their brainwave activity and their electrical skin activity.

What did they find? It’s very, very fascinating.

They found that we all synchronize with each other. And, again, this is happening all the time. That is what this science reveals.

Your heart rate is synchronizing with others. Your breathing rate is synchronizing with others. Your brainwave . . . The overall brainwave activity and the type of brainwave activity – obviously not specific details – but the overall character and quality of the brainwave activity was the same.

And then the most interesting thing to me is that they found out very consistently that there’s a big difference between someone who’s in a state of stress and someone who is in a state of peace, happiness, love and meditation.

When you’re in a state of peace, happiness, love and meditation, you get very smooth brainwaves, okay? They’re very smooth and they don’t have a lot of jaggety pieces to them. And that indicates that your mind of quiet. You don’t have a whole lot of thoughts going on.

Whereas, if you’re in an agitated state, if you’re nervous, if you’re upset, if you’re stressed out, you might have a lot of really choppy activity in your brainwaves. And it just . . . sssshhhh . . . does all this stuff.

Over and over and over and over these Institute of HeartMath studies showed that whoever has the greatest coherence “wins”.

In other words, if you start meditating, the person next door to you actually calms down. They synchronize with you. You become the winning card. I’m not going to say the name of the card because that could get my channel taken down too. Special cards have special names. Ha, ha, ha. It’s so ridiculous. This is so ridiculous, the whole thing. (47:45)

* * * * * *


The person with the greatest coherence wins. So this shows that even on an individual level, one person, that if you actually start meditating, if you actually pray, if you actually have a sense of peace and tranquility in your heart, scientifically speaking, you alter the free will of others right next door.

Remember when I talked about that random number generator series of experiments? Well, did you note that one of the other ways that they could make the computer go into very, very, very non-random number generating where they start giving patterns and the same numbers keep coming out, or the pattern of numbers come out, meditation.

If you meditate in the room with the computer, the computer starts doing some really weird stuff.

Why? Because you’re changing the way that electricity flows. You’re changing the way that electricity flows around you in the atmosphere. You’re changing the way it flows in the computer and you’re changing the way it flows in the people next door who don’t know that you’re meditating.


Along these same lines, if you have read my latest book or if you’ve followed what I’m doing, I’ve always talked about the significance to me of a spiritual body of knowledge called “The Law of One”.

Now, the reason is only because it is so chuck-full of innovative and amazing new scientific modalities that I was then able to go out there and verify with research that did not exist at the time the book came through L/L Research in 1981.

L/L Research – L and L stands for “Light Love”, okay – and the original team was three people: Dr. Don Elkins, who was a PhD physicist, Carla Ruekart, who was his companion, and then Jim McCarty, who moved in with them right before this new contact started in 1981.

Now, they had been trying to do spiritual telepathy communication, what they called “tuned trans-telepathy”. You go into a very, very deep trance and you get your mind out of the way. You get your chattering ego out of the way and allow the words to come through you as they do.

This is something that can be taught. It can be studied. It can be practiced.

I’m not doing that right now. I started to scratch the surface of it in our last class . . . actually the one before “Path of Light”. We did “Great Awakening”.

Yeah, I started to talk about that, but I . . . Again, the dream analysis to me is really the most important practice.

Please try to remember your dreams and right them down. And if you do get my new book, you can find out how those dreams analyze into guidance for you.

And if you really are . . . If money is that bad that you can’t even spend $20 on the book, you can actually get the audio version for free by signing up for a one-month trial with Amazon Audible.

And then the book costs 0 dollars and you own it forever. And if you don’t like Audible, you can cancel after one month or any time after that month.

So you literally can score my book for nothing. So nobody has any reason to complain about that.

The dreams are very valuable, but if you really want to go into the high-octane thing, you’ve got to get into this tuned trans-telepathy where you are attempting to bring words through from higher-level beings.

So as this was being done, with “The Law of One” contact, they had a total of about a 120 sessions – I think it was a 126, something like that.

It started in 1981 and ended in 1983.

When I found the books, it was 1996 and the story is in my new book, and it just absolutely blew me away because by that point I had spent three years studying the heck out of the UFO field. I emptied out the 000 section in the local libraries. I read somewhere in the neighborhood of 300~500 books – I don’t really know – but it was around at least 300.

And I would buy any new books as they came out even though I was totally impoverished as a college student. I barely had enough money for food. Thank Good I had the meal plan.

What was I spending my money on? Education for myself. I was getting an education in UFOs.

Now, why did I care so much? I’ve said this many times. You don’t want repeated material, but a couple of you might now know this.

When I was a sophomore in college and I had just gotten myself out of a debilitating substance abuse problem where I was using some alcohol – sometimes binge drinking and sometimes . . . I blacked out, I think, once. I vomited on alcohol several times.

I went to parties where I saw all kinds of crazy, horrible stuff going on. College parties can be really, really gnarly. And I also did take psychedelic drugs.

I didn’t have positive experiences on psychedelics. I always felt tuned into the Earth and the Earth’s consciousness and the idea that something is really, really wrong and we’re not paying attention to it.

I lived through the 1980s in which the threat of nuclear war was omnipresent. We were always not knowing when or if something like that was going to happen.

It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered that they actually did want to do this because they had a gigantic infrastructure built underground with tunnel boring machines, or TBMs, where they created cities.

And it’s not like it’s just an indoor facility. I’m talking about: inside the Earth it’s like bubble-wrap. There’s all these caverns that are 20 to 60 miles wide, and you can live inside these. They have atmosphere. For some, probably, again, consciously divine reason, the divine Creator did this.

They typically have a bioluminescent bacteria that grows on the ceilings of these domes, which actually gives you a low light.

There are civilizations that live in there and over time their eyes adapt to the low-light conditions and they get larger and larger and larger.

So that explains some of the ET phrenologies that we see.

So when you have a facility like this where you have a natural cave underground that actually has light – it also has running water that’s drinkable water and it also has life.

There are typically little white things like you would see down at the bottom of the ocean.

Remember, down in the Mariana Trench they have silicon-based life. It’s not even carbon-based at all – a totally different type of life that grew down there with no light and extraordinary cold.

So apparently these caves are very common and you can go in there and probably all those little guys that are alive in there don’t really do very well, but I don’t think most people care. You know, we’re talking about the military-industrial-complex, which in the past hasn’t necessarily had the best track record.

But what you can do is you can actually terraform it and make it into a city. You can grow grass. You can grow trees. You can bring in birds. You can bring in lizards. You can . . . Well, there are definitely lizards down there, but that’s a whole other discussion. Ha, ha. And they’re BIG! They’re 14-feet tall and they’re nasty and they have sharp teeth. But we’ll get into that some other time.

Anyway, they build cities with buildings and roads and they have cars that don’t emit any pollution because they don’t want to create that down there.

You have big, big ventilation fans that duct out air to the outside.

Sometimes they’ll open the iris a little bit and it’s the same effect as when you blow through a trumpet you get this terrifying, growling noise that has been heard all over the world. People thought it was the “Trumpets of the Apocalypse” or something. No, it’s just when they ventilate out of these underground bases if they don’t open it up all the way, it’s the same as blowing a trumpet. And then these shafts that the air passes through becomes the trumpet funnel and it starts to vibrate and makes very, very disturbing noises.

So you have buildings down there. You have . . . And there’s a whole bunch of people.

Beginning in the 1950s, there was something called “The Brain Drain”. And according to one of the insiders I’m going to be talking about today, Pete Peterson, 85 million people were brought into this world in which they either went underground or off-planet. And they never came back to the surface again. Most of them never came back to the surface.

And they were mandated, by law, to have lots of children.

And if you want to see a dramatization of those kinds of cultures, you look at something like “Divergent”, the movie series. That apparently – whether they did it intentionally or whether it’s, you know, a telepathic download from our mass consciousness, “Divergent” is very similar to how these societies work in which people are assigned different categories. They have different roles depending on what caste they’re put in essentially.

And they’re forced to have children, which “Divergent” doesn’t really go into very much.

So they would be sitting pretty underground.

You know, if you have 200 – there are roughly 250 of these underground facilities – they can flex and hold up to 65,000 people. That’s a lot. So everybody’s got a ticket down there.

The elite, of course, had their tickets to go down there, so they weren’t worried about the seemingly impossible paradox of a nuclear war. They would have been okay.

But if you study the work of astronauts like Dr Edgar Mitchell, if you look at the Michael Hastings 2011 National Press Club event, which, again, is excellent, and also his movie is excellent . . . A lot of people came forward at that time to reveal that they had seen UFOs over nuclear missile installations, power them down, and render them inert.

And then the ship would go away and they’d come back online again.

Just recently, this has been formerly acknowledged to be true, Luis Elizondo, who is now the face of the AATIP, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – there’s the hint . . . Luis Elizondo said, “Okay, yeah, we’ve had these ships come over these nuclear missile installations and power them down and we find it to be ‘very frightening’.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually pretty psyched that there is somebody out there who has the consciousness to stop us from having a nuclear war, because one of the briefings that we got, if you’ve heard me talk about this – I’ve heard this from at least four different insiders – is that after the fall of the Iron Curtain around 1991, thereabouts, there was a mass event in the world where all of the different missiles that we had – “we” as in everybody; it doesn’t matter what country it was – their warheads melted down. And their guidance syDavisstems were so disabled that they were no longer able to fly in a straight line.

They . . . sshzz . . .they just go all around like that.

That appears to be part of why Russia tapped out – and we do talk about that in my first movie “Above Majestic” – along with this Shri Yantra Mandala that appeared in the desert, which I’ve heard some people try to say it was a hoax, but if it was a hoax, it was an incredibly, incredibly good one. And even if that’s true, those people very likely were influenced to make that formation at the time they did so that it would signify this massive change in the world that we didn’t get to know about yet. (1:00:26)






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