THURSDAY’S FULL MOON: WHAT SHAPES YOUR IDENTITY?september 28, 2020 by soulsticespirit



A quintessential hallmark of the autumn season, at 4:05pm on Thursday, Oct 1marks this year’s Harvest Full Moon. The unusual nature of this year’s Harvest Moon is twofold; typically, the Harvest Full Moon waxes in the sign of Aries during the month of September, however this year it waxes in October. Secondly, this Harvest Full Moon is the first of two full moons in the month of October, rendering the second one a blue moon. This two-full moon- month occurs approximately once every three years.

Full moons are magical for many reasons. One of which is that spiritually, the full moon is a time to release old energies that no longer serve us. At the time of, or day of the full moon, it is commonplace to take the time to ponder what beliefs, thoughts and feelings are holding us back from our true life’s purposes. In essence, we do not have just one life’s purpose, we have several. To that end, which of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings are preventing us from living our best life? By taking the time to consider those that fall under this umbrella, followed by intending for them to be released forever from our minds and hearts, we are one step closer to finding the inner peace we crave so deeply.

The Harvest Moon waxes full in the sign of Aries. For those of us sensitive to the lunar influences, we will likely be full of fiery Aries energy for at least the 48 hours surrounding the full moon itself. When the moon is in Aries, we can run head first into new projects, especially physical ones such as painting, redecorating or cleaning house. However Aries is also heavily accident prone so if you do choose to capitalize on the grand physical Aries energy, ensure that you pay close attention to your actions as you could easily end up injured. Too, true to Aries form, we may find that the motivation to begin new projects looms large, however the follow through is rather lacking.

At this time, there is great potential for personal breakthroughs. With the fiery, motivated Aries energy burning a fire under our bottoms, we can summon the mental energy necessary to delve deeply into our consciousness. We will feel inclined to examine our identities; who we think we are, how we see ourselves and how we believe the external world sees us. ( – a look at how you have shaped your identity)  The more closely we examine, compare and contrast who we believe we are, the more we will resonate with a new awareness of our identity. In addition to the aforementioned opportunity for releasing that accompanies every full moon, our full moon in Aries steadily brings about opportunity for personal growth and revelation.

Our relationship with our identity can also be closely examined by the social light of our current Libra sun. With our moon’s placement in fiery Aries, our sun remains in the airy sign of Libra. Due to its social nature, Libra illuminates the aspect of our identity that correlates to how others perceive us and how we perceive how others perceive us. We may, at this time, be reminded that those whom we attract are a reflection of the state at which we are currently in. So that if we are attracting people and situations that are unpleasant, we can self examine once again. We can ask ourselves: what aspects of our consciousness are attracting these unpleasant circumstances? Would we like to alter what we attract? If so, how can we do so? What are the steps necessary to streamline the vibe we put out in order to attract the positivity we deserve? Conversely, should we be attracting people and situations that reinforce joy and positivity, we can ask ourselves the same questions. We can praise ourselves for radiating the love and positivity we attract.

Given the timing of this moon, this Full Harvest Moon is about giving thanks for the blessed abundance that we have been gifted. Whether the abundance is money, food or any other privilege, the time of the harvest is to be grateful. This is a time to acknowledge that our hard work has paid off and that the reward is sweet.

This Harvest Full Moon is all about self-awareness. It is about becoming aware of what to release and acclimating to awareness in a new light. It is about re-evaluating, shifting and up-leveling. This is a time to cast away our previous concepts of our own identities and to be open to understanding that our life experiences do not define us. They are merely experiences that we have lived through, negative or positive. Our identities are not defined by illness, poverty, abusive pasts- our identities are defined by a level of kindness, compassion and empathy toward self and others that is ever-changing, growing and evolving. Every day we have the opportunity to choose who we are by our actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. By choosing kindness toward self and others, we are choosing an identity that is more and more closely in alignment with our Divine purpose on Earth.



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