Kali Yuga – Into the Photon Belt (Atlantis Diamond Codes)


Kali Yuga – Into the Photon Belt (Atlantis Diamond Codes) – New Earth Teachings

Magenta Pixie

Magenta asked the Nine to clarify further, regarding a recent social media post she put out. This resulted in several downloads and further questions from Magenta, with responses from the Nine.

This first video is a two hour presentation containing two transmissions from the Nine and an analysis from Magenta of those responses. These downloads were referred to, by the Nine, as ‘New Earth Teachings’.

The Nine speak about the end of several cycles and the transition into a New Age. They discuss what this means for humanity, most especially in terms of the manifestation wars and psychic battle that is occurring on planet Earth right now.

These Wisdom Codes and New Earth Teachings are delivered for awakened starseeds and truthseekers on the path of discovery and self-realisation. The third dimensional play out is discussed and Magenta presents her readings on the probability fields that are Earth’s potential future manifestations, whilst delivering enlightenment keys for all on an awakening and an ascension path.

Presented by Magenta Pixie: http://www.magentapixie.com


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