The Energy System of the (New) Brain


And it just keeps getting better and better and better. Makes me want to jump ahead a few generations and incarnate there.

Imagine a biological body that no longer needs to breathe air to sustain itself like it does now. Instead, energy is its life sustaining fuel. This is one major reason we are seeing a huge spike in what we would usually consider lung dysfunctions. Be it COPD, asthma and even cancer!

I think about my mom, who had a very rare type of cancer (already long forgot the name type) that is actually a hormone cancer that set up home in her lungs, then eventually throughout most of her organs by the time I got to her.

So the new hormones being released thru (at least her) body embedded in the lungs for change, which of course mutates the cells. It then went to other major organs to do the same. Allowing incredible change (mutation) to get set into the physical DNA template for the (future) baby’s that will naturally be born with the enhanced cells.

If I am repeating any of this information I already shared, please forgive me. Not only is our body changing, of course so is our brain (I was still surprised to hear it lol.)

One of my amazing men (just being a man on my field is amazing enough lol) First, let me share a visual then I can talk about the additions:

Brain structure showing pineal gland.jpg

There is a claw like thingie coming into the field of light at the back of the brain, shown in orange. It open and closes on the energy vein that connects the energy regulator gland at the base of the brain to the pineal gland.

What was shown thru this incredible man was the regulation of energy from the new gland to the pineal gland as this claw looking thing opened and closed, but equally the flow of light from the pineal to the energy regulator.

This pinching off then allowing a regulated flow was done thru the intention of use.

Spirit started to refering to many of these new glands/organs as “ports.” I think to get us out of the bias of what they are and how they may or may not work.

Two ports were shown at the knee (one in each.) Right now we lose a lot of energy thru our ,knees by over using them when running of jogging, ect. These nodules release the energy needed, but also turn to allow energy intake, replenishing what is lost.

I am not sure if I mentioned this last sharing or not, but not only are we bringing on this amazing new energy system, we are also bringing in a magnetic system, which of course, works in partnership with the energy system. Well, the whole body really, but think of the how the heart and lungs are tied together in function, same with these two systems. Those knee thingies are part of the magnetic system.

From what I am currently understanding…

The magnetic system allows us to defy gravity when needed or wanted. What I keep being shown is taking one bounce like step and landing 10 feet forward. Very much like an astronaut. Also accessing the pathways to other places, or realms for travel. Imagine going to the Pleiades in nano second.

This is a huge reason we will no longer be dependent on air but energy itself to sustain our life. Equally, our skin will be very very different, super beautiful even. So luminescent.

Well, my day is starting so I need to close for now. Always leaving so much unshared and I am sorry about that.

If I ever have a (non forced) day off, I will get all this inforamtion into an ongoing blog on wordpress, completely dedicated to the new body.

Equally, the Ascneded Masters speical and Body Readings go hand in hand with each other. It only makes sense our world must change in layout, design and use as the body changes. SOOOOO exciting!!

Ohhhhh and there is a huge focus right now on the energy system as we move past the equinox if will change to the magnetic system.

There is another system that sprinkled in, but damn if I can remember!!

I thank you all so freakin much for the faith and trust and tremendous patience you put in me to bring forward as much detail as I can, thru you, each amazing Being of Light to assist the evolution of humanity!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with deep and unyeliding gratitude and love!!

Lisa Gawlas

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