Sophia – Message from One


August 27th, 2020
3:30 AM

It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are things happening now. Changes to your world and beneath all of your radar and out of sight. These things it will help to be aware of.

What happens now and out of sight is a radical transformation Sophia. It is the source of much of the confusion and tension felt by all of you.

People are acting out of character. People are not sleeping. Some are sleeping in abnormal, for them, patterns. You will not experience “usual” conversations or “typical” interactions because everything around you is not usual or typical.

Your world changes.
It is not the same within.
It is not the same on the surface.
The winds and weather respond.
The earth itself shifts and moves to adjust.
Everything is altered within your bodies as well.

You will feel this as rhythm changes and sense this as tension. Those among you (who are) most sensitive and unaware are not sleeping. They seek help in the usual ways and the usual ways do not assist. This is a very unusual response to a once in a lifetime occurrence. Everything will have to adjust, including the way you respond.

I’d like to discuss ways of responding as these changes continue for quite some time and your needs for sleep and optimal health do, as well. This will not subside quickly. It will change and it will help you to adapt to the changes.

Listen to what your body says to you. As you lie there without sleep, ask it. Then listen. Focus on your internal organs, specifically your heart, your brain, your stomach. Give them voice.

You have access now, and the ability to connect to your self in the way you’ve most often connected to the world and people within and on it. Listen. Your body speaks. All parts of you speak. It knows how to answer for it too requires nourishment, peace and maintenance.

What you will find as you do is a quick response and then, with a bit of practice, a deeper answer. You will need to listen.

For as you watch your external world erupt and swirl with storms and physical changes, these things also happen for you. You do not see these things – you feel them.

As your Ascension moves forward, you do as well, and this is all of you that does so. All of you that moves. All of you that changes.

You require changes in nourishment and habit so that the journey for your body is optimal. These may show up as a myriad of new, and unusual for you, desires and practices. Each day they may change.

This is not a time to follow habits. This is a time to concern yourself with things that invoke calm and provide assistance in your days.

These things (listed below) may change:
Your need for water.
Your need for food, or desire for food.
Your desire for solitude.
Your awareness of the animals.
Your awareness of the trees and vegetation.
Your voice may deepen a bit or change subtly.
Your hair may change in texture and/or color.
Your feet may change in the way they’ve supported you, and thus your shoes will not feel the same.
Your height may be altered; typically you’ll become taller.
You may lose or gain weight and/or muscle.
Your desire for sex may change.
Your desire for movement may change.
In some, there will be eye color variation.

None of these will depend on age. All of these have to do with this physical Ascension you proceed through.

You will find yourself day-dreaming more often.
You will find yourself away in thought often, from whatever you are involved in. You, at such moments, are visiting yourself completing a similar task in another timeline/life. All of this happens concurrently with your day to day life.

All of these changes happen in some degree to all of you; to every one of you and every day.

You may not notice them all, yet if you keep always the Ascension in your mind as a possible explanation, you’ll begin to pick up on them.

It should ease your anxiety to know that they are normal physical responses to the process you complete. It should ease your anxiety and thus pave the way for easing also the entire process. It is wholistic (spelling intentional) and organic and natural and body changing.

None of these changes will be/are detrimental to your overall health, physique/longevity/appearance. You are changing, yes. Some of you will not appear to be that changed, while others of you will radically alter your bodies.

This is a personal Ascension and your deepest felt picture of your most optimal self is what eventually emerges. It is not overnight. It is not something that can be helped by allopathic medicinal procedures. Doctors are not trained to recognize this. Some of the more attuned ones will see what is going on in so many of their patients, that it will inform them of a global issue.

No one escapes this and every one is in some way altered by this.

What will help you is to remain alert and listening. Your body’s voice has raised its volume and is telling you what is going on as well as what it needs.

These will be different for all of you. Do not be alarmed if you face times of hunger and times of no appetite, times of deep thirst, times of insomnia, times where all that you want to do is sleep.

Give your body what it asks for in these times, and you’ll be happier and feel a sense of calm to whatever degree is possible for you.

You’ll feel sensations, and often – chills, twinges, heat, coldness, excitement, tension, even pain – all of these momentary. Note them as they move through you and nod. This is your Ascension.

The more often you acknowledge the reality of it, the easier the process becomes. Your body understands agreement and will favorably respond.

As you watch the earth shift and move and respond – you do also.

As above, so below.

The process has no choice but to complete itself and it will. It will be a calm new day and you will be a new you walking upon it and into it.

Allow. Listen. Your whole world speaks to you now, dear hue-man. It is a beautiful process.

That is all.

Thank you.*

*Hand-written in the margin of this conversation was “Magic Eraser”. The visual for this process was similar to watching what happens to a very gray/smudged/grime-covered area as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is used over it. If you’ve never used one, they are extremely potent pure white sponges that work with just one stroke. What is left behind is a clean surface that looks brand new. It was like that for the earth and for us. All of the distorting residue is removed now and we are “new”. Sophia

©2011-2020 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved. 
We are the ones. 
We have anchored the light. 
It is done. 


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