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September 7 to 13, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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THE FEELING of being not quite anchored to the Earth plane has been very strong this past week. It began in the days leading up to the Pisces Full Moon, was especially noticeable starting a night or two before, and has been lingering since. It’s as if we are lifting up dimensionally, while a part of our awareness still interacts with physical reality. Depending on our intention, we can get tasks done, or we can simply float aloft in a semi-altered state.

With all the deep changes underway in the physical realms, we might call this “floating” a psychological response to stress, perhaps the result of a deep desire to rise above the chaos in some way. But, in truth, we are becoming less tethered to this reality, or at least to reality as we once defined it. This allows us to be more open to our spiritual awareness, and more in tune with our Soul.

The sense of being somewhat untethered, of transcending the limitations of the physical plane, is a characteristic of the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune. Astrologically, it makes sense that we would have such an experience with last week’s Pisces Full Moon – and yet, we have a Full Moon in Pisces every year around this time, and most people I’ve talked with agree that this year it was especially profound.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT about this year, in astrological terms? In part, at least, we can credit Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. Pluto is the Great Renovator, and is powerfully supported in 2020 by both Saturn and Jupiter. These three, working together in Capricorn, are in the process of dismantling the foundations of our reality that are not sound, that have been undermining our evolutionary progress.

Capricorn rules the frameworks of our third-dimensional reality that provide us with stability, order, and consistency. Social constructs, governments, and businesses are ruled by Capricorn. It’s not hard to see Pluto’s hand in the disassembly process currently underway, especially as more and more rotted foundations are being revealed.

Time is also ruled by Capricorn. Like the other items on the list, time provides us with a sense of order and sequence. But, through the months of lockdown, many of us have begun to lose track of time. Yesterday blends into today, day blends into night, and tomorrow is just a concept held in place by a calendar page.

It is in this condition of timelessness that events like last week’s Pisces Full Moon – and this week’s Sun-Neptune opposition – can have even greater impact. If we have already let go of some of the ropes (time, routine, concrete goals) that tie us to physical reality, we become more open to subtle influences, and our awareness can float between worlds more easily.

There may be method to this madness, after all.

THE PLANET MARS goes retrograde this week. The Warrior Planet is especially strong right now, being in its home sign of Aries. Normally, Mars moves through a sign in about six weeks – but this year, because of going retrograde, it will be in Aries for an incredible six months. Throughout this time, we will see an emphasis on the fiery side of Mars’ nature, with an increase in self-assertiveness, individualism, and impatience. People are likely to react without thinking first, and deep rage can come readily to the surface.

We’ve seen a lot of fiery manifestations since Mars entered Aries on June 27. The planet has left a trail of embers in its wake, sometimes literally. Now, as Mars begins to move backward, we will be going back over the terrain we recently traversed, so that we might pick up the pieces and gain greater clarity about all that has occurred.

MARS will go direct on November 13 (the day after the final Jupiter-Pluto alignment). According to astrological wisdom, we can best use these next two months to consider our plan of action, but not to implement it as yet. If we run into frustrations and roadblocks, it is in indication that our energy is not yet aligned with our higher intentions. Delays that occur give us the opportunity to finish up old business that would otherwise interfere with our ability to manifest our desires.

It will be very important to find ways to vent anger during this time. When a planet goes retrograde, it actually is closer to the Earth than at other times, so we are more susceptible to its influence. Irritations and anger that are suppressed must find outlet in some way – and to avoid lashing out at unsuspecting others or stubbing our toe for the umpteenth time, we will want to be very conscious of how we handle this dynamic energy.

HERE are the planetary influences we’ll be working with over the coming week, day by day:

Yod involving Mercury, Venus, and Ceres: Focus on giving and receiving nurturing. Be aware of tendencies to play either martyr or victim. Learn to ask for what you need, and to listen to what others are truly saying. Ask for clarity, and be clear yourself. Understand when it is healthy to nurture others and when you need to focus on self-care.

Sun trine Jupiter: Optimism, feeling like we can get things done and make progress. Since this aspect taps into Friday’s Sun-Neptune influence, we may feel lightheaded already.
Mars goes retrograde at 3:22 p.m. PDT: See earlier paragraphs.

Mercury opposite Chiron: Some lack of confidence in our ability to verbalize our thoughts, a tendency to second-guess our ideas. Time to support the aspect of ourselves that feels overwhelmed and out of balance with so much going on.

Sun opposite Neptune: A day to go with the flow, to meditate, write inspired poetry, listen to your inner muse. The other-worldly sensation is strong again. Surround yourself with celestial light, call in your guides, keep a dream journal handy.

Mercury quincunx Uranus: Communications and plans disrupted. New insights are possible if we are willing to adjust our perspective and let go of preconceptions.
Jupiter stations direct at 5:40 p.m. PDT: Jupiter has been retrograde since May 14. Over these past four months, we have been called to reevaluate our beliefs and any dogmas by which we have been living. Old judgmental or self-righteous tendencies have been challenged. As Jupiter goes direct, it is time to move forward with a broader vision of what is possible. Jupiter is sextile Neptune when it stations, enhancing opportunities for spiritual and creative visions.

Venus trine Chiron: An opportunity to heal relationships, as hearts open in greater understanding of each other’s personal needs.
Mars opposite Juno: But, angers can also arise in partnerships, if we have a history of putting our own needs on the back burner so that we can maintain a semblance of harmony. This aspect requires that we look at our true motivations and desires, and keep our interactions authentic.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, there is a softening of your need to have it all figured out. You are learning to trust your intuition and the cosmic plan. Along the way, old values are being challenged. As a result, you may find that certain relationships and even your means of earning a living no longer feel quite “right,” and must be altered in some way. As you tune in to your higher knowing, practical solutions make themselves known, and you are supported in making significant advancements. (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, trine Pallas Athene, trine Jupiter, opposite Neptune, trine Pluto)

In Gratitude and Light,


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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Mercury quincunx Ceres
TUE: Venus quincunx Ceres
WED: Sun trine Jupiter, Mars stations retrograde 3:22 p.m. PDT
THU: Mercury opposite Chiron
FRI: Sun opposite Neptune
SAT: Mercury quincunx Uranus, Jupiter stations direct 5:40 p.m. PDT
SUN: Venus trine Chiron, Mars opposite Juno
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