4th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.


4th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

For those who hope for matters on Earth to return to normal as they were it is a forlorn hope, as although some normality will return the fact is that many changes are for good. It will seem chaotic yet as things settle down it will be realised that all that is happening is bringing about necessary changes. Evolution must continue so that advances can be made that will prepare souls for a new paradigm. You just cannot stand still although it must be said that your need to take an evolutionary jump is because you have been deliberately held back by the dark Ones.

Now that you have entered a higher vibration changes are inevitable but all for the good. We have told you previously that the object of the them is to work towards living in small groups that are self-sufficient, and to that end what you may now see as obstacles to that achievement will slowly be overcome. We often mention “free energy” and that is essential if you are to form independent self-supporting groups. It will come and it must do so as it is not so far into the future as you may think. There will be resistance from the large conglomerates but such changes are unavoidable.

It is no good looking back at what was and wishing it had still remained, as progress is inevitable and should be welcomed. Be assured that you are helped once you make the decision to establish yourselves into the New Age. It is your natural path of evolution and our influence will ensure that the right decisions are made. We hasten to add that we do not force changes upon you but there are sometimes major changes necessary to help you head in the right direction. You will inevitably find that there are always souls who have incarnated especially to help you through these special periods of time.

The problem of thousands of migrants turning up at the more stable countries and looking for compassion and help grows, and it is a test of your attitude and sympathy to their plight. Humanity has allowed such great differences between those who are comfortable, as opposed to those who are suppressed and ill-treated. It is no wonder that they seek refuge and help from those who by comparison are “comfortable”, but how are you going to respond. The world as a whole can cope quite easily with the refugees who come to you desperate for human kindness, yet the doors are only wide enough to let a few in and even those are often resented.

We have to ask how you would feel in their position, would you expect and hope for understanding and sympathy, and help for your needs. Realise that it takes real courage to leave your country and the little you had behind, knowing that you had no idea as to what type of reception you would receive. There are many, many dear souls who give of their time to help those in desperate need, but the problem has become so big it needs a more determined approach so as to help those who seek refuge and shelter from abominable conditions. The key word for the New Age is “sympathy” and sometimes it is in short supply, but perhaps on reflection the tragedy that is unfolding will touch the hearts of more people.

Changing our tone to one of great hope for the future we see the younger groups of people becoming more demanding for freedom of choice and free speech, and to their credit prepared to stand up and “fight” for what they believe in. In a Democracy there should be no need to have to resort to such levels to get justice. However, justice will prevail and it will not be too long before “freedom of choice” should be the normal. It is time for leaders that follow a true path to freedom to come to the forefront and they will. You have entered a new era and the old ways will no longer serve the needs of the people. The path to freedom is signposted and those of the necessary awareness will follow it.

Life on Mother Earth will become more pleasant and rewarding for everyone as the Land of Plenty becomes your reality. The changes that shall bring it about are forming and will ensure that it becomes your reality. So we ask you to think positively and project your ideas of the future into the ether and it help it become the window of the future, and we re-iterate that nothing can now stop them manifesting. Thankfully the dark Ones have lost their power to dictate what happens or stop progress towards the New Age.

You are like actors on stage waiting to speak your lines making a “make believe” situation real. In reality nothing is real because it has been brought into being only to create the scenario for you to enact the part you have been given to play. The ultimate aim is real enough and that is to give you an experience that expands your knowledge and helps your evolution. You have all had so many lives on many worlds that in some cases would have been so different to your present one. When each life has ended and a new cycle commenced, a decision will have been made as to what you need from your next life to continue your progress. It is all planned and you knew of it before you commenced another one, when normally the details are temporarily hidden from you. You have gone all through this to get where you are now, and many of you have progressed so far down your path you are ready for completion and Ascension.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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