My friend,

It’s always a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be here at this time, to help elevate the consciousness of the planet with your presence.

The first half of September will serve as a time to turn inwards, to reassess and refine. The second half of September will bring with it a renewed sense of confidence, direction, and enthusiasm.

It has become clear, now more than ever, that a metamorphosis is continuously occurring within every level of existence. This is leading many of us to question everything, in a way that is transforming our inner and outer being at lightning speed, helping us see beyond the veils of illusion.

Have you felt your tolerance lessen for anything not coming from an authentic space?

Has your desire or need to please others, in order to receive their love and approval, diminished even more in recent months?

Are you finding it easier to speak up and say what you really desire to say—to speak your truth, instead of what you think people want to hear?

Are you craving deep and meaningful connections?

Are you noticing that when past traumas, memories, and experiences resurface, that they don’t have the same tug on your emotions they once had?

If any of these resonate, then you are likely experiencing a metamorphosis.

This can feel uncomfortable at times (especially to the mind). You may be feeling as if you’re not your usual self.

Yet know that this is absolutely part of the experience, and that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be on your journey.

As the authentic self continues to expand and thrive, a reality that reflects greater freedom will begin to reveal itself to us all.

A Path to Freedom

These 3 steps can serve as a foundation to expand into greater freedom:

The first step is to become crystal clear about what kind of reality we desire to create.

The first half of September will offer us the space to go within and do that. As soon as we have clarity on what we desire, we can then expand on it by asking for that.

As empaths, many of us tend to shy away from asking for what we authentically want, because we prefer not to “rock the boat” or burden anyone. These are coping mechanisms that lead empaths to settle for less.

If you are an empath, I invite you to contemplate the following:

What if asking for what we desire gives the Universe the opportunity to rise up and actually give it to us?

What if this is what the Universe desires from us—that we simply ask—because that helps it to expand even more?

How does it feel to ask yourself questions like this? Whatever feeling comes up, simply observe and let it be. Just contemplating questions like this helps to open up new neuropathways in the mind that reconnect us with our freest, most authentic selves.

The second step to aligning ourselves with greater freedom is to get clear on what freedom actually is to us, and then intentionally integrate more of that into our day.

What does freedom look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like to you?

Connecting with our free Spirit is a moment that asks us to be more in the heart, and less in the mind.

What are some things that help do this for you? It could be listening to a song that evokes joy in you every time you hear it. It could be sitting under a tree, as you take in the view of a beautiful lake or ocean. It could be the fragrance of a flower that brings back memories of running freely in a field as a child.

Freedom lives in the heart.

When we align with the heart, we become open and available to life’s abundant blessings.

The third step to aligning with greater freedom is to take more risks.

Because of how sensitive empaths can be, taking risks isn’t always our first choice (though for some, that may be due to their particular personality makeup.)

Though it can sometimes seem a bit uncomfortable to take risks, risk-taking actually has the gift of helping us expand beyond old limitations.

A productive way of taking a risk can be to invest in ourselves—our well-being, or our gifts, talents, and contributions to the world. This can manifest through actions that further our health and well-being, spiritual development, or creative ventures.

These 3 steps together can help us expand into greater freedom. They can also help us be more prepared for times of great change.


As we move into mid to late September, the theme of balance will take center stage.

Creating balance can sometimes seem like a foreign concept to the mind. The reason being, that humans have amassed within themselves thousands of years of survival-based patterns acquired from cultural traditions, social structures, and belief systems.

These constructs affect both the conscious and subconscious mind. Many tend to keep us in a state of inner imbalance, which we have come to accept as normal.

We may not even be aware that these constructs are just learned behavior.

For example, since the beginning of our experience on this planet, humans have collectively internalized beliefs that say that in order for us to grow, evolve, and experience our desires, our life must be challenging and hard.

This belief is a coping mechanism the mind uses to remain rooted in patterns of survival, which it uses to protect itself.

The belief that we have to struggle or work hard for what we want has also served as a kind of initiation for the mind, helping it feel more accomplished and satisfied after overcoming outer obstacles.

But these beliefs have nothing to do with who we truly are.

They are just energetic patterns the mind has identified with for eons, so it could learn lessons, grow, and evolve.

We can be grateful to our ancestors, and all aspects of ourselves from past and present, for choosing to believe that things had to be limited or hard in order for us to grow and learn from them.

All of that brought us to where we are now—to a much more enlightened awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

The energetic baton can now be passed from our unconscious self to our Awakened Self. From here, we can see that moving through life and its challenges can be something to embrace rather than resist.

As we move into higher states of consciousness, our Spirit gives us the opportunity to release the need to believe life has to be hard in order for us to grow.

From there, we can begin to achieve a balanced state of being.

Divine Initiation

As we move through the autumn months, through winter, and well into spring, a Divine initiation will occur.

Personally and collectively, we will continue to be called to heal and embrace the egoic aspect of the mind, in a way that alchemizes it from what it perceives as being a wounded and traumatized self, to a whole and Divine self.

The ego-mind has a purpose, and that purpose is to observe and process life through our inner and outer senses.

The thing is, over time, the ego-mind forgot its true purpose.

It decided to identify with survival patterns, which kept it constantly in self-protection mode. So, the ego-mind decided to believe that its purpose was to survive.

But now, we have an expanded understanding available to us.

Who would you be if you no longer operated from self-protection mode?

Can you imagine how freeing it would be to live our lives in a completely open way? Loving and trusting that our Spirit is keeping us safe, 24/7?

Well, this is exactly what is happening!

The ego-mind is realizing that it can no longer survive in the old destructive patterns of control, domination, and fear that it identified with and found comfort in for so long.

It’s important to note that we learned great lessons from these old patterns. But we no longer need to keep recreating them to receive more lessons on that level.

We are now ready to move on.

During this time, as the Divine initiation is helping us move from a fear-based self to our Awakened Self, chaos seems to be everywhere.

This is because the collective ego-mind is having to graduate from always being in resistance mode to being open, flexible, and at peace.

This shift can feel unsettling for the ego-mind, because it prefers what it’s used to.

But when the ego-mind realizes how much it will gain and experience by letting go of the need to identify with control, fear, and separation—it will be inclined to embrace its true purpose of being the conscious and open observer.

Completing Old Agreements

September will also serve as a great time to complete old agreements, so they no longer hold us back in any way.

One of these old collective agreements is the belief that we are just insignificant human beings who exist in a paradigm of difficulty because “that’s just how it is.”

This running mind program is the foundation for why there are so many injustices, imbalances, and hierarchal systems in the world. It’s time to end these agreements, so we can begin new ones far more aligned with the most expanded version of ourselves.

As human beings, we are magnificent and powerful Universal beings.

We are literally the Universe in physical form, with the ability to have this awareness of ourselves!

Over the next several months, we’ll notice that choosing to play “small” will begin to feel impossible. This is our Spirit saying to us, “I can no longer be confined by the belief that I/You are anything less than holy, powerful, and the Universe Itself in physical form.”

Prior to entering the third dimensional experience, many of us signed up to help usher in the great shift that began decades ago.

Through this agreement, many of us took on specific obligations, to ensure that the great shift would come to fruition.

We knew that these agreements were not for the faint of heart. Yet out of love for Earth and her people, we volunteered to take them on, knowing we could handle them.

And we’ve done exactly that.

Now we have reached the expiration date on these old agreements. They are becoming null and void in this new consciousness we have manifested.

We can now experience true freedom if we want it—the freedom to choose everything that aligns us with our most authentic selves.

Difficult conditions and limitations do not have to be “the norm” for us personally or for the collective.

Of course, we are absolutely allowed to believe that they are. Yet we also have the freedom to believe that we have outgrown them, and can move on.

If you’ve felt that there was some type of resistant force at work in your life, even though you were diligently doing your inner spiritual and re-connective work, you now know why.

It was never personal; it was simply an old agreement that needed to run its full course before it could end.

We are living in the times our ancient ancestors talked about thousands of years ago! It’s happening all around us here and now.

As always, know that you are not alone. I am so grateful that we get to share this journey together, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Until next time,

Miraculously Yours,

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