Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



One of the most distinct aspects of the unprecedented energies you are in is you are experiencing two distinct phases of your incarnation. The first phase is being energetically wrapped up and will soon feel very far removed, much like a past life. The next phase is like stepping out into a brand new incarnation.

The beauty of doing this consciously means you get to bring forward all the wisdom and knowledge you had gathered in the first phase and use it to create anew, all based on your latest level of attainment and authenticity. It is profound that you do not need to pass through the veil of forgetfulness and can simply carry on from where you left off.

In many senses, it is like you are in the interlife right now, finishing up your life review and considering what you would like to create and experience moving forward. This is a glorious opportunity for all of you, to pioneer and create from a platform of wisdom and sensitivity, all designed to honour and empower you, your planet, and the collective, as you continue to drive forward the great shift of the ages. Well done, Dear Ones, well done! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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