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Your weekly guide to planetary influences
August 31 to September 6, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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OUR SENSITIVITY is both deepened and heightened this week. If we can rise above personal concerns and are open to the experience, we have the potential for new expansions in self-awareness and in our knowing of our spiritual connections and creative potentials.

Here’s how things unfold astrologically this week, day by day:

Monday, August 31

We may feel more vulnerable and self-protective as August winds to a close. It’s hard to stay objective with two hard aspects in effect. Prevailing over the morning hours, an overly critical Sun-Chiron quincunx can revive old insecurities and trigger anger over not having our needs met. As always with Chiron, solutions lie in going inward, loving and comforting the part of us that feels inadequate or undeserving.

Throughout the day, we will be dealing with a touchy Venus-Eris square that can easily send us into fight-or-flight mode if we take things too personally. (This aspect builds on the tension of a Venus-Pluto opposition that was exact on Sunday, August 30.) With Venus in Cancer, we will benefit from taking our cue from the Crab, which can move off sideways, away from the perceived threat, to gain greater objectivity before returning to address the issue.

Tuesday, September 1

Mercury is trine Pluto today, providing insights into the deeper transformations that are currently underway. Words are extra powerful when Mercury and Pluto interact, so be very conscious of how you articulate your thoughts. With both planets in earth signs, this energy can help us devise practical solutions to knotty problems. This can also be a day when information that has been hidden is revealed, altering our perspective.

The Full Moon, our headline event of the week, reaches its pinnacle at 10:21 p.m. PDT on Tuesday (5:21 a.m. GMT on Wednesday). The lunation perfects when the Moon is at 10°12′ Pisces, exactly opposite the Sun at the same degree of Virgo.

A Pisces Full Moon is designed to expand our spiritual awareness, and to help us connect more consciously with our creative muse. It invites us to spend time in meditation, to open our hearts in compassion and understanding, and to access higher guidance. But, because the Sun is in down-to-earth Virgo, we can also ground our experience and bring it into the “real world,” rather than having it fade like a dream upon awakening.

The Moon partakes of the energies of two fixed stars for this lunation, being situated at the midpoint of Delta Aquarii and Lambda Aquarii. What can we expect with these stars being activated? Here are some insights from The Magic of the Stars, by Roderick Kidston:

Delta Aquarii: “There is a strong spiritual tradition associated with this star, and it is lucky for any truth-seeker, including scholars and mystics. It grants psychic potential and a lot of positive energy when well mobilized. The crucial issue here is how focused your wishes are. If they are too vague or changeable, it will be hard to get the diamond-point clarity which is one of the aims of higher meditation practice.”
Lambda Aquarii: “There is a gift for understanding the currents of life and for moving in swift, supple alignment with whatever direction suits your flow. Be careful of self-absorption, which focuses the nobler instincts of this star inwardly and personally, resulting in a ‘failure to launch’ and giving rise to melancholia.”

Adding to the positive potentials of this Full Moon, the planet Uranus is at 10°33′ Taurus, placing it in very tight aspect with both the Moon (sextile) and the Sun (trine). Although the forces of change are always engaged with Uranus, these are harmonious aspects, which help us to be flexible and to adapt.

And, since Uranus represents Higher Consciousness, its involvement in this already high-vibrational Full Moon is especially exciting. If possible, set aside some time Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to meditate and take advantage of the new openings in the cosmic veil. Be ready to fly!

Wednesday, September 2

There’s a bit of coming down to earth with a thud on Wednesday, as both Venus and the Sun are in hard aspect to Saturn. We may be feeling the burden of current circumstances, and the amount of work that needs to be done. In our relationships, we may feel that we’re not living up to another’s expectations, or may realize that we are not in sync with another person’s values. This aspect is a reality check financially as well, as we come to terms with what is and isn’t possible in our current circumstances.

This is also a day to remain flexible and open to change, qualities that are enhanced by the exact Sun-Uranus trine. But with Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus, some of what we learn, read, or hear today is unsettling. Find ways to release the energy of worry or anxiety, perhaps through breathing deeply or focusing on getting small tasks done.

Thursday, September 3

Today’s practical Mercury-Saturn trine helps us put everything into better perspective. This aspect helps us plan and think clearly and realistically. It also can help us verbalize our intentions and to feel more confident in our ability to achieve our goals.

Friday, September 4

There’s a clash of wills on Friday that does not resolve easily. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are all in hard aspect to Mars. People are easily irritated and defensive, and it appears that everyone is at odds with each other. We’ll need to be careful not to project our inner frustrations onto relationships. The one saving grace is a Mercury-Venus sextile that can help us verbalize our thoughts and feelings, if we can get beyond the Mars adrenalin rush and are willing to be vulnerable.

Saturday & Sunday, September 5 & 6

Two planets change signs over the weekend, creating subtle shifts in the energy field. Mercury enters Libra on Saturday, helping us focus on win-win solutions for the next three weeks (until September 27). The caution of this placement is that we can have trouble making decisions due to Libra’s ability to see the pros and cons of any question.

On Sunday, Venus enters Leo, opening our hearts and helping us be more generous and playful. The shadow side of this transit, which will last until October 2, is a strong need for attention and approval in relationships, and dramatic responses when those needs are not met.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: The coming year may challenge your expectations, but it also opens new doors in your life, if you can be flexible. Try not to be hard on yourself, or too critical if you don’t find immediate solutions. The answers are there, but just in different places than where you may be used to looking. You will be making adjustments financially and in your relationships, and also in your short-term and long-term goals. Call upon the insights of your higher knowing; it is there to support you throughout this time. (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, sesquiquadrate Mars, trine Pallas Athene, sesquiquadrate Saturn, trine Uranus)

In Gratitude and Light,


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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Sun quincunx Chiron, Venus square Eris
TUE: Mercury trine Pluto, Full Moon 10:21 p.m. PDT
WED: Venus opposite Saturn, Sun trine Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus
THU: Mercury trine Saturn
FRI: Venus square Mars, Mercury quincunx Mars, Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sesquiquadrate Mars
SAT: Mercury enters Libra
SUN: Venus enters Leo
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