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August 24 to 30, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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WE’VE BEEN FEELING the uncomfortable effects of a Mars-Saturn square building over the past few days. Symptoms of this aspect range from discouragement to overwhelm and even to fear as we come up against obstacles or resistance, or perhaps dwell too long on the vast divide between where we are and where we want to be, personally or globally. We may be feeling a lack of energy to accomplish certain tasks, especially when we consider how much work there is to do. And, we may feel alone, like we have to do everything by ourselves and for ourselves.
This aspect requires considerable patience, persistence, and internal fortitude. Mars represents the action principle, while Saturn acts as a container or structure that can limit movement. While these two planets are in square aspect (acting contrary to each other), it may feel like “two steps forward, one step back” or even “one step forward, two steps back.”
It may help to remember is that Saturn’s job is ultimately to strengthen us, much as resistance weight training builds muscle. Another primary role Saturn plays, as we realize that we simply don’t have the energy to do it all, is to help us to refine our desires and to consolidate our efforts, so that each action is purposeful rather than a scattershot.
Delays in having our needs met also gives us the time to redefine what we really want. At this time, we will benefit from focusing on the essence of what we desire, rather than on the form we believe will meet our needs. This gives the Cosmos the leeway to work its magic in creating our new reality, unhindered by a more limited view of what is possible.
A MARS-SATURN SQUARE occurs every year, but it is more powerful this year for a couple of reasons. First, Mars and Saturn are both reinforced energetically by being in their “home” signs: Mars is currently in Aries and Saturn is in Capricorn. This makes each planet more adamant about having its core needs met, creating a stronger field of resistance between the two.
Second, both Mars and Saturn will station in September, so they are moving more slowly now as they prepare for their change in direction. Because of this, they will linger within “orb” (effective range) of the square aspect for a week or more, rather than just a day or two.
AS THESE two planets clash, the pressure of being told what we individually can or cannot do can feel oppressive. Frustration levels are heightened, and anger may be closer to the surface if we are feeling helpless or hopeless.
To move through this time, we will be most successful if we focus on taking one step at a time. As we stand at the base of the mountain, we want to put our attention on the path directly ahead of us, rather than looking up at the peak and wondering how in the world we’re ever going to get there.
ADDING another layer of significance to this aspect, there will be three Mars-Saturn squares occurring within the next five months, due to Mars going retrograde. This means we are currently at the first stage of a longer process. While this knowing could add to overwhelm, it’s also reassuring to know that we’re not yet supposed to be on top of the mountain.
What seems insurmountable now will actually become more attainable over the months ahead, as we continue to strengthen our resolve, align more fully with our integrity, and fine tune our intentions. As we travel the trail that leads from here to there, we will become even more capable of creating new forms that will be sustainable for the long term.
We can watch events around each of the three Mars-Saturn squares to see how they relate to and build on each other. Those dates are August 24, September 29 (a powerful pivot point, being the day after Saturn stations direct), and January 13, 2021. It will be especially interesting to see what unfolds with the third square, which will occur after Mars has moved into Taurus and Saturn has entered Aquarius …
AND THAT’S just one of the influences in effect this week! Keeping in mind that the Mars-Saturn square is providing the underlying drumbeat, here are some of the other melodic (or dissonant) themes we’ll be working with:
On Monday: Mercury quincunx Chiron, Mars square Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Eris
Communications are frustrating and troubling. It will be hard to keep voices calm, tempers are short, and misunderstandings easily occur. Conflicts reveal an underlying insecurity and need to blame others.
On Tuesday: Mercury trine Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus opposite Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars
New ideas and insights, but a tendency to overlook important details or to overestimate our abilities. Problems in communications and travel plans. Anxiety and worry can be strong, so remember to breathe and focus on the step directly in front of you.
On Wednesday: Mercury trine Pallas Athene
Inspired insights that lead to practical solutions. A good day to access the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.
On Thursday: Venus trine Neptune
Compassion and caring are strong, a knowing of oneness and connection, a desire to assist those in need. Romantic and creative energy.
On Friday: Pluto square Juno, Sun opposite Ceres, Venus sesquiquadrate Ceres, Sun semisquare Venus
Relationships and partnerships under stress. People feeling very needy. Uncertainty in how to assist others without falling into victim consciousness or going into self-sacrifice. Being pulled in many different directions.
On Saturday: Mercury trine Jupiter
An easing of tension, cautious optimism, better communications and opportunities to find a meeting of the minds.
On Sunday: Venus opposite Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune
Defensiveness and resentments come to the surface, people are very sensitive and likely to want to assign blame. Criticism can deeply wound if we are not careful. If we let go of needing to be in control of the situation, we can better access our intuitive knowing of what to say and when, and also what not to say. A lack of clear vision about next steps provides the motivation to go within.
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: The year ahead provides opportunities for you to reinvent yourself and your work, or other means of being of service in the world. If family members and other loved ones do not agree with your choices, use their perspectives to help you clarify what you truly value. Stressful situations help you see where you have been self-sacrificing, so that you might find a new balance between fulfilling your personal goals and accommodating the needs of others. This is an opportunity to grow in self-esteem as you let go of an attachment to the Virgo need to be “perfect,” and learn to love yourself under all conditions. (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, opposite Ceres, trine Uranus)
In Gratitude and Light,
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.
MON: Mercury quincunx Chiron, Mars square Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Eris
TUE: Mercury trine Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus opposite Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars
WED: Mercury trine Pallas Athene
THU: Venus trine Neptune
FRI: Pluto square Juno, Sun opposite Ceres, Venus sesquiquadrate Ceres, Sun semisquare Venus
SAT: Mercury trine Jupiter
SUN: Venus opposite Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune


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