This might be of interest to you :) — Message from “One” about human history – unknown history – via Sophia Love

Hello! I hope that you are well. I will leave my comments on today’s conversation until the end of it. This way you can read it without an outside voice and get the full impact of it on your own. Please share this edition every place you can!
These conversations with One continue almost nightly. There is a running story of what is going on for us and right now, in 2020. The first half of the dialogue is now the book “Words of One. Volume I”. It is available on Amazon  right here.
It chronicles the conversation through late May of 2020. It is really incredible how rapid these changes occur. May was several months ago yet feels much longer than that in terms of where we are as a race. So much packed in to each day of those months!
The book offers a “behind the media” version of what happens for us and for the planet and this year. There will be a second and possibly other volumes published in the Fall and beyond, as the conversation continues. They’ll be announced here, so you’ll know when they become available.
This is such an incredible time to be alive. I will include a gorgeous Mooji mediation below. Just ten minutes to some much needed peace. Enjoy. I wish you a beautiful journey…
Many blessings and much love to each of you.
With appreciation for all that you are,


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