An overview of global events – New Article by Sandy Stevenson 24.7.2020


An overview of global events

The Divine plan outcome is doing exceedingly well with its purpose to raise consciousness and transmute any denser energy areas of humanity and Earth by breaking down the old structures and establishments; showing people how they can be controlled by fear and lose their liberty; re-establishing true values; growing own vegies, gardening and connecting more to nature; hobbies; walking/exercising; giving time to review life; more time with children; working from home reflecting upon previous; getting to know people/parents and the elderly again; empathy/love/caring; being less reliant on external distractions used to divert attention from examining life; releasing millions of emotions including loss, sadness, anger and frustration; massive cleansing of the environment right across Earth; time to learn new things and research into areas previously unknown; pushing people out of their limited comfort zone; being shown life is not all about technology and that relying on it is not ideal; discovering mass media has its own agenda; to motivating people to protect whistle-blowers; encouraging people to set up alternative truthful media outlets; showing governments the dangers in giving away its assets and control to foreign powers (e.g. Chinese Communist Government); bringing awareness to hidden areas in all fields – including governments, big business, pharmaceutical companies and vaccines, smart technology and 5G, hidden agendas portrayed as being beneficial; and a massive push toward people power to bring about a free and informed society who are able to stand up for their rights. There are many thousands more things happening as part of this major consciousness shift in the evolution of humanity.

Incidentally, the ‘throwaway society’ we have been experiencing for a while where we buy new products instead of repairing or keeping old stuff – and waiting to buy until we have saved!  has been part of the Divine plan. All items currently made or produced on Earth naturally contain the existing light frequency of the planet at the time it’s produced. Consequently, people have been gaining by throwing out the old and buying new. Having that higher light vibrational energy in their clothing, cars, computers, household appliances, etc. has helped increase their own light vibration.

The vibration on Earth now is very high and will continue to get faster and lighter. It is now sufficient to allow the Earth and humanity to continue within the existing high levels of light – so, as a race, we are able to move beyond the ‘throwaway’ part of the plan. This will help people return to values and appreciation, and perhaps discover abilities to use/repair what they have. Incidentally, we know many countries, including Australia – who has a China Trade agreement, receive a massive input of Chinese goods, ranging from tea towels to washing machines. In fact, millions of items previously made in Australia are now imported from China.                             

Owing to its cheap labour force, China has been able to offer very cheap products. As we have seen in the last couple of weeks, relations with China and the UK, Australia, the US and others have been strained – aided by the concern over China’s Huawei 5G technology, and particularly China reneging on its International Legal Agreement with Hong Kong to allow it to be autonomous until 2047 in all areas apart from defence and foreign affairs.

Of course, China’s human rights issues have been present and known in Government circles for a long time but have been avoided by its trade partner countries who do not wish to damage their trade deals. But with the advent of China’s blatant break of its agreement in connection to Hong Kong, people became aware of this and governments have been forced to stand up. This also resulted in the UK offering a permanent place in the UK to all 3 million Hong Kong subjects who may wish to take up that offer, and Australia recently opening its doors to HK residents. Actually that was an act of integrity. Well, yes OK they were forced to do it because the people found out what had happened – but it shows the government responding to people power!

Who knows where this straining of relationship with China will lead but if it ends in a limited supply of imported goods from China, it will mean huge shortages of a wide range of supplies until countries can set up their own manufacturing again. That scenario would fit with the Divine plan in many ways expressed above, such as releasing emotions such as frustration and lack; teaching patience (that’s already happening with lockdown restrictions) helping people shift out of  comfort zones; learning to adapt and to help restore ‘back to basic’ values and appreciation of what we have. 

A perfect Divine plan that allows those people who prefer not to take the opportunity being offered globally to step beyond fear and release old fixed patterns which would raise their consciousness and personal vibration to the levels of the frequencies of light entering Earth – to move on to other 3D systems to continue their learning and growth.

As always, the Divine Plan is perfect. Key events were planned long ago when an incredible and dedicated Light Force took its place upon Earth – a journey that began in Atlantis, now coming to completion, was always focused on bringing love, dedication, truth and evolutionary wisdom to the goal of assisting Earth to full light, allowing her to make the transition to a new world in higher dimensions.

Our role here comes as no surprise to any of us. It is Divine truth, as well as being obvious and logical. We each made a personal vow to hold the light and commit ourselves, heart and soul, to what was required of us. We have held strong, which for many may represents a very long time, of always maintaining our light vibration and not to slip into the reality bands we see played out in a 3rd dimensional learning sphere. Of course, we aren’t infallible! We have all experienced times of agreeing to the chaos and fear of 3D scenarios, getting caught up events that help humanity learn who it really is.

We know thoughts, intent and focus contain great levels of energy. When these are applied to Lightworkers, we see they are greatly magnified. That additional power of thought stems from our own evolution and the Divine plan that gave the Light Force the right to speak on behalf of their soul groups on Earth. Yes, it is quite a responsibility for Lightworkers, to stay centred in love and truth and hold the light. But it is an easily held responsibility, being an inherent part of our evolution, always sitting comfortably and lightly on our shoulders when we stay aligned to the truth of who we are.  

We are the Light Force on Earth. We are spiritual compassion and unconditional love. We are the witness on many dimensions, of the pure perfection of this universe as it hears and answers the calls of the Light Force, who through the power of their thoughts, ask for the alignment of humanity to the deep and profound consciousness of All That Is.

I Am Light,                                                                   

Sandy Stevenson

The Light Force


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