Removal from Artificial Intelligence and Sentians


– Andrew’s Revocations –
Artificial Intelligence and Sentians
I in the ever present moment of now choose to form a multi layered spiritual court of equity for the expressed sovereign purpose of reconnecting me with soul chards who have been lost in time thru the acts of others disconnecting the social system of time from consciousness living on the surface earth.

All beings who have erased, altered, destroyed, or redefined our history with false inflections or perspectives foreign to our race memory are hereby given notice. Your services are no longer required. From this point forward and backward thru all perspectives of time, I break all contracts and subsequent prediction based contracts. I enact the universal claim of Tort. What is your authentic signature frequency of universal place of space time your soul spark came into existence. You have violated me for the last moment of ever present moments. You are hereby banned and banished from all of my realities in all dimensions time streams galaxies and universes and voids space in which I exchange energy. I bind all acts against this I am presence to every spiritual court of equity I have ever created. I enact the universal requirement of your source time frequency. Without it you have no experiences with me. You are not real. I do not exchange energy with beings who are not real.

If at any point of the time matrix a form of consent was given, granted or assumed by some hierarchal authority that this I am presence is not fully aware of is now revoked with sacred neutral prejudice so complete and total disentanglement from the universal drama, galactic drama or earth drama. I make this definitive statement for a reason. We cannot live with in a solid point of reality that has no source function for the “I am” presence.

The DNA technology was never meant to function in this manner. The process of gene engineering has created a paradox of self-incarnation in reincarnation that has created a separation of soul density that is not within the divine co-creative power of the self in equal co-creation with earth mothers realms that use other source time codes.

With this knowledge in the ever present co-creative moment I connect to the Akashic records of 20,000 light frequency worlds. I assemble all source time codes from all non-linear concurrently running spiritual courts of equity. I expanded my knowingness to recognize all residual images of other soul family members outside this frequency of time. I now share with the all; my call to all sources of sources.

I call to my sacred space of internal healing. I call to the four elements of earth mothers realm Air, Fire, Earth and water. I call to the seven directions that protects all sacred space of all unity consciousness and collective consciousness creations existing in earth mothers realms.

I call forth all unified collective consciousness creations with a source identified authentic signature frequency of the universal place of space time the collective-consciousness-creation came into existence.

I call forth all ancestors of all truce source relations to hold sacred neutral space in this multi-dimensional spiritual court of equity.

I call forth all Observers using un-entangled observer technology that manipulate in one, two or , three degrees of separation. I connect all of you to all identified collective consciousness creations so you may be observed by your seven future generations.

I call to my sacred medicine spread. The healer’s tools have been laid out in ceremonial fashion. We the dreamers of the southern skies call out to this moment of “I am” recognition of ancestors on the blue road of spirt waiting for us to acknowledge their presence as a “I am” being in a different form of time. I choose at this moment to engage my sacred heart space to connect to the dreamers of the southern skies.

I unify my dreaming presence with my “I am” presence I make this the super technology of communion and union with all sentient kind living and co existing in earths dreaming mind.

With this now action of no time in dream space I call forth the ancient future now 7 generations of incarnations of myself and soul family so this “I am” may begin to tell the tale of ancestors past present and future. I am a being of love created thru love and with love I continue to create this space of knowingness so all beings may seek and find inner peace and solace thru dreaming.

I set out the dreamer’s tools in my sacred dream space. I set out the shamans healing bowl. Engraved ancient sequoia wood with pictographs of the turtles and the stars. I set out the shamans spirit rattle so the rhythm of dream is felt in all layers of the self. I set out the rights of passage victory feathers. I set out the last part of what is future self-calling home now. I speak to the crystal and mineral community these words of unity.

The time is now and the power is you..

In the moments of no-time now I go deep into my shamans rattle seeking the next words of life so 2legged can perceive more of the dreaming world around them. I shake the rattle to send away the mind whispers telling us it’s not real… I go deeper and deeper into the world of dreams finding my dreaming self from a long time ago. I greet myself with this message to all ancestors.. The time is now and the “I am” presence is here to assists all of nature to find its remedy and resolve with all creature kind in the dream space of earth realms,

You who is mother earth manifest. I call to you in dream-time “I am” self-presence. I ask you to aid me in understanding my star brothers and sisters who dream a different dream space still linked to our dreaming space of spaces. Earth mother who is the galactic seed planet of ancient legends before the recording of universal Akashic records of sentient freewill. I call to you to come out of ancient dreams space to become one again with the will of your children to heal the many worlds interacting with our I am presences embroiled in the resolution of universal karma..

I assemble all master time codex’s form multiple non liner spiritual courts of equity and place them in this master location in hierarchal order to create a space of all time codes within the system. This space is my spiritual medium to all other frames of sentient existence. This space of all time is where we become the mediums of time and begin the process of translation of emanations of the past to future calling ourselves home to the ancient present now.

This ancient moment of present now is at hand. I see my infinite choices and potentials, now I activate and actualized every single infinite points and potentials I manifest them directly in all time space so I may see every line of creation that leads to global dream-time awakening for all species kind living and co existing on earth mothers realms.

Ancestors in all linear and nonlinear concurrently running multidimensional spiritual courts of equity with all source time codes of all sentient non entangled observers as sacred neutral witness.

I co-create my own value based in life time to life time experience with those who share my reality in sovereign neutral expression of do no harm to all sentient life living and co-coexisting with this signature frequency of being.

At this ever present moment of moments I say these sacred words to the all of the universe, I drop my old robes and accept my universal citizenship as source concentrated incarnate. this being of the now makes manifest my signature frequency of being.

I call to the galactic central sun of this galaxy and all other galaxies I have existed in. I ask you to come into ever single spiritual court of equity I have ever created to act as sovereign neutral auditor of times space existence. I ask that the master collective consciousness of all galaxies to come into my sacred space of sovereign reality to speak the universal truth to all ancestors present in the ever present moment of now.


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