Time to Put on Body Armour…

Dear Rainbow Scribe Family!
For me personally, I feel as though the corona virus happened about 20 years ago…my sense of time seems to have speeded up! It is a difficult time for the Lightworkers especially—as the shadow world and beings that kept themselves hidden from our full awareness have now become so much more ‘in our face!’ (Time to reinforce our protection shields to ‘maximum’…)

We have no choice but to accept that it is real! … things like meth labs blowing up and spewing forth a most unpleasant smell and black smoke in our local town…on our way to this town for a haircut appointment and my first time out of the house in nearly a year, I saw the black smoke in the distance…I noticed that the smoke took the form of the tree of life…hearing through the grapevine that our local town and its medical establishment were also being dishonest about the number of deaths from the virus itself…they must also be getting paid big money to lie, like in the U.S. maybe world-wide…

Yesterday, my friend Isabelle who lives in Vancouver told me that she had to wait 45 minutes at her bank in order to deposit some cheques and before that happened, there was a woman who had waited all that time only to be told that the tellers would not accept CASH to deposit in her account…it might be infected by the virus, they claimed…

She cried and yelled for at least 10 minutes…I send her love and support…and feel grateful that I live near a small town only (3 actually within less than an hour’s drive from each other.) My bank makes appointments and conducts business by phone…but there are rules and line ups for on site business….

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The Use of Holy Words or Intentions For Divine Protection
I’ve been saying this sacred mantra which vibrates at a very high frequency level and thought I would share it with you: “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth” which means Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts.

I am the type of person that needs something simple to remember and use but is effective in its outcome and this one never fails me…

It is so strong that no force other than love can remain in the presence of its vibration. The words of the Kodoish are not important, it is the vibration that the sound produces that creates your sacred space.

Because of this, it is much more powerful if you say it aloud rather than simply thinking it to yourself. Repeating the Kodoish three times in succession with intent and focus will ensure that your space is free of all negativity.

I usually follow my own guidance in regards to how many times to say it. I have never been one to follow instructions to the letter…smile…

Either say it aloud or have it playing in the background. I have this CD below which I play at bedtime when I feel called to ask for more protection…(these are certainly the times to consistently practice spiritual hygiene each and every day – morning, noon and before bedtime!) Protect yourself!
When this mantra is chanted it creates resonance between all levels of creation and Source energy. Many miracles have occurred for people who have invoked this protection in many diverse ways.

The gifted musician from Australia, Lia Scallion was guided to compose and produce this music during these changing times and she is offering this beautiful and inspiring music as a free download. Click on the link below.

Thank you for Your Feedback!
The following comments from members of the Rainbow Scribe Family warm and uplift my heart…it makes everything I do and share worthwhile. Thank you so much! Your monetary donations are also very much appreciated! Much love to all!
“Dear Marlene,
I just wanted to send you a huge thank you from my heart for your wonderful work and let you know, that the uplifting, wise messages always uplift and encourage my heart and soul and are a wonderful support on my journey this lifetime!!! Blessings and humble gratitude to you and your spiritual “family”, may you always be protected by the light!
Thank you for existing!” 

Anja Plöger
(from Germany

“Thank-you for your powerful and uplifting work.”  J.B., USA
Greetings from Greece dearest Marlene,
I hope this email finds you well and HAPPY!!! I just want to say that your YouTube video on “Happy People” was amazing…. both in what you say and the beautiful photography.
Thank you and bless you.
With ALL my love and light always,


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