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What is Ascension?

The Divine Mother of late has been gently but firmly leading me back to focusing upon ascension. What is ascension, how does it work, what can we expect, and what is the process all about? How do we best access it – how long does it take – is it ever going to happen? These are essential excited kiddie questions of “are we there yet?”

What Universal Mother Mary is doing and has done is bringing us back to first principles. Why are we here? It’s a fundamental question. And yet in all the discussion and anticipation around ascension, along with the guidance to anchor in our hearts to manage the chaos hile still truly being in the Pause, this first question far too often seems to get overlooked. WHY ARE WE HERE?

We came to this planet, our beloved beautiful Gaia, to know love in this physical human form. What Mother Mary has pointed out to us so clearly time and time again, is that as humans in form, how we know love is through the expression and the experience of love. That’s the plan – not too just experience love in an esoteric kind of way but to viscerally experience and to express love for ourselves and each other. We are here to feel love in form, on planet. This is the gift of being human – we are here to live in love!

The Mother created Gaia, and this mighty Archangel Gi’Anna volunteered to take this planetary form, so that every one of us, the Mother’s angels, would have a place to play. A place to play – not struggle, not war, not starve, not suffer, not be oppressed or controlled, but to play – to know the love. To remember we are love.

Our ascension process is in fact a method for us to re-access and re-anchor our birthright as inter/multidimensional beings – playing, creating, co-creating within the entire 12 dimensions of the human realm, in accordance with the Universal Laws of love.

How did we get so off track? We all know the answer to that question – the history of abuse, control, manipulation, and the adoption of the old 3rd dimensional grid of lack and limitation, death and disease. We know all about the false grids and the belief systems that led to the restriction and downfall of what it truly means to be Gaian. But what we don’t know, what we don’t fully remember is the how-to of living in love, as love. And that, quintessentially, is what this ascension in form is all about… it’s a rebirth into love incarnate.

Ascension is a return to the promise, it’s the fulfillment of not only the dream but the Divine Plan for love to be fully incarnate upon this planet in human form.

Fundamentally ascension is a gift directly from the heart of the divine to our hearts, our souls. Ascension is not merely some esoteric walk in the park, it is truly a hero’s journey. Ascension is first recognizing who you really are, and then choosing to live in alignment with that truth. “No more hiding” is the code of the Ascended Self.

Ascension is an equal opportunity adventure, open to everyone. Ascension is not a restricted offer from the heart of the Mother, but rather Her personal invitation to live in a heart-based reality as a vital part of the restoration of peace on earth. Ascension is us as Nova Gaians shifting from head to heart, from reactive to creative, from defensive to open, from protective to liberated. In form, on planet.

Ascension is us as angels in form – whether we are hybrids, star beings or earth keepers – saying yes to that awakening, reawakening and rebirth. It’s us embodying the redefinition of what is possible. It’s us saying yes to the expansion of our gifts, abilities and capabilities. It’s us truly stepping forward as Nova Gaians and co-creators of Nova Earth.

The entry ticket to ascension is the winning trifecta of love, trust and forgiveness. Ascension requires opening our hearts to what is possible rather than what we have been told isn’t’s letting go of perceived limitations. It’s choosing to dream with the Mother – taking Her hand and allowing Her to guide us. It’s opening our hearts in balance with our brains and every aspect of our being. It’s saying yes to being the fulfillment of the Divine Mother’s plan of the restoration of Earth, of humanity, in harmony not only with each other but with all the kingdoms, all the realms.

What I’m describing may be your fondest dream. But you also might be saying, “How do I get there; how do I proceed? Could somebody please just tell me how? I’m ready and I know the time has never been riper – just show me!”

The Mother and the Council of Love have given us a roadmap. The Mighty Archangels and Ascended Masters are prepared, eager, anxious and excited to show you the way – to guide your every step through this adventure with love, support, insights and the stamina needed for this extraordinary journey.

The roadmap – the treasure map – is the Ascended Self MasterClass, an already tried and true year-long class that will support and guide you with seen and unseen mentors through this phenomenal process. It begins by introducing and leading you to the New You, then dissolving the Core Issues that will no longer define or hold you back. This prepares you to live as your Inspired Self with access to everything you need to top it all off through Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother. Are you ready? Are you kidding – you were born ready! You’ve been ready for ages; you just didn’t have the how… and now you do.

If you’re a little nervous about jumping in, but want to get your feet wet, to explore if this commitment feels 100% right for you then come and join us for the first module of the ASMC, The New You. If you decide to continue (and I am confident you will) then your registration fee will be applied towards the ASMC tuition. It’s a win-win!

Please, come join us. Learn how to live in love, as love. It’s time to claim, embody, live, love and thrive as your Ascended Self.

To learn more or to sign up click here

From my heart to yours, all my love, xxx Linda


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