A Message to Lightworkers – June 26, 2020by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – June 26, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

The eclipse and solstice energies are still present with you—still flowing forward and affecting all of you.

The integrations and adjustments to these higher Lightforms are finding their way into your everyday life and body systems, as well as your etheric, mental, and emotional makeup.

You are many things at once; a number of energy bodies and layers of consciousness, each relating to Earth’s changing environment in its own way.

You live within layers of awareness, layers of Knowing and Understanding, layers of intention and interest.

So that to label yourself under any one identity becomes narrowing, and in many ways, utterly incorrect, as you consider all the various components and elements that are your true inner life.

There is an increasing awareness now that all these elements are inter-related, yet functioning at times as if separate from one another.

Often a person’s soul and consciousness will have been fractured or fragmented over the many centuries you have lived Earth lives, most of them involving one kind of trauma or another. 

The energies now flowing to you, from your soul family, from your Sun Sol via the Great Central Sun, and from your own soul, and all those in the higher realms supporting your Ascension journey, are assisting you in healing that fragmentation, so that you become whole and renewed, and can once again be your full and authentic self.

Most people are unaware that they live under the weight of fragmentation, unaware of the different etheric levels and phenomena that challenge their wholeness, health, and healing.  

This is why it is vital to stay present and aware in the body—which is challenging during these times of higher energy influxes and social upset.

It is vital to engage in practices such as yoga or tai chi, meditation and prayer, or high vibrational music, that raise your vibration steadily and consistently, returning you to your inner core and strengthening you in ways that assist you in healing and resisting energy interferences.

Many are feeling particularly vulnerable in this time of added stresses due to economic uncertainty, health issues, cultural changes, and yes, new beginnings, which however exciting and welcome, can still require a good amount of energy to adjust to.

We ask (because your Spirit teams of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self are asking) that you allow yourselves extra times of rest and quiet, time in Nature, and other practices that build you up inwardly, as you manage the stresses of new scenarios and feelings of uncertainty, and the memories of past traumas that are coming up for so many now.

Most assuredly, we have always encouraged you to rest when needed, to drink plenty of pure water, to spend time in Nature, to meditate on the beauty of your higher guidance, and to seek that guidance from your soul and the higher realms.

And yet these elements, due to the nature of Earth’s current timeline, may all need healing themselves, each in their own way.

This is confusing to many, to learn that not only their consciousness, but even their soul may carry energy imprints from past or current life experiences, and may also be fragmented and injured in some way.

Please know that healing—for the soul, for Earth consciousness, and all aspects of your spirit essence—is within your and humanity’s reach now. 

Know that there are clear-sighted, benevolent energy healers on the Earth plane and in other realms, who see into the various situations that have affected your essence in this and other lives.

You are yourselves gaining in ability to see into and sense other realms, and to see what exists purely in the etheric, which is part of your evolving consciousness, and part of your New Earth self.

You will continue to strengthen your abilities in that area, though it is necessary to allow yourself that freedom, and that insight, without fear and without apology.

Many have a falsely created smaller self who tends to direct their self-concept, and this must change now, as you take up the full strength of your inner truth.

You did not come here, as they say, to “play small,” which serves no one, but to stand tall and straight in the knowledge that your Earth mission is of vital importance to Earth’s Ascension.

Some of you imagine that that Ascension and the enactment of NESARA are many years down the line yet, yet we assure you, that cannot be.

You and your fellow Earth beings have not written that “long wait” scenario into Earth’s current timeline. 

That trajectory has already been set in motion, and will continue to its completion.

That is also not your burden to bear now, the “When” of what is to come.

What is your path, is the ongoing unfoldment of your inner truth—the tying up of all the loose ends created over hundreds of lives lived in the physical, in which more questions were created than answered, and more paths to new Knowledge and Wisdom begun than were finished.

We would encourage you to see yourself not in terms of the fledging barely able to make it out of the nest, but the master recalling from deep within their seeing and understanding intuitively any situation or task ahead.

We encourage you to grant that those around you are also awakening, albeit in their own time and way, and that far from being clueless and unaffected about Earth life now, they have come in at this time to experience and contribute to the Awakening that humans could only dream of in other lifetimes.

And so we support these dreams you have now, in which you are flying a great vessel to unknown destinations.

Sometimes that is a simply metaphor, yet often it is actually happening on many levels.

And yet—as you awaken, you have uncovered one more piece of that unseen land that appears now with every step you take, each aspect showing itself as you move forward, daring to believe it is there.

Yes, you have come to create the New Earth, and yet, also to discover it—deep within your own consciousness, deep within your own co-Creative god/goddess self. And so it is!

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan


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