Peace Within the Storm & Solstice Channel


We are truly in a pivotal time on Earth!!  I have spoken of the Ascension and that it has occurred and now we are in a place where each person is making their own choice.  For so long, the majority of people just lived their lives and didn’t really consider energy or spirituality or why they did what they did.  Now people can no longer ignore it. 

I believe the old energy; 3D energy is associated with the group of people trying to control the world. They are trying to divide and concur through creating unrest.  I live in the US and here it is rioting around black lives matter.  There has been racism sizzling under the surface of society around the world and at certain times it becomes a greater issue.  The problem has been that the underlying cause of the issue has not been addressed.  During this channel, the Goddess talks about it and we as a group clear the energy by going to the root which is control and fear of someone who is different.

We cleared out fear, we cleared out control.  We then turned around and infused love, compassion, respect, and understanding into humanity.  We as humans all have the intrinsic potential for anything in our lives.  There will always be those who are go-getters, exceeding at all they try.  There are those who want to be taken care of without taking responsibility for their lives.  Most like that won’t change. However, we as humanity can allow for differences and can accept that we are one.  We are one as humans, one as a society with love and respect linking us together.  ALL lives matter!

#WWG1WGA  Where we go 1, we go all.  The Goddess has said for years that the 5th-dimensional energy is about the support and the balance for all.  


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