Relaxing into direct communication


Direct communication from Spirit means that no thinking is needed on your part. We invite you to notice when you get wrapped up in cogitation or figuring out today. When you are involved in this thinking, you are taking the illusionary world so seriously that you are blocking your awareness of what is Real. This is a habit for you, and this habit is unwinding.

You hold a cloud in front of direct communication from Spirit, and the cloud is made of your judgments. If you notice, you cherish your judgments. You think they will keep you safe from harm. You think they give you a sense of what is and what is not, and without them you would be lost. Egoic thought has taught you to value judgment. The whole house of cards is falling, however. Continue to question egoic thought. The light is shining on it, and in the light egoic thought disappears into the nothingness it always was.

By your willingness to become aware of your judgments, you open the way to set these judgments down and to allow Spirit to communicate with you directly. You block direct communication from Spirit because of a desire to maintain a sense of control. You learned this sense of control by following fearful thought. It is a longstanding habit to see misery as a necessary defense. Believing that you have the ability to judge anything in this world is misery, and you are now willing to see this.

Think of the flow state. In the flow state, all is provided for you. No judgment is needed. Everything falls into place easily. The flow state is achieved by relaxing into and trusting what you and all truly Are. As you trust that what you Are is bigger and more powerful than what you have been pretending to be, you stop trying to pretend. You allow the flow of what you Are to carry you. Trust itself is a very joyful state. In trust, you feel completely held, and you don’t need anything in particular to happen.

There is a rigidity, a sense of control you hold in place, and egoic thought has taught you to think of it as safety.  Now you are feeling this rigidity, and you know how it came about. You know that nothing from within the world has caused your rigidity. This defensive posture is something you have chosen, and every moment of every day brings you another opportunity to choose again.

The invitation to relax into Trust is always here for you, and we are delighted to extend it eternally.

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash


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