Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



The space you are in right now may feel somewhat undefined. It is because you are in the in-between phase. You are letting go of what doesn’t match who you are but haven’t quite discovered what will replace it. So much of what is coming up is giving you clarity on what is no longer acceptable, both individually and collectively.

Many of you have been conditioned to explain why something is not a match to you. You have felt it necessary to justify yourselves and your preferences. This is also what is leading to your discomfort. You are used to gaining approval for your no’s by having something tangible to replace it with.

Please understand that your no’s allow you to discover your new yeses. They put a clear end to an energetic line of potential. This makes space for the new to come into your awareness.

There is no further explanation required, ever, if something is not a match for you. That is reason enough. If you are being conscious your new choices will always reflect your evolution and your latest level of attainment. The gift of the no is clarity which makes room for expansion in other directions. The redirection is the first step toward the new potentials that are trying to align with you so they can take on form.

So honour the energetic refinement process you are in. Honour the energetic refinement process others are in. And understand that your continual redirection based on your energetic resonance is what is driving the shift on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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