Carol Fitzpatrick


The writing for this month comes in the midst of much upheaval. After receiving the impressions, I could decode the more prophetic verses that flowed forth but will wait until we are all together on the call later this month to explain in greater detail. For now, please receive this streaming in the spirit it was given to me, with unconditional love and acceptance for who are are as light expressing through our shared humanity:

Things are not what they seem to be. Imaginary forces are toying with your mind. They are vying for your attention.

Do not distract yourselves from the goal at hand: Oneness. You are charged with neutralizing the patterns of fear, which cause divisional thinking and doing. Do not be fooled by the illusionary forces that are thrusting hatred and exacting vengeance on others.

This is all a ploy to divide you, to push humanity further into chaos. Be not be afraid to stand your ground, to reject violence, to embody Oneness as the way forward.

The very leaders you follow have betrayed you. The ones you despise are the ones set out to save you from ultimate enslavement. Listen with your heart. Set about to drop into the field of Oneness where love, honor and acceptance are the only qualifiers to the embodiment of the zeropoint [love beyond polarity].

Be not dissuaded from your mission. You are strong in your resolve to hold to the high watch and amplify the inner light of God that you are already.

Hold steady, and the merging of heaven and earth shall come to be in your lifetime. All is truly well.


My impressions continued:

The illusion is what is acting out right in front of us—the burning cars and violence against innocent bystanders and peacemakers, mothers and fathers protecting their children.

The insurgence of imported violence-makers are to be stopped. The puppet-masters are to be tried for treason and domestic war crimes. We have been brainwashed into divisional thinking by those we have looked up to. They will be tried, found guilty and hung [“hung out to dry, betrayed”] by a jury of peers.

The punishment shall be swift and exacting but the healing shall take time. We shall come together as one nation, one people, one race of humanity. The war for dominance over our sovereignty shall be declared null and void. Our freedom shall be restored.

Love and honor thyself, and as you do, know that all is truly well.

More: The spike in the second wave is now complete. The crescendo occurs with ease and grace. Look to early July: Liberation of the children are to be celebrated.
[They are talking about the children who have been abused, stolen, dominated, terrorized, and exploited by those who will have found to be guilty of heinous crimes against humanity.]

Continue to amplify Compassion for one and all. We are moving quickly through the waveform. Stay the course.

Love all, Serve all.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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