ENERGY UPDATE: May 12, 2020


ENERGY UPDATE: May 12, 2020
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As a continuation from last week’s energy update, I bring you some fresh downloads from the Universe to help you understand the Ascension process on a deeper level. Whether noticed on a collective or individual level, the Ascension process is comprised of three main facets: transformation, transmutation, and activation.

Transformation refers to the process of evolution occurring within the relationship between your perception of life and the environment in view. This means nothing occurs by chance and everything has been orchestrated by the highest intelligence within you. It’s an intelligence that is always present but never something the ego can tangibly name, grip, coerce, or control. Transformation is a word ensuring you that while everything changes, it can only change you for the better, even if the ‘better you’ it inspires has yet to be seen. In order for the evolutionary growth and expansion of transformation to occur, there must be oscillating periods of transmutation and activation.

Transmutation is the healing result of being triggered by the exact circumstances that bring up suppressed clusters of emotions that were never felt fully from the past or honored for their role in your healing journey.

During transmutation phases, it often feels like endless rounds of energetic purging. It is much like an emotional form of detoxification. Through the eyes of the Universe, whenever in the throes of transmutation, you are always in the right place at the right time for the exact healing that needs to be triggered and released. While many people want to be in charge of releasing the emotions that feel so exposing or uncomfortable, the clearing of emotions during moments of transmutation is a role for your guides and angels to fulfill. In order to give your guides permission to clear each emotional layer, your essential role is to offer permission through the freedom of your will by how you welcome such feelings as an ally of evolution instead of bypassed as an enemy to avoid.

As your nervous system relaxes during phases of transmutation, you are able to interpret each spontaneous emotional release less as a trauma or invasion, and more as an opportunity to befriend the feelings that eagerly await returning to Source through the permission of your most authentic acceptance. Again, it’s not a matter of trying to like each feeling or how it feels when such feelings erupt, but to accept the role of each emotion as a helper and catalyst in the transmutation phase of your Ascension process. As greater space is opened throughout your subconscious mind, due to the emotional purging clearing out densities recorded in your cellular memory– much like the changing of a season– from transmutation comes the opposite experience of activation.

During moments of activation, a greater awareness has more emotional space to move into your energy field to offer greater perspectives and inspirations to help you get to know this newly-upgraded you. While activation often comes with moments of elation and profound moments of clarity, there is a dance going on in the background where the frequency of this new consciousness must meld into harmony with the nervous system. When the nervous system requires extra time to welcome the frequency of activated consciousness, it is often interpreted by the physical body as tension, anxiety, pain, drain, and/or a suppressed immune system. This is often why so many lightworkers are exhausted which I described in the previous Energy Update as “Empath Fatigue.”

Understandably so, it can be maddening to oscillate back and forth between intense emotional releases and learning how to function in newly-activated levels of consciousness, much like someone acclimating their breathing to life at a higher altitude. And yet, you have seen so much of this journey through to such a pivotal degree, there is no turning back nor would you truly want to go back to an outdated reality you no longer fit into or resonate with — no matter how desirable or romantic it seems in retrospect.

As the seasons of transmutation and activation orbit in and out of your reality, sometimes by the day or even by the hour, the past 5 days has seen a tremendous upgrade to many people’s third eye chakra. While many believe a third eye activation only occurs with prophetic visions of the future, the very evidence of it opening to a greater degree feels like the opposite. Many empaths who have undergone extensive third eye activations and upgrades experience a sense of their mind spinning. You may have noticed this in an inability to make decisions even of the smallest degree, or in your vacillating back and forth between various options. This can, of course, trigger moments of intense irritability, frustration, anger, resentment, as well as a variety of negative self-talk which perfectly coincides with additional layers of transmutation being cleared out of your field on an energetic and emotional level.

When undergoing activations and upgrades to your third eye chakra, it is best to rest your mind from needing to know: “What is happening?”… “What’s the truth in all of this?”… “What do I do?” …“Where do I go from here?” As these questions are surrendered to give your energy field enough room to process the activations taking place, you can assist the process by repeating this healing mantra to yourself as often as needed:

“I don’t know what’s happening and that’s okay. I’m safe and one with the light exactly as I am.”

As empaths complete this third eye activation and continue to clear space in the cellular body through the ongoing transmutation process, more and more of your transformed reality begins to peek through the curtains from the inside out. With a desire to see this Ascension process through, for the benefit of your journey and to further inspire the expansion of the whole, it is essential to take each step forward as authentically and mindfully as possible. This means to approach each step with reverence and respect, even when the feelings felt or the circumstances at hand seem anything but respectful in nature.

Whether your mind has been: spinning and unable to make decisions, going back and forth on what to do, having the experience of sudden migraine headaches, and or experiencing an increase in emotional triggers, greater frustration for your patterns or the conditioning of others, I assure you…it is all a part of a greater third eye activation to help you notice a wider spectrum of choices and perspectives that often come into your awareness as you let go of needing to see or know more than this moment provides. As this deep letting go inspires greater transmutation to clear out space where the vibration of fear can no longer reside, you are ushered through a corridor of light to enter the most exciting timelines that all previous lifetimes prepared you to enter.

This is the shift of the ages. It is the dawning of a global spiritual renaissance activated by the rapid expansion of a transforming humanity.

It is the very mission you came to fulfill on behalf of Mother Earth as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the space she has held for each of us throughout all cycles of birth and death.

Whether you are still experiencing moments of emotional purging, empathic fatigue, greater emotional sensitivities, profound activations that haven’t quite integrated into a functional way of being, an oscillation between these extremes, or perhaps even suspicious of spontaneous bursts of radiance and wellness you feel, this is unquestionably the most intense time to be alive on planet Earth. During this time, it is essential to be easy on yourself, as patient with your healing journey and others as possible, and maintain a life rooted in the simplicity of prayer, intention-setting, greater moments of surrender, and moments of authentic forgiveness for those who wronged you or humanity.

In my next Energy Update, I will outline intention-setting, as a step-by-step process from a 5D perspective. Until then, may you breathe in the joy of the Universe’s highest plan for you, while breathing out all that your guides are ready to release from your field.

Many blessings of immaculate grace, unwavering strength, and unconditional love — from my heart to yours.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn


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