Aisha North Channelings and words of inspiration


aisha north

Channelings and words of inspiration

A short update on the energies

Expressions of life multiply

when you avert your eyes

from the mainstream of information.

Do not believe everything you feel,

as so much of it originates from outside sources.

Your own field of intelligence is widening,

closing the gap between what was and what will be

creating a whole new playground for you to frolic on.

Know that life itself is burgeoning in the cracks

created by the meltdown of outside management,

leaving the space wide open

for your own Self to come fully awake.

So open your eyes to the New reality,

the one that has always been here,

hidden in plain sight.

It is yours, if you want it.

This stream runs past our house, I can hear it from my room. The sound reminds me of the constant flow of change that is LIFE itself.


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