Message for Mai via Carol Fitzpatrick


Dear . . .

I trust you are still riding the crest of the second wave even as new revelations and fact patterns emerge about our lives in this physical reality. I am excited to hear from so many who have already experienced their personal spike in the field to help get anchored before the more globally focused implosion of light occurs. It’s the crystalized moment in time, in the face of a personal challenge, that is preparing us for what is to come.

During meditation three weeks ago, I was shown what this second wave implosion of light comprises, and will share when we next meet (see announcement below). But in short, our ability to hold to a deep and abiding compassion for one and all will be the turning point that will neutralize long-held polarities, and massively shift us into an entirely new earth consciousness.

For now, I’d like to share the writing that came through yesterday for us:

You are doing quite well. We are here with you. No longer are you to fear the unknown. You know everything. You know who and what you are, and that’s what matters.

The fear-mongering will continue yet you shall begin to feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze in the air and commune with nature. The trees hold the entirety of the human history in her roots. Take heart. We are here with you. We are the star elders, the chosen ones who have volunteered to come to Earth, Gaia, Tara, and to be with you now. We are your ancestors.

We are here to inform you that you are not alone. We have always watched over you.

The shift point is upon you now, right now. Many shall be shocked, horrified even, then dismayed. You are to recognize your way forward, and to be unafraid. The controllers cannot control your heart nor harness your light quotient. They may try to control and track your mind but your heart is limitless.

Be not afraid, and know that this too shall come to pass.


It’s the trees that these elders will merge with to be with us. Celebrate the trees, and walk among them. Be well and remember to stay open as you ride the crest of the waveform.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach

Center for Planetary Awakening +
(540) 785 7770


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