Djwal Khul’s Message through Lynette


Djwal Khul’s Message

Djwal Khul

I am Djwal Khul as you know me. I have asked this scribe (Lynette) to tell you of my message. It is a simple message and is one of a basic requirement for all humanity that has been overshadowed and lost. It is a message concerning discipline. This has been overshadowed by your way of life and choices each day.

As more awareness of your true self grows, discipline must grow also. Not just in your consciousness, but in every thread of your life. It is no longer enough to understand your frequency, your Soul merge taking place.

Discipline must merge with your understanding also. The discipline to stay true to yourself, threaded through each step and expanded to daily life. To kindness, compassion and understanding for one another. Deterring your ego , also referred to as your shadow self. This must be kept in obedience to your Soul. So often we notice it is this ego which has pulled you from your true path. The temptation comes in many forms, often subtle. Often financial, the promise of more luxury, grandeur, always more. No soul or person is greater than another. I am equal to you. You are equal to me.

While we understand that your information from us, and the Light now radiant on your planet grows, and with this more knowledge becomes available, there are teachers and wise ones who are content with the knowledge they already contain within. This does not make them lesser than you. There is always the renewal in what we know as creation. All are equal.

Each incarnated Soul came with a purpose, a plan of what that Soul wished to achieve. The plan always included the growth of the Soul, through knowledge, actions and developing the discipline required to achieve this. Always you need to be watchful – of yourself, your thoughts, your actions.

Much truth is being revealed, particularly in your current year and your coming year. That which has been hidden is now being revealed. This is an essential process to open many eyes, to see, to understand how far control and ego has pulled so many from a higher path. This is why I say to you in earnest, it is time to develop discipline, to stay true to yourself – your Soul. This is done through vigilance of thoughts and actions.

Great illness has created stress a sense of loss for many. Another path/ work/ understanding must be found. Just as discipline must be nurtured so must you nurture yourself. This begins a healing process within you. This is required also for those who would wish to guide others back to awareness of Soul. To develop a peace within, to understand this is the main reason you incarnated. This great illness, though watched closely by us, has been distributed to humanity by a darker, much darker force. This will be shown to you this year.

Your free will now must come forward with discipline. Just as many have allowed themselves to become separated from the Light of their Soul, they now contain a choice to stop, to awaken, to merge again with their Soul purpose. It is never too late.

This is why I tell you the need for discipline, continued discipline is required to succeed.

Our space brothers also join us and you to assist in the greatest reversal humanity has known. The reversal of greed, control, ego behavior. This extends to family, your community, world leaders, every human.

Your planet is unique due to your free will. This has over time led humanity off the path of goodness and expansion of the Soul. The experience of this has not been lost or wasted. There are lessons and experiences gained from this polarity of self actions.

Now it is time for the reversal because the ego/ darkness has become too great. All must be in balance.

It is time to teach the children of discipline and compassion for another. Those incarnating now have more awareness through the DNA and Crystalline structures. The children must be nurture and protected to carry the Light forward, to create the great reversal of darkness.

I withdraw.

Message through Lynette 

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