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Dear Rainbow Scribe Family!

April started off by several donations for the upkeep of my website along with those that some beautiful souls have committed to donate on a monthly basis. Thank you! I am always so deeply touched and grateful!
Then I also received some wonderful emails from some of my beloved readers which I am sharing with you down below:

April 1, 2020
Dear Marlene,
Once again, I want to give you a thank you, which comes directly out of my heart. I just read your newsletter and I was so tickled, when watching the globe. It feels so good to see, that people all over the world share your messages. Places I have never heard of show me that we all are really one. When I read your messages, I feel the love within and I can only say thank you to all the energies of love. I feel their love and I can feel my love to them.
Let us put a rainbow full of love over the earth.
Blessings, blessings to you
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do.
️ I wait with bated breath each month until your new channelings come out…these have sustained me for quite some time now and now more so than ever. 
You are so needed in these times.
Much love to you and yours.
Take care,
April 1, 2020
Dear Marlene
I have at long last made the effort to write to you on the wonderful messages you bring forth every month to the earth plain.  I so look forward to them. Many times, I have been tempted to write… so here goes.
I am amazed how correct your information is, for example when i’m working very often I say  things that  I do not understand, then in your next messages your guides confirms everything  i’m feeling and saying  its so wonderful  and it lifts me.
At the moment i am in lock down due to the Caronavirus, and this has given me, (and I suspect) others time to do absent healing, and to spend time in meditation.
I can only thank you and your guides for the great wisdom and guidance they are giving us here on the earth plain. 
I hope you don’t mind me writing to you as I feel much gratitude towards you and your work my blessings to you at this time to you and yours.
Love and light 
S. B., Worcester, England.
April 8th, 2020.
Hello Marlene!

I just read your April’s newsletter and I was saddened and heartbroken.
I knew you were in pain but had no idea you were in that kind of debilitating pain. I meditated this morning and asked in what way I could help you. It came through I am to give you 3 healings, once a week for 3 weeks in a row and then we will re-evaluate how you’re feeling.
I have written about Sarah in my December 2019 Newsletter… “Sarah works with her Guides and her clients’ Guides in a very gifted and shamanic type of way. She sees and feels with great clarity and empathy and relays what she sees and feels to her client. I highly recommend her to everyone!

The healing and clearing energy is very powerful! She records the absent healing session and sends the recording shortly after the session. I am listening to it often and I am gaining a lot of insight into certain events in my life during the cleansing and healing as it happens.”

Well, these last 3 sessions are INCREDIBLE! Her gifts have expanded! The first one contained crucial information I might not have known otherwise…I might write about it at a later date…at the moment I am still ‘processing’.
I am posting a link to a video interview with Sarah that I watched…what a lovely and beautiful soul she is!” Thank you, Sarah!


Then, on April 15th, I was delightfully surprised by Bryan deFlores, who sent me a ‘Golden Ticket’ in appreciation for being one of his ‘regulars’ (since 2008). He said that he put  me on the guest list for the upcoming Lightmasters class on Saturday, May 30th, 2020! https://lightquest-intl.com/schedule-workshops/. I have something new to look forward to!
Thank you again, Bryan!

Then I was having a Facebook chat with Steven North and he offered to make me some video clips to start and end my videos with. They are now a part of every video I am doing! Thank you, Steven! You can contact Steven at www.stevennorth.com.au to discuss your business needs…tell him Marlene sent you!
And then, a few days ago, my husband drove 12 miles(25 kilometers) to town to buy me some dessert because he couldn’t find any locally! (I can only go a certain length of time (several months) without something to satisfy my sweet tooth!) LOL!
My life is indeed filled with beautiful golden hearted people that I love and resonate with and I feel so blessed! Have a wonderful month of May!
May your days be filled with beautiful people and rainbows!

Love Marlene

LINKS TO THE NEW MESSAGES FOR MAY 2020 (I am now making videos of each message as I am developing my You Tube Channel)






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