Feeling into the Truth of things… ~ April 28, 2020


by Matt Kahn

How things look and how things are — are not one and the same. How things look is the evolution of life in progress. How things feel, when not interpreting judgments about how things look, reveals an evolution already in bloom.

Instead of using feelings to interpret each judgment about how things look, dare to expand your perceptions by feeling into the truth of things — no matter how displaced, imbalanced, or incongruent anything seems to be. From this space of heart-centered awareness, you allow all imbalances and incongruences to be evened out and transformed just by daring to witness it through the light of your own loving presence.

There will be those who insist this act of conscious witnessing is not enough to save the world.

The world is not in need of ‘saving’. To ‘save a world’ is an attempt to preserve the very patterning that was never a sustainable or equitable way for a species to evolve. Rather, it was a Divine set-up to inspire a global rebirthing that brings the truth of interconnected reality to the forefront of mass consciousness. Such a truth can only unravel injustices and uncertainties the more often the tendency of war is seen through the eyes of peace — which gives rise to a more enlightened civilization. This is why love exists: to soothe your most innocent parts with remembrances of your unlimited Divine Nature, no matter how easy it is to give away your power by judging things in view.

Please enjoy every section of this newsletter and know that my heart is with always with you.

All For Love,




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