Message from Blossom Goodchild


I would so appreciate it if you read this to the end! Thank you for your courtesy.

It is hard to put into words the Gratitude I feel for this gentleman for doing what he has done.
The Federation Of Light mentioned in a channelling that ‘nothing matters’. He wrote to ask me what they meant. I replied that they had spoken of it before in detail and yet, it was anyone’s guess as to where he might find it in previous channellings. This has happened many times when someone inquired about a particular topic. My reply had been ‘Good Luck’!
Then Xavier entered in and …
In searching for his answer, he began reading many channellings which took his heart to ask me if I would like the channellings ‘Indexed’? ‘Yes’ I replied. Although, pretty sure he would get fed up after maybe two years’ worth! Not so! Not only did he read and index ALL 12 YEARS … he then put them into TOPICS OF INTEREST … IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.
This has been almost a year in the making!
I could not believe it as we emailed back and forth … so much time given, as you can see when reaping the benefits of this amazing work.
I am, as I am sure you will be, ‘speechless’ at this task he has undertaken to assist The Whole.
I KNOW this will help EVERYONE look back into previous channellings and find answers to their many questions.
Neither Xavier nor I had any idea what an amazing help this would turn out to be when he began. Without doubt, he is considered one of ‘The Federation Of Light ground crew team’ that surely must have been agreed upon before arriving on the Planet.

Xavier, there are no words that could honour the time and Love you have willingly given to assist The Federation Of Light in getting their messages out there. Yet, please KNOW how many, many thousands of souls you will have helped greatly.
Thank you.

Xavier asks:
As a means for long-term fine-tuning/error corrections, ( because admittedly, this was a challenging task that would ideally require more than one person ) for people using this tool, to provide feedback on any errors they come across within the CHANNELING TOPICS OF INTEREST … it could be anything, spelling, a date that doesn’t exist, or doesn’t refer to the topic listed, suggesting another date for a topic, or even another suggested topic. Enlisting their help could only achieve more accuracy and completeness over time, while they’re invited to get involved. Please forward them on to me. This suggestion is mainly for the sake of all who are, and will be researching topics. Thank you.
(This is also Xavier’s PayPal address should you feel so inclined to Bless him for this masterpiece!)

Xavier wrote when the task was completed:
Assisting you in this way, I have become overwhelmed acknowledging the full extent of the Love and wisdom extended to us.
I’m definitely blessed with an expansion of understanding and purpose, through a deeper understanding of the F.O.L, Knowing who I am, and what I should and should not be doing.

He wrote a great deal more which I am sure he would be happy to share with you, should you ask.
Below are a few reasons suggested by The Federation of Light to revisit their messages

“For as the reader continues to read … each time we offer influential messages of Love … the frequency of each One rises a little …”

“If one were to take a journey down memory lane and re-read many of our communications with you Blossom … that which is ‘picked up’… is received differently now, from the many years ago that one first encountered a particular message.”

“To read back on all that we have offered would indeed Enlighten your soul. As an ongoing/daily practice, it would assist you in bringing ‘yourself’ forward.”

“choose to read back over any times that we have connected with you… your understanding of our messages will be received ‘by you’ on a much deeper level.”

So, dearest followers of The Truth, as it feels for you, please enjoy easily finding any TOPICS OF INTEREST throughout all the years of messages that have been shared with us.

All INDEXING can be found at the back of each year’s pdf as seen on my site under The Federation Of Light/Previous years.
THE CHANNELLING TOPICS OF INTEREST can also be found under The Federation Of Light menu.
Indexing work continues for 2020, and a CHANNELLING TOPICS OF INTEREST will be updated in due course.

In Gratitude. In Loving service


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