Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden



From Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden

“I am at peace with myself, and I know that a powerful presence is working through me.”

From A Course In Miracles
“You have the right to all the universe; to perfect peace, complete deliverance from all effects of sin, and to the life eternal, joyous and complete in every way, as God appointed…” T, 538

Today’s message is about peace and whether it’s inner peace or external peace makes no significant difference.

Each of us are now receiving both energy and information from the Source of Creation that vibrates within us and which brings us into a perfect state of acceptance.

Acceptance of what you may ask?

How about the acceptance of healing.

Not talking about the healing from a medical standpoint but healing on a spiritual level.

The Kuan Yin Oracle card from Alana Fairchild today is…
Call Of The Dancing Crane

“Dancing Crane moves through the waters and muddying marsh with elegance and grace. The meeting call and dance of the Crane is full of beautiful moment flow. There are times when the astral waters of our emotional life become stagnant and will benefit from the healing movement, grace and beauty of the Dancing Crane. The Call of the Dancing Crane is a reminder that Sound can be healing too. This is particularly so when your thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns do not support you in living the spiritual destiny you were born to live.”

So here we are entering into a time-frame of letting go of the heavy muddiness, the darkness and all that keeps us stuck in the uncertainty of our consciousness.

The Dancing Crane reminds us that we are creating a new energetic pattern, in which our elegance and grace will be seen not only by others but brightly within our own hearts.

As we dance through all of our thinking and reacting to the programs of control which keep us stuck, we find a new ability to not be destabilized anymore.

Our sifting through the old thought patterns and filtering out of all which no longer serve our Higher Self, leaves the microscopic crystalline particles which re-activate the original blueprint of our dynamic energetic structure.

All patterns and changes that were superimposed over this original blueprint are no longer seen or felt, nor can they have any direct influence on our new choices.

The beauty of the cranes dance did not happen overnight. As in any dancing we achieve perfection one step at a time and through our hearts dedication. So we must be patient and accepting of our higher inner guidance as we redefine our self-worth.

Our self-worth increases in parallel relationship to our removing obstacles, which becomes easier through practice.

It is now truly important to keep reminding ourselves when doubt arises of how much we are loved on a Universal level.

From this embracing of Self we get asked very clearly, to reclaim Our Voices, Our Grace, and Our Light.

Knowing that in offering release to the muddy shadows of our existence, our fears and all that no longer serves our higher purpose, we allow for the True Self to move into that void which welcomes you Home.  

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