Relay Relay Relay – Ten-Sor

I am Ten-Sor, I am on the Healing Ship, The Golden Light, We are monitoring your world and have been for years. What is taking place now is an amelioration of the plague that has been released upon humanity by those who would control you. The power of the darkness has been weakened greatly by the destruction of the many underground bases positioned all over your world that have used the Innocents, the Children, the Babies, in underground facilities to be tortured for their vital fluids that have been used by those who have controlled your planet  and their minions, for many millennia. The world will soon learn of the darkest deeds that have been perpetrated in your names for the enrichment and pleasures of those elite who have controlled your planet up until now. This epidemic that the world is facing with this virus is and has been enabling the military of the Light Side to free the victims of these atrocities being perpetrated all over the world.
This Pandemic is being used to route out those elites who are the Willing Slaves of the evil ones who have controlled the planet for millennia.
The thousands of children, all over the world, who have been held captive by this evil faction are being freed as we speak. Many of these children have not survived and many are being helped and healed right now. Thousands of children are yet to be freed around the world from this evil practice and We, the Galactic Federation Of Light are on the Ground Now assisting Humanity’s military in removing these Evil Ones who have perpetrated unspeakable crimes against the children of humanity. There is no escape from Justice for these humans.
    While much of the world is in Quarantine prepare yourselves Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally for revelations that will be very difficult for you, but open your eyes, open you ears, open your hearts and be courageous now, for these thousands of children have endured the unspeakable.
Go within to your own hearts, clean out your closets in your minds. Release your victim-hood! Take back your power as Human Beings of the Light! It is Time for Humanity to Grow Up, open your eyes, open your hearts to this reality that is unfolding before your eyes. I speak to the adults on the Earth Mother that it is way past time for you all to mature into the Galactic Beings that you are! You are the adults and the adults Protect the Children, The Earth, The Animals, The Sky, The Waters. You, Humanity are called to Action! Your Soul contracts included this time in which you are living. Do remember that when you came here to the Mother Earth during this period of Time it was with Heaven’s dispensation that you were allowed to come here, you have all been tested, you are still being tested and remember you are the one who grades your test and I ask you: How are you doing? Have you stood up and stood tall as a Being of Light to dispel the darkness that has been here for millennia or have you been caught up in the self-centered aggrandizement of the self, have you given lip service to kindliness and love and compassion, or are your Works truly from your heart and your soul? I urge you to look within, look at yourselves, what is in your heart, do you truly care for others as well as for yourself? You might call this time as a time of graduation. In order to graduate you must take the exam. Did you fail the exam? Are you still failing the exam of your soul? Do remember your purpose in coming here at this time? That request was granted to you, have you failed to do the work on yourself? These are questions that only you can answer. Only you can make a change that you see needs to be made in order for you to uplift the planet and for You to Ascend with Her. Think on these things for they are critical to the swiftness of your journey. You adults of the planet Must put your false egos aside, you Must have the humility to truly look within. To live in a new, unselfish, loving, caring, way. So what has happened to the children will stop and will never happen again. The choice is yours. We are here helping all of you. Take to Heart my Words.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle


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