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April 13 to 19, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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WE MAY FEEL as if we’re stuck in a cactus patch right now. We are cautioned not to move far from center, lest we impale ourselves on the thorns that are all about us. We might also feel immobilized by the depth of emotions that current circumstances have evoked.

But as we stand still in time and space, if we relax our gaze, we can also become aware of great beauty being expressed. Exquisite cactus flowers are emerging in unexpected places, and often in unforeseen ways.

I WAS LISTENING to an interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza this past week, and he spoke words that resonated with some theories I had been pondering. He said, “You have to lay down the very thing you used your whole life to get what you want, for something greater to occur.”

It has occurred to me, especially when people ask “How long is this situation going to last?” that the answer is: “Until we have altered some foundational behavior or attitude that needs to be changed.”

This is the core work of Pluto, the psychotherapist planet of the solar system. When are we done seeing a therapist? When we’ve successfully uprooted and transmuted a pattern that has been interfering with our healthy functioning.

WITH THE Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignments occurring in Capricorn, which rules social systems, this therapeutic process is of course transforming sociopolitical structures that are in need of deep change. But it is also true for each of us individually, that we are being called to dismantle dysfunctional behaviors and personality patterns that have been undermining our progress in life.

The “shelter in place” order is a vital instrument in the divine orchestration of these times. With limited places to go and people to see, we are more likely to go within. Yes, we can distract ourselves with binge-watching almost anything, but if that is all we do, the days all start to look the same after a while. At some point, our psyches become tired of the repetition, and push us to address the issues we’re needing to confront.

Emotions can creep up in between the scenes in a favorite movie, or overtake us when we finally disengage and try to sleep. It might be fear that arises, or grief, or anything else that is needing to be processed. Or, the universe can use sheer boredom as a motivation, if nothing else gets us moving.

ANOTHER pivotal week stretches out before us. The first few days are especially significant astrologically, with the Aries Sun conjunct dwarf planet Eris (Monday), square Pluto (Tuesday), and square Jupiter (Wednesday). In essence, the Sun is activating the Jupiter-Pluto alignment and the square between Eris and Jupiter/Pluto.

We can expect important developments with these aspects, no doubt related to the global COVID-19 experience. The spotlight is on Eris, the goddess of discord, which is likely to increase unrest and dissatisfaction with how situations are being managed. Eris often involves a sense of entitlement, so some who are especially impatient may take issues into their own hands.

In a more positive light, this influence can activate a courageous, forthright response under pressure. We certainly are seeing that bravery demonstrated on a daily basis these days, by all of those who are working in healthcare, and also by those who are keeping support systems in place for the rest of us.

MERCURY aligns with Chiron in Aries on Tuesday, making it an especially powerful day to focus on healing. When our minds are aware of fears and uncertainties, it is an opportune time to sit with the part of our being that is feeling those emotions, to embrace that inner child with love.

It is understandable that many people are especially worried these days. Our minds might be dwelling on our health or our family’s well-being, or on our livelihood, or on our ability to manage all the responsibilities of the new lifestyle we are living. The new daily routines may be loaded with extra duties, or they may be taking more mind space simply because they are not yet habitual.

As we choose to acknowledge and understand our fears rather than denying them, the inner child begins to heal. At the same time, the inner supportive adult is strengthened. Through truly accepting and loving all parts of ourselves – fears included – we ultimately gain greater confidence in our capacity to handle whatever problems might arise. We also are more able to trust the intuitive insights we receive, having greater faith in our ideas.

VENUS is also in the mix this week, being in hard sesquiquadrate aspect to Pluto on Wednesday and to Jupiter on Thursday. As goddess of love, Venus brings up issues in relationships, in finances, and in our core values.

We can tend to over-respond to problems with these aspects in effect. Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that when we work with a sesquiquadrate, “we are apt to react to minor conflicts in an overly forceful manner, which tends to throw situations off-balance or blow them out of proportion,”

The solution to this over-reactivity is to do our best to stay calm, to be patient, and to view situations as objectively as possible on these days. Over-dramatizing can lead to misjudgment, impacting our loved ones and our pocketbooks.

AS WE WRAP UP the week, the planets support an easing of tension and worry. Mercury is sextile Venus on Friday, helping us communicate with greater clarity and in mutual support. And, a Mercury-Mars sextile on Saturday provides the courage to speak our truth, as well as the acceptance that allows others to express their own version of reality.

And, next Sunday, the Sun enters earthy Taurus. This sign reminds us of everything that we enjoy about being a physical being inhabiting a planet of such amazing beauty and resilience. While the Sun is in Taurus, it is a powerful time to give ourselves the gifts of reconnecting with Nature, of enjoying simple pleasures, and of creating a peaceful inner sanctuary, where we can sit and know for sure that all is well.

FOR THOSE who are tracking lunar aspects, here is this week’s watch list. We are likely to feel more emotionally reactive around the times of these alignments:
Moon-Pluto (Capricorn): Tuesday, April 14, 3:02 p.m. PDT
Moon-Jupiter (Capricorn): Tuesday, April 14, 4:47 p.m. PDT
Moon-Saturn (Aquarius): Wednesday, April 15, 3:21 a.m. PDT
Moon-Mars (Aquarius): Wednesday, April 15, 10:42 p.m. PDT

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you are challenged to reconsider your direction in life. If you decide that you are on the right path, it is time to recommit to your current projects. However, you may also realize that you no longer have the energy for certain activities, an indicator that it’s time to make a new plan. If your birthday falls in the first half of the coming week, you will start to experience a stronger wave of change starting about six months from now. This energy will ultimately shift your life focus in meaningful ways, and empower you to move in new directions. If your birthday is in the last half of the coming week, you will feel this wave starting in late 2021. (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, square Jupiter, square Saturn, square Pluto)

In Gratitude and Light,


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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific DaylightTime. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Sun conjunct Eris
TUE: Sun square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Chiron
WED: Sun square Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto
THU: Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter
FRI: Sun sextile Ceres, Sun square Pallas Athene, Mercury sextile Venus
SAT: Mercury sextile Mars
SUN: Sun enters Taurus

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