Message from Spiritby Jenny Schiltz | Apr 11, 2020 -_ HAPPY EASTER :) HAPPY SPRING :)


Message from Spirit

Recently Spirit asked me to pass on a message that is perfect for the massive energies that we are in.

They want you to day dream, to play within the landscape of your being. They want you to practice your ability to FEEL into possibilities, into creation, into the void.

They want you to take an idea, desire or dream and play it out within your mind for as many steps as you can take it out. To then see it, feel it, and allow it to become part of you.

Many of us do this, but with the negative. We often play out the worst case scenario in our minds. This virus, quarantine, and fear have whipped up people’s imaginations of all that could go wrong.

You are now being asked to use that same ability but in the positive. This is not about manifestation of what it is that you are day dreaming about, although that can certainly occur. It is about is practicing feeling into possibilities and taking them out as far as your mind will allow. Then allowing that feeling to permeate each of your cells.

This is a great way to make decisions as well by feeling into the choices and visualizing each of the different outcomes and then choose based on what the heart says.

They tell me at one time that we (humans) could take a particular stream of potential and feel into it a 100 steps out. This ability is coming back online however, we must practice (play) and strengthen this aspect of ourselves.

This weekend is supercharged with energy and it is the perfect time for you to dream and create.

Sending you all lots of love   

Jenny Schiltz 

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