Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



One of the many awarenesses that are occurring during the times you are in is the appreciation of how the individual can serve the whole in a myriad of ways. Many of these roles had been taken for granted or it was misunderstood how quickly collective efforts can create real change.

You are having a new respect for your front line responders, those who have quietly and diligently been being of service all along. You are seeing their dedication, their willingness to go above and beyond for others, their day to day heroism, and commitment to the whole.

Many first responder have struggled with the weight of their service over time without supports. It is through their remarkable efforts throughout the pandemic and the rebalancing that must occur when the intensity has passed that will create new supports to help them help others. This is in line with the shift from the old martyred service paradigm to the new supported service paradigm we have been speaking of.

You are having a new respect and appreciation for those who serve you by making your modern comforts possible. You are seeing the store clerks, the delivery people, all the people who give their time every day to help your society run smoothly, in a brand new light. You are seeing how their contributions serve the whole, and how essential they are.

You are also seeing how doing nothing at all can serve the whole, by staying home, by making wise choices about your actions, can be beautiful service and love, as well. Further, you are in so many wonderful and creative ways, discovering new methods of connection and ways of expressing the love and supporting each other. By staying home you are suddenly able to see quite clearly how quickly the planet can respond to diminished pollution, which will lead to a more collective mindfulness moving forward.

You are seeing with far greater clarity the contributions those who are not able to offer their services have made to your lives. If you are at home with your children taking the reins of their education, you have a healthy new respect for the teachers who lead your children every day.

You may be recognizing what a contribution your hair dresser, or your dog groomer, or your handyman, makes to the overall experience of your life.

Do you see? It is through this window of opportunity you can move into a greater gratitude for the contribution each and every person makes in their own unique way. You are all serving the whole and the period you are in shows how essential you all are, and how important it is to honour and support each other as you continue to drive the great shift that is occurring on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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