The TurningMarch 4, 2020 by Rachel


We’ve come to pivotal choice along our spiritual journey, which our increasing awareness of Truth has afforded us.

“The turning” is an irrevocable choice to totally turn from the persuasions of physical senses as conveying anything of Truth to the eternal Light within as our only Truth. This turning uproots our thoughts from the illusion thus removing what sustained its existence. This choice is the undoing of the illusion of death and the emergence into the radiance of Life.

Our thoughts are rooted into this illusionary reality through our physical senses and our perception of time. Our senses are how we perceive and experience the dreamworld of our embryonic soul. They are an integral part of the dreamworld like our body in a night dream that allows us to intimately experience our dream. When we uphold our outer reality as the source of truth, the perception of time seemingly gives validity and realness to what we physically sense because either the past supports its occurrence or because of duration. Time supports what the senses tell us to believe about ourselves. Our senses collude with time to define who we are, our limits, our frailties, and everything we believe about ourself. In this self-deception, we assign false attributes to ourselves and remain unaware we are creators of all we perceive. It never occurs to us we’ve accepted we are someone we are not.

In the dreamworld, all we’ve sensed and experienced isn’t who we are in Truth, but a false image of our self.

We can’t embrace the false image and our true Self (revealed by the Spirit of Truth), as both true. They are totally unlike each other. We have to choose one, a choice that is intimately tied to what we believe is true. To choose our true Self as the only Real, requires we deny everything our physical senses have ever told us. It’s to deny all we thought was true, real and a part of us. In this choice, we give up the little illusion of ourself, and for a time seemingly become as nothing, to become everything.

When we fully perceive the significance of this turning, we experience a profound divine forgiveness because all we experienced never truly existed. The illusion of a sustained past continually encroaching upon the present ends and only the emerging present of perfection remains.

As we stand strong in Truth, overcoming the temptation to allow our senses to assign false attributes to our self, our mind resurrects from the governance of the senses into the ever-present Mind of Truth. We reclaim our creative power that we foolishly gave away, and through this power all is renewed.

If we’ve built up the sense realm as something desirable it may be hard to turn from it as true. However, if we perceive this pivotal choice, then our minds are illuminated with the Truth and there is no comparison to what we will experience and express in the higher consciousness of Truth. We gladly let go. With endurance, persistence and faith, our mind will transition and accept our transformed awareness. The ever-present perfection of emergence frees our mind from the illusionary construct of time, and the false image of ourself and its past dissolve into nothingness. Our true Self arises to its rightful place.

Our true Self resides beyond the illusion in the perfection and holiness it was created in as God’s living thought. In this turning, we enter into the realm of divine consciousness, where the Identity of our true self within the Great I AM is known and expressed.

When you know who You are, you will no longer be what you are not.  


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