Several issues that are causing upset and fear – The Council


Several issues that are causing upset and fear – The Council

We have been asked to address several issues that are causing upset and fear for a great many of you at this time. We have been speaking of this for some time now.

Now that the chaotic energy that we have warned of is beginning to manifest in earnest, it is, as we said, causing so much fear that some are almost going into panic. We will address the underlying issue. There is only one.

We have said that your world is going through a lifting, a shifting to a higher octave that you term a dimension. The term does not matter. This was not very noticeable at first, but it certainly is becoming more obvious now to those who are threatened by it. It would, we stated, cause a great deal of change in your societies. There will be resistance.

Now the problem, as we have stated it, is that fear feeds many, and fear cannot exist in the octaves above the one you have occupied in the past. Fear will not turn you loose without a struggle. It will tell you that if you only listen, it will keep you safe. This is a lie. So what are you to do?

Fear is being pumped into your media circus, yes we called it a media circus, daily… even hourly. This will keep you under control… until it doesn’t. That time will come. The only question is when.

Now let us restate some basic principles regarding energy and power. It is said that this will kill you. That will harm you. This will crash and that will ruin your life. The truth of life is that YOU are the power that lives. Period. Sorry, but the way out is up.

Weak persons are affected by illnesses. This is not blameworthy. It simply is. Weak energy systems can be disrupted by stronger energy systems such as certain technologies. This is not blameworthy. It simply is. Those will be and have been developed that are able to overwhelm weaker vibrations – everything that is, is in vibration. Fear lowers and weakens vibrations. Fear is an idea. It is an idea.

So you are being fed ideas that are meant to weaken you, confuse you, and keep you under control or passive.

This will very likely not make some happy, but we will say once again that your purpose on the planet at this time is to lift humanity over this obstacle. Raise your energy. Change your beliefs. Change your knowing. Change your ideas. Change your world.

Truth is that your world is made up of the manifestation of your collective ideas. It always has been. It always will be. Being afraid of every idea that comes out of your media will delay THE change and YOUR change. You must come to know that almost all of that content, at least is some parts of your world, is at best half truths. You have lifted yourselves past the marker. It cannot stop the changes.

Now a great many of you haven’t a clue what we are talking about. But that is exactly why those who do read this sort of message have taken on this lifetime. You are the “way showers”. Allowing yourselves to be bamboozled by fear is not way showing. (We do love some of your words.) So the solution for you is simply to recognize what is being done and keep changing your thought until you, at least, are no longer in that lower vibration.

Nothing is in vibration that cannot be overcome by you. Mark those words. You are a divine being. Nothing is in vibration that cannot be overcome by you. In addition we will say that finding those of like mind will vastly strengthen your vibration. And your ‘group’ might be scattered geographically, but that is no matter. It is still a group if you remain in contact. That is one of the main purposes of the technology that you have manifested.

Consider all of this a ‘pep talk’. We would wish you to know that you are actually doing well. You are, as you would say, on track.

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