Message from the Angels via Ann Albers


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In spite of a parasitic vibration of fear that seeks to separate you from one another and from your experience of the Source – for this is the nature of a virus when you look at its energy – we see an even greater force of love arising upon your planet earth.

We see streams of well-being flowing to each and every one of you, offered freely from the Source of Love and Creation itself. We see angels guiding each and every one of you. “Go here. Not there.” We see neighbors helping neighbors, people assisting total strangers as they wait in line at the supermarket, and your scientists sharing information in solidarity and the search for a cure.

While a virus, and the virus of fear seek to separate you, making you feel unsafe to touch and be near one another, there is a mightier force of love arising within human hearts that says, I will not be intimidated by a parasite! I will strengthen my light, my love, my body, and my soul. I choose health. I choose well-being. I choose to be light in the darkness of fear and stand strongly rooted in a faith that filters all ills.

By all means, take your human precautions but rather than doing so out of fear, do so in love. Do so, as guided. You have angels that care deeply about your joy, your health, your happiness, and your heart. You will hear our whispers in your natural feelings, “I feel like going here. I don’t feel like going there.” Trust those feelings. Don’t over analyze. In any given moment you are given the next step to fulfill all your desires. Your natural urges are the voices of your angels and the still small voices of the Divine.

There is, always and forevermore, only light, only Love, only One Divine. In times of financial trials, God is present. in times of plague, the Divine seeks to heal. In times of unrest upon your planet earth the Presence and Light of God remains steadfast, waiting for you to rest in its loving arms.

As world crises come and go, the reality of Love remains steadfast. Look for love dear ones in every moment of every day. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.” Better yet, be a loving force in your world. Take care of yourselves. Feed you mind a body with healthy thoughts and healthy foods. Take care of your spirit.

Connect, dear ones, frequently, to the Source of all love. There are so many ways! Sit in silent meditation. Watch guided meditations. Feel the Presence of love silently making itself known through the love between loved ones. Go out in nature and appreciate the majesty of Love cloaked in creation. Listen to music that elevates your heart into states of expanded bliss. Appreciate yourselves…

Even in the presence of viruses, unstable finances, politics, and a variety of other challenging situations on your planet, Divine love remains constant… waiting patiently for you to connect and receive its embrace. This connection, dear friends, offers the greatest immunity, the greatest abundance, and the greatest harmony of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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